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Eminem I Aint Goin Out Like Trakk

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Eminem I Aint Goin Out Like Trakk

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Eminem I Aint Goin Out Like Trakk
  • Eminem I Ain't Goin' Out Like Trakk
    "Hi folks, I'm the illness rapper with the flash maker want the bartender, this bitch, to suck his own dick go! pig! harder your blow freak face is wicked I just take it and suck parts of it, yo! Why do"
  • Eminem Mockingbird (Produced By Eminem)
    "Eminem Mockingbird Yeah I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now But hey, what daddy always tell you? Straighten up little soldier Stiffen up that upper lip What you crying about? You"
  • Eminem Eminem Exclusive Freestyle
    "Yo! Turn that click off My music is soothing But its also been provin That it can put you in the mood to jump out your car while it's movin You been waitin' on this moment My sermon is like a omen I'm"
  • Eminem Stan De Eminem
    "My tea's gone cold, I'm wonderin why i got out of bed at all. the morning rain clouds up my window and i can't see at all. even if i could it'd all be grey. but your picture on my wall. It reminds me"
  • D-12 Eminem My Band
    "I don't know dude, I think everybody's all jealous and shit, Coz I'm like the lead singer of the band dude, And I think everybody's got a f**kin' problem with me dude, And they need to take it up with"
  • D-12 Aint Nuttin' But Music
    "It's shit like this I kick to these rich white kids Who just might see how fucked up this sick life is Ooops I did it again didn't I my shit's harder To figure out than what Britney's tit size is Oooh"
  • Eminem The Sauce By Eminem(Benzino Diss)
    "Its all bad now man, its all bad But yal done f*ked up now Yeah ha ha, new s*t, hey yo I just want the whole world to know: That I did not start this, but I will finish it Comin up it never mattered"
  • Eminem Eminem- Lotto Vs. Rabbit (8-Mile Freestyle)
    "(Lotto) We rollin muthafuckaz What's goin on baby? Yo, it's time to get rid of this coward right here once and for all Sick of this muthafucka Check this shit out (Rip it Lotto rip it baby it, yeah) Huhhh,"
  • Faith Evans Goin' Out
    "(feat. Pharrell Williams, Pusha T) I've been on the road But now I'm back again And this time, hah - I brought my little friend Me and my girls are goin out tonight (OWW!!) Me and my girls are goin"
  • Superdrag Goin' Out
    "remember when i felt like goin' out? remember when i had all these things to figure out? you struck me blind. how blind could i have been? how blind could i have been? reason strikes again. still i may"
  • ICP She aint afraid
    "So whats up man this shit ain't goin downTrust me, trust meI know her man itt's gonna go down just be cool, be coolShe's never gonna buy that shitTrust meAlright look, Then I'ma go in thereAnd I'm just"
  • Insane Clown Posse She Aint Afraid
    "So whats up man this shit ain't goin down Trust me, trust me I know her man itt's gonna go down just be cool, be cool She's never gonna buy that shit Trust me Alright look, Then I'ma go in there And I'm"
  • DMX Aint No Way
    "Uhh Swiss beats (Uhh uhh) Nigga, ryde or die (uhh uhh uhh) DMX what what (uhh uhh uhh) Ain't no way you're gonna stop my flow Ain't no way ya niggaz you just don't know But niggaz is about to"
  • George Strait I Aint' Her Cowboy Anymore
    "I pack up my saddle Throw it in that two-horse trailer Back up my truck, hook 'em up And drive away Won't be the first time But this time's the last time She meant it when she said That's all I've got"
  • 2Pac I aint mad at cha
    "Change, shit I guess change is good for any of us Whatever it take for any of y'all niggaz to get up out the hood Shit, I'm wit cha, I ain't mad at cha Got nuttin but love for ya, do your thing boy Yeah,"
  • Mc Eiht Goin out like geez
    "Geah We in the muthafuckin house for the 94 Eihthype in the muthafuckin house Geah MC Eiht and DJ Slip in the muthafuckin house Uh, Compton in the house, nigga Compton in the house, fool Compton in the"
  • Eminem Eminem Freestyle
    "Artist: Tony Touch f/ Eminem If I'm elected for ten terms I'm renewing the staff after the inagural And hiring all girls as interns If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth While"
  • Eminem Eminem Freestyle - Live In Detroit
    "Eminem: When I do pop pills I keep my tube socks filled. And pop the same shit that got 2Pac killed. Spit games to these hoes like a soap opera episode Then punch a bitch in the nose 'till the whole face"
  • Eminem Eminem Vs Lotto(Freestyle Version)
    "(spoken) Yo, it's time to get rid of this coward once and for all. Im sick of this motha fucka! Check this shit out! (Rap) I'll spit a racial splur, honky, sue me! This shit is a horror flick, but the"
  • Cypress Hill Ain't goin out like that
    "Let's kick it ese COMMIN' OUT DA SLUMS!!! It's da hoodlums I'm pullin' my gat out on all you bums So bring it on when you wanna come fight this Outlaw I'll kick ya like Billy Ray Cypress Hill Kill I'll"

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