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Eleven hot 16 challenge

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Eleven hot 16 challenge

  • Hot 16 Challange - MIXER
    "Yoshi nominował no to sobie wjeżdżam tutaj tak Chyba trochę pomożemy chociaż YouTube'rzy = rak Już 2-heady mówią Mixer słowa nie wyjąka a ja puszczam Ci te wersy jak Wardęga psa pająka Robię właśnie pierwszy"
  • Challenge - Grip Inc.
    "Lungs breathing foulness Anal intellect fills rooms Cigar smoke and the stench of cheap wine Smothers my children innocence The blind and boiled misery sets sail Ship wrecked souls don buckle up You won"
  • Challenge - Cellar Darling
    "The time is nigh I follow all the echoes reciting to me I'll read the sky and follow the footsteps my enemies left for me This is the sound, this is the sound, this is the sound hear me shout it out"
  • Challenge - I Against I
    "Sometimes the way becomes hazyA cruel anguish takes place in my thoughtsThe time seams to get smallerAnd my journey is only about to startI can't understand some challenges of lifeI never imagined to be"
  • Perfect Girl Eleven - Angela McCluskey
    "All hail the Virgin Mary Whatever happened to her? Dark sails upon her black seas She be heaven on earth Ooh, there's perfect girl eleven In the swimsuit test Ooh, there's perfect girl eleven In the blood-red"
  • Hot 16 (szesnaście) czelendż z Podstaw Przedsiębiorczości - Miły
    "Uszanowanko wszystkim Tutaj Miły Dziękuję za nominację do HOT SIKSTIN CZELENDŹ mojej nauczycielce z PODSTAW PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚCI Zadanie było dość nietypowe ponieważ tekst (eee) tego czelendżu musi dotyczyć"
  • Eleven - Opus
    "Eleven is the luck most people havent Eleven is the navel of ideas Eleven is like a light in a gloomy cavern Eleven is the haven of your fears Eleven - more can never come You ask what is there to be done?"
  • Eleven - Dalbello
    "i follow head over heels taunting me like a messiah says, "do you believe in me?" i see you call out for me the line between Truth and Desire crumbles so easily i count the seconds and the minutes seem"
  • Eleven - Khalid
    "got my headlights off we’re sitting outside if you cry in my car then we’re here all night a couple blunts rolled and I got my windows down said: it’s been a while since you been this high if you’re waitin’"
  • Eleven - Two Nice Girls
    "(Kathy Korniloff) Eleven years old when Janis Joplin died It was a time in her life full of feminine pride A Wrinkle in Time and The Wind in the Willows Hiding behind the summer clothes that billowed On"
  • Eleven - Bleach
    "A brand new you, you're twice the view. Fashion consultants only ask for a few, Look in the mirror, your new face is here. But now only the make-up is there. Attempt to create, to animate. To make"
  • Eleven - Grateful Dead
    "High green chilly winds and windy vines In loops around the twisted shafts of lavender, They're crawling to the sun. Underfoot the ground is patched With arms of ivy wrapped around the manzanita, Stark"
  • Eleven - The Grateful Dead
    "High green chilly winds and windy vines In loops around the twisted shafts of lavender, They're crawling to the sun. Underfoot the ground is patched With arms of ivy wrapped around the manzanita, Stark"
  • Eleven - Taking Back Sunday
    "I can remember parking lot nights What did they mean to you? Wrapping my arms around your body protecting and holding you Holding you Looking inside of my eyes It was such a big surprise You've gone"
  • Eleven - Wide Mouth Mason
    "I don't really want do what I want to do every time I look at you But I'll probably do it anyway I knew better when I met you than to let you get your hooks in me But you're hooking anyhow Yes. No. Stop."
  • Eleven - Stella
    "Not a particular girl, I can tell you just looking for a place where she would be safe all the boys seemed to mock her views she took 25 grand that stood in her way she fed them chicken feathers that changed"
  • The Challenge - Christine McVie
    "When you're alone at night Does it feel all right And does your heart feel content Lord knows I hope it might On every corner you turn There's a heartache Well, love's a challenge A chance that you've"
  • The Challenge - Scanner
    "They live in countries With different names Their works done by mysterious machines Burn their resources Exploit mother earth the next generation will bleed Strange is this world Strange are these folks So"
  • The Challenge - Artillery
    "Fear of tomorrow - we're waiting for the final crash The lost illusion - there ain't no light for us to see Our gods commandments - we once forgot and threw away Humiliating - our lifes on earth will"
  • The Challenge - Heimdall
    "The cries of the dying gods rose like a sad song over black castle ruins A Violent snowstorm began in the eternal winter night Darkness reigned over the field of battle War cries rang out throughout the"

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