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Don't believe the words they tell you don't believe the things they say Cause they're all lies

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Don't believe the words they tell you don't believe the things they say Cause they're all lies

  • They say - 3T
    "Verse First time I saw you I knew inside By the way you looked at me I can make you mine And it feels so good to be with a girl so you need No matter what they say we've got all we need Bridge I promise"
  • They Don't Believe - Russian Red
    "Walk by the man who sings a song to the street lights and turns out everybody claps, they dont believe in cabs they don't believe in cabs, they dont believe in cabs. And they all go wild, but they walk"
  • They Don't Believe That I'm Saved - Gospel Gangstaz
    "I got compassion to heal to ill and faith to move mountains Got 'em asking for us platinum plus but who's counting? God driving hard hittin and large livin Lavish get the cabbage establish and start giving Make"
  • They - Entombed
    "Sudden low of an all time high willing to believe whatever gets me by So, I got with the winning team but nothing ever seem to be what is seems O yeah! Well I don't care! I'm just too busy getting from"
  • They - Jem
    "Who made up the rules We follow them like fools Believe them to be true Don't care to think them through And I'm sorry So sorry I'm sorry It's like this I'm sorry So sorry I'm sorry We do this And it's"
  • Don't Believe The Hype - Public Enemy
    "Back Caught you lookin' for the same thing It's a new thing - check out this I bring Uh Oh the roll below the level 'Cause I'm livin' low next to the bass, C'mon Turn up the radio They claim that I'm a"
  • They say - Jasmine Guy
    "They say you and iAre not rightWell who cares what people thinkThey don't understand that's why theyThink we are not right for eachotherThey say we both are using eachotherWell that just can't be trueThey"
  • Believe - One True Thing
    "However long it takes to grow old, I will be sure the story is told of love. Of love. The many, the few, the far-between haven't seen what I have seen, the truth. The truth. And I won't forget the words"
  • Believe - Savatage
    "So after all these one night stands You've ended up with heart in hand A child alone On your own Retreating Regretful for the things you're not And all dreams you haven't got Without a home A heart of"
  • I Don't Believe You - The Magnetic Fields
    "So you quote love unquote me Well, stranger things have come to be But let's agree to disagree Cause I don't believe you I don't believe you You tell me I'm not not cute Its truth or falsity is moot Cause"
  • Don't Believe Them - One More Time
    "So there you are, where have you been I have missed you so I've tried to reach you every day on the telephone I think you ought to be ashamed just to hide away You really seem to think that there was no"
  • I Don't Believe - Closterkeller
    "I said Cannot stand Those fucking lies anymore I said No more sermons Of perverted words of God I said I have enough Of hypocrites with Holy Cross And I said I have lost all I wanted to believe In"
  • They - Robert Johnson
    "Hot tamales1 and they're red hot, yes she got'em for sale Hot tamales and they're red hot, yes she got'em for sale I got a girl, say she long and tall She sleeps in the kitchen with her feets in the hall Hot"
  • They - Heideroosjes
    "Attention, Attention This is an EO-service announcement (*1) All of the dirty words since reports and persons in this song Do not mirror historic or true-based facts. If it still, unexpected, shocks you Then,"
  • Don't Believe It All - Treble Charger
    "Halfway from midnight to dawn Let's just forget and move on Everything you say It never seems to change a thing in sight And things you never did Were even worse considering what's right That all this"
  • Things They Say - 16 Stitch
    "What's all this confusion. Why must life be so hard at times. Is this an illusion or just broken nerves, that they push right before our eyes. Chorus: And I love the way you love me (backround: love me)And"
  • Believe - Staind
    "I sit alone and watch the clock Trying to collect my thoughts All I think about is you And so I cry myself to sleep And hope the devil I don't meet In my dreams that I live through Believe in me I know"
  • They Say - Common
    "(feat. John Legend, Kanye West) They say "What's happenin'?" We say the facts and if, they lie... We comin' back for them They might say... but they don't know! (They say, They say...) They don't knowwwww "
  • Believe - Mumford & Sons
    "You make call it in this evening But you've only lost the knife Preset all your pretty feelings May they comfort you tonight And I'm climbing over something And I'm running through these halls I"
  • Believe - Antoine Clamaran
    "You can't sleep at night Thinking about the problems you faced And the friends you thought you can count on They just get in your way So when you wake up in the morning All you gotta do is say to yourself"

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