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Dont never turn around

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Dont never turn around

  • Dont Turn Around - Ace Of Base
    "Ace Of Base Miscellaneous Dont Turn Around Don't Turn Around Recorded by Ace of Base if you wanna leave i won't beg you to stay and if you gotta go darling maybe it's better that way i'm gonna be strong i'm"
  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : .iup.edu) Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • Turn around - Ten
    "Turn around baby, look into my eyesAnd see the embers of the fire That never dies Give in time lady, Dont you question why Id give the earth to be beside you And its no surprise With a million reasons"
  • Turn Around - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Not 'bout winning or losing Or being confident Not for smiling even crying Or 'bout sentiment Not 'bout richer or poorer Or being affluent Not 'bout sharp or even clever Or"
  • Turn around - Westlife
    "Some people are lucky baby I guess I am to, love found me And I found you And every time I think it can get better You do something new And Im renewed And when it gets cold and I think its over Look what"
  • Turn around - Cliff Richard
    "Turn your pretty face to mine. Lift your pretty eyes from the ground. I forgive you everything, So turn around, turn around. Though you've left me for a new love, And your new love turned you down. I forgive"
  • Turn Around - Terranova
    "Cath coffey: Turn around and around, and it's always been the same It's never gonna change, never gonna change Turn around and around, it's always been the same It's never gonna change, no, it's never"
  • Turn Around - Jonny Lang
    "I was a young man in a hurry I didn't stop to think The next thing I knew I was in trouble - deep trouble Then I remember what aunt Linda used to tell me back in the day The words that she said are still"
  • Turn Around - Basic Element
    "If you just a Turn around before I get myself over you You don't believe in me - You're fool my heart is never gonna get you now If you just a Turn around before I get myself over you You don't believe"
  • Turn around - Thomas Anders
    "Sometimes we lose our way And the world that we knew has gone Isnt it strange how life can change Nothing is real for long So many thinks unsaid And my logic left so confused Am I naive when I believe"
  • Turn Around - Tonya Mitchell
    "What am I supposed to do I can't believe it's really you Cause it's been so long Ever since you went away I thought that all my feelings changed But I guess that I was wrong And all the memories That I"
  • Turn Around - Chynna Phillips
    "I was reaching for a higher star Every time I did there you were I was looking for a dream come true I looked up, it's still you I wish we could begin once more I wish I never closed that door I'm wishing"
  • Turn Around - August Premier
    "let's get it right this time for once in our lives let's turn our heads and walk away while we still can let's spend the night stuck inside this nightmare with no one there to wake us up act like we don't"
  • Turn Around - Green Lizard
    "Jimmy saw the sun chase away the night It was a quarter past seven His body warm like the morning light Had to be in school by eleven He told himself what they had done to him That's why Jimmy never felt"
  • Turn Around - Serial Joe
    "Fantasies once old and dead Started runnin' through my head When I looked into your eyes 'N I said I could be your one true friend I'll be there until the end Just give a little And I won't let you down Time"
  • Turn around - Mario Winans
    "Everything you said to me Tell me I was buggin,dreamin Cause it's not that real to me There has been no sleepin I've been thinkin Of how I beg to love me Want to leave me Hurts me deeply inside How I long"
  • Turn Around - Brand New Immortals
    "I am not a fool Love did not make me dumb So tonight I seek the truth Am I still the only one? Baby just save face And make me believe that when You ask me for space That it's not to fit someone else in I"
  • Turn Around - Killah Priest
    "Yeah, uh-huh, back again The Priesthood, yeah, brought it We up in here now, it's time to eat Gotta look at myself, want ya'll to turn around Watch this, yo Turn around, every now and then I get a little"
  • turn around - Bonnie Tyler
    "Turn aroundEvery now and then I get a little bit lonelyand you're never coming roundTurn aroundEvery now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the soundof my tearsTurn aroundEvery now and then"
  • Turn Around - PORNO FOR PYROS
    "How you figure in the scheme of things to be? You thought you were Jesus, but you find out you're the anti-christ You were born so you get another chance A chance to die and to get off this planet You're"

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