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FFS - Johnny Delusional

  • Johnny Delusional - FFS
    "Words are in my head but I can't enunciate them clearly Headphones on your hair, they prevent a chance to even try Some might find me borderline attractive from afar But afar is not where I can stay and"
  • Delusional - Quicksand
    "Delusional, I'm not impressed. You want to, tell me, so bad, who is on your guest list, tonight, but I don't care. Save it for, one of your, other friends, or your many fans. Just think. Just, think"
  • Delusional - Saves The Day
    "They're at the house They're breaking down the doors They came to kill us all There's no way out All night I dream that they're really out to get me The lines on my face are getting deeper every day Drag"
  • Delusional - Little Brother
    "(feat. Oddisee) Man, Tay.. Bout time y'all came out as y'all man I told you Georgia Ave., they be POPPIN' shawty You don't e'en know, be a rack of broads out this joint from high ykahmsayin? They bring"
  • Delusional Supremacy - Pig Destroyer
    "Single file lemmings We prepare our mandate in effect simply A testament to our gullability With each pull of the lever We lend credibility to an institution Which we can only repaint Never reconstruct"
  • Deluge of Delusional Dreams - Melechesh
    "Act I - Cast tempest from the east Winds rise! Seven ills will charge. Vanquish cities of mankind and divine stellar spheres Callous demons created in the vaults of the heavens Raging storms, menacing"
  • Cumdumpster (Delusional Cannibal Mix) - Jack Off Jill
    "C-c-c-c-call me cumdumpster C-c-c-c-call me a cunt C-c-c-call me clever Is that still okay D-d-d-d-did you watch the TV Or hear it on the radio Watch out for afterschool specials Are we still okay Well"
  • Johnny - Sneaker Pimps
    "I put my hand upon her knee And she said, do you want to see? I put my hand upon her breast And she said, do you want to kiss? Gently, gently Gently, Johnny Gently, Johnny, my jingo Gently, gently Gently,"
  • Johnny - Vaya Con Dios
    "Johnny, tu n'es pas un ange Ne crois pas que ca m'derange Jour et nuit je pense a toi Toi tu te souviens de moi Au moment ou ca t'arrange Et quand revient le matin Tu t'endors sur mon chagrin Johnny, tu"
  • Johnny - Lucky Dube
    "Johnny was a good boy According to his mother But when she wasn' t looking yeah Johnny became a bad boy He got into drugs yeah Oh poor Johnny One day he double-crossed And it cost him his life She"
  • Johnny - Kendall Payne
    "Johnny shot to the moon yeah It's on the nightly news yeah Theres nothing I can do oh Johnny shot to the moon yeah oh Johnny's got Johnny's got Johnny's got Something to say Johnny's not Johnny's not He's"
  • Johnny - Stereo Total
    "Johnny ist der Mann fr mich Das wusste ich schon ewig Aber er sah mich niemals an Als er vorbeiging an mir dann Tat er so, als sei ich nicht Ich liebte ihn vom Anfang an Und dachte:"Nur er, sonst niemand Johnny"
  • Johnny - Fischmob
    "Ich hab' fr uns Spinat gekocht, doch du bist nicht gekommen, hast noch nie Spinat gemocht Pardon Ich rief dich an, weil ich dachte, da wir uns was zu sagen ham, doch du sprachst mich mit falschem Namen"
  • Johnny - Bad Boys Blue
    "I can hear them talking as I'm walking down the street They're saying, You're a fool, got to get back on your feet You tried so hard to keep her love and don't know what to do And ever since she left your"
  • Johnny Johnny - Jeanne Mas
    "La nuit ouvre ses fenêtres Sur la planète déserte S'écrase dans une cigarette Joue sur l'onde muette. Et l'homme s'enferme sans attitude Compte à rebours sa solitude "Barreaux rouillés À cause d'elle Ma"
  • Johnny - Nomadi
    "Johnny guarda attentamente il mondo, per il mondo non fa caso a lui. Johnny scava con le dita in fondo, se ci fosse un fondo casomai. Johnny vive intensamente come se un domani non ci fosse mai, di"
  • Johnny - Bergfeuer
    "1. Johnny hat verloren - sein Bier ist wieder leer, Johnny hat verloren - hat keine Hoffnung mehr, Johnny steht am Abgrund: "Soll ich gehen oder nicht? Aufgewhlte Seele - Angst im Gesicht. Johnny"
  • Johnny - Neil Young
    "Someone wants to blow up the planet Johnny wants to find out why Johnny did a show in St. Louis Love came through the sky. Oh yeah, they were camped out, Waiting for the sun to rise Oh yeah, Johnny sang"
  • Johnny - Nana Mouskouri
    "When I think of Johnny I remember the spring I remember his laughter And the way he would sing R Oh! How I loved Johnny With my heart I loved Johnny Oh! How I loved Johnny But he never knew I prayed"
  • Johnny - Slapstick
    "Johnny wanted his life to go far He went to town and bought a guitar he had a friend and he showed him a chord It was fun, but he started getting bored He developed a need for fame and greed said a rock"

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