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Europe Song No. 12

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Europe Song No. 12

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Europe Song No. 12
  • Europe Song No. 12
    "Hoping you will find this message The words begin to leave my mouth Through the capsule down the wire Yeah you came for love setting of that killer spark You came for love tearing all my doubts apart Boost"
  • Simon And Milo Europa
    "I remember like it's yesterday The song we used to sing What was it's name Danced together till the break of day And I knew I'd never be the same Now so many winters turned to spring But where is the"
  • Depeche Mode Song for Europe
    "Here as I sit at this empty cafe thinking of you I remember all those moments lost in wonder that we'll never find again Though the world is my oyster it's only a shell full of memories Here by the Seine,"
  • Gackt 12 gatsu no love song
    "Itsuno ma ni ka machi no naka ni juuni-gatsu noawatadashisa ga afurechiisana te o furinagara taisetsu na hito no namae oyobukoibito-tachi no yasashisa ni tsutsumarete konomachi ni mo sukoshi hayai fuyu"
  • Depeche Mode A Song For Europe
    "Here As I sit At this empty cafe Thinking of you I remember All those moments Lost in wonder That we'll never Find again Though the world Is my oyster It's only a shell Full of memories Here by the"
  • Roxy Music A Song For Europe
    "(Ferry/Mackay) Here as I sit At this empty cafe Thinking of you I remember All those moments Lost in wonder That we'll never Find again Though the world Is my oyster It's only a shell Full of memories And"
  • A.F.I. Secret Song(Track 12)
    "A.F.I. Sing the Sorrow Secret Song(Track 12) i cannot live here, i cannot stay. forever haunted, more than afraid. asphixiated on words i would say. i'm drawn to a blackened sky as i turn blue. there"
  • Looptroop Fort Europa
    "Once apon a time not long agoWhen people were still living in the northern zoneThey could, still breath and everybody wasn't deadSomebody recorded a songAnd this is what it said:After the first and the"
  • Katatonia 12
    "Black theatre of love Violet dancers cast their blood The moon gave me flowers For funerals to come 12 shapes bow before her I am still one of them 12 morbid ways to die Her beauty scares me I'm"
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation 12
    "12 You just your toy, I just your toy Your toy just I'm a your toy just... {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== 12 mamioto kakikeshite hakidashita"
  • Globus Europa
    "From Agincourt to Waterloo Poitiers and then Anjou The Roses War, the Hundred Years Through battlefields of blood and tears From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc Stalingrad and the siege of York The bloody"
  • Puffy AmiYumi 12?
    "Masshirona konayuki futte-'ru Kaze ga mado o tataku Tsumetai hoho ni furete Yume no tsuzuki mite-ita Aa kotori no saezuri mo nemutagena hi wa Shiawase de Afuredasu yorokobi osaekirezu te o Tsunagi-naoshita Massuguna"
  • Anders Ekberg EUROPE UNITED
    "Anders Ekberg Miscellaneous EUROPE UNITED --- VERSE 1 --- They say that we've got nothing in common No cultural ties to build on The project just can't work They say that nationalism will break us Conservatives"
  • Asian Dub Foundation Fortress Europe
    "Keep bangin on the walls Keep bangin on the walls OF FORTRESS EUROPE! 2022 -A new European order Robot guards patrolling the border Cybernetic dogs are getting closer and closer Armoured cars and"
  • Templars Eastern Europe
    "Roosevelt, now look what you did when you signed Eastern Europe to the Soviets look at them now, they live in despair even when the red threat isn't there Ethnic conflict, political turmoil foreign intervention,"
  • Webbie ft. Mouse Six 12's
    "I ride down ya street u can hear me in ya den. Shakin niggas walls when I put it past 10 G- S**t, I ain't even gotta rap in em I Like to play tha songs with alotta slap in em The amp turned up so it sound"
  • Delinquent Habits 1 Adam 12
    "(Verse 1) I'm predisposed for abuse I can take it so bring the pain steady The thunder clouds they gonna open and let it rain heavy I'm bringin' storms full of hail stones cyclones turning I'm shootin'"
  • De La Soul Jenifa (12" Version)
    "Intro This song...does not contain...explicit lyrics...but the thought... is erotic...! Verse 1 Access to her cove, lovestruck Dove is Dove's mode Took a look, dropped my books,"
  • Skyclad Desperanto (A Song For Europe?)
    "This is our song for Europe, I thought we saw the borders fall? Guerre sans Frontiers - And it seems nothing changed here at all. They're building a Tower of Babel in Brussels - It's called the Euromisery, And"
  • Fingertips Outsider no.12
    "Somehow they made me feel strange hereSomehow they made me feel rage and fearSomehow they dont understandWhy would they?Like a bird without its wings I fellCaged in all those awful thoughts I cant tellSomehow"

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