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Fire i wather free

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Fire i wather free

  • Fresh Blue Wather - Timo Tolkki
    "I'm sitting in this sleazy hotel room Somewhere along the rocky road of doom Looking back at my life and wondering what went wrong Trying to turn these feelings into a song I guess I've always been some"
  • Free The Fire - Vanden Plas
    "I fly with the wind so close to the sun I hide in the attic still searching for air That feeds my intention to flee All the children alone Can you whisper my name Now the decision is made Before they"
  • Blood Is Thicker Than Wather - Wyclef Jean
    "(Italian speaking) Yo, I'm rollin with the wise guys you don't wanna testify I thought it was a movie till they paid me off in jury duty I can't front the check came in handy cuz my baby mother stressin"
  • Free - Twin Atlantic
    "If you’re scared then walk away Cause there's no need to be ashamed Yeah, we all feel the same I fell in love with rock n roll Until I found out it was false It plastered on a face for me Whoa, where's"
  • Free - Split Shift
    "Your lack of thought Divides your strength To see the reality Of the fire that burns so deep inside of me Do you have a savior You belong to me I need to break these chains that bind Can we all be freed Forced"
  • Free - Concrete Blonde
    "I can break your chains Crack your cage apart I can tear your walls down With the beating of my heart And if you said I have no choice I would tell you you're a liar I'm not afraid to chuck this frying"
  • Free - Florence & The Machine
    "Sometimes I wonder if I should be medicated If I would feel better just lightly sedated The feeling comes so fast and I cannot control it I'm on fire, but I'm trying not to show it As it picks me up,"
  • Free - Mazzy Star
    "I fell asleep in the silence Before the street fights the fire Free in the world that you've given Lay in the sound The water still calls Still calls Afraid of the dark that surrounds me Hide in the"
  • Beautiful Love (Free Fire) - Justin Bieber
    "More than often We don't take advantage of the beauty all around us (all around us) Oh, more than often We take each other’s time for granted 'Cause we’re always around us, oh, yeah Like the blue skies We"
  • Fire - Puressence
    "Get my clothes to her, And the only thing I wanted her to take, But I never said a word, I'll explain myself so nothing else remains, I'm on fire, well I let go, I'm on fire, well I let go, Burning her"
  • Fire - Sophie Zelmani
    "You don't know of the strings you're pulling They've been hanging loose on me I go crazy when I feel them moving cause' it reminds me I don't let you be free I'll go through a fire for this I'll go"
  • Fire - Krokus
    "I walked the miles Down the road that took me here to you I travelled down those everlasting highways You lit the candle to start this love anew Just couldn't wait, life was a desert Without the cure,"
  • Fire - Jack Garratt
    "Tell me I'm fine, baby Tell me to open up Ease my eyes, baby They've seen so much Tell me you're mine, baby Tell me before I irrupt Burn up in the sky, baby Become the dust I can see no use in it You're"
  • Fire And Water - Free
    "(Fraser / Rodgers) Every single day I got a heartache coming my way I don't wanna say goodbye baby But look at the tears in my eyes I don't wanna say goodbye mama But look at the way you made me cry Every"
  • Free Me - Free
    "Morning comes And the evening follows Life without you Knows no tomorrow You leave me weary And you leave me tired But you fill my soul With strange desire But I love you babe Yes I love all of you Ah!"
  • I Am Free - Tal Bachman
    "Sea, sand and stone Wreath 'round this ground I call my own White dark, concrete sky Blacks out the sun with icy night Even though the ocean roars And the storm is bold, and the rain is cold Here I was"
  • Fire With Fire - Scissor Sisters
    "You can see that you're being surrounded From every direction And love was just something you found To add to your collection It used to seem we were number one But now it sounds so far away I had a dream"
  • Fire With Fire - Stick To Your Guns
    "To stand on my two feet To lock these trembling knees This is what we need to not fall in the defeat They cant break me down And I am sick and tired of fighting fire with fire We've been misplaced we've"
  • Riding free - Iron Fire
    "Flying free as the windLike an eagle in the skyNo rules will ever hold me downMy soul will never fallDestiny wont you hear my callThe chosen one, who is born to wear the crownRiding fast through the nightI"
  • Break Free - Kelly Family
    "I wanna break free with my heart With my soul, with my hands I'll do it all with my hands With my will there's a way Ah, there's a way Ah, there's a way Life is hard and beautiful That's why I wanna"

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