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Firma The Man Who Ponders

  • The Man Who Ponders - Firma
    "Give me a second to think about the moment We wrote a page in a book about the day Where memories are nothing but truth until they're spoken and messages that tell us to let out the pain I am not so wise. I'm"
  • Firm Fiasco - Foxy Brown
    "Verse One: Nas Escobar, AZ the Vizuliza As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in the Firm I can remember when I first met Sosa, it was a glorious time There were wise guys everywhere, we"
  • Terra Firma - The Echoing Green
    "The fall you took was from inside And your heart is pushing the flowers up From where your feelings died And you look and you see the sand You see the wind is blowing From where you are to where you"
  • Firma Terror - INXS
    "Here on terra firma The violence is spreading The walls are collapsing Into your back yards Here on terra firma The fires are raging The riots up staging To prove a point to none Here on terra firma The"
  • Firma boogie - Die Firma
    "Den ganzen tag berdenke ich mein outfit welches hemd welche hose passt im schritt und womit verbringe ich die zeit davor mit musik aus ecuador oder videos auf technicolor doch zuvor widme ich mich meinem"
  • Desperados(The Firm F/ Canibus) - Nas
    "You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight? Desperados, travellin What the fuck's up son? We could do this word up, we could do this Chrous: The Firm Spend too many nights on the Henny gettin"
  • Holding Firm - Sizzla
    "Whoa ooh whoa oooh oooh Hail Jah, eh ey Always hailing him I've been here all day of my life Works good and queer I behold with my sight Some will share, others do as they like Some, yuh flesh dem"
  • Firme memories - Lil' Rob
    "Aqui stoy thinking about you carnalito,everytime you cross my mind tu sabes que me aguitoi remember when we used to kick back and have a blast,its hard to belive that was back in the pasti remember those"
  • Die firma II - Die Firma
    "Feat G-Style Wir fahren vor im Maybach - einfach himmlisch wie wir es handlen das Truimverat - die Firma - und das Logo mit den Engeln von - Harlem bis Australien - ihr habt lang genug gewartet mann zwei"
  • Firm All Stars - Foxy Brown
    "Pretty boy: Trackmasters A yo you see that a major, tellin my flavor All types of paper, I'm doin you a favor So blaze the trees, come on baby please Yo to lay with these girls pay the fees Cause I stay"
  • We Are The Firm - Cockney Rejects
    "Backstreet boys are here to stay Nothin' will get in their way We're the firm and they all know, when we come they don't wanna know, we're the ones who still win the day Running rouning that's our"
  • Letter To The Firm - Foxy Brown
    "Uhh, I mean damn Me and you forever hand in hand I'm married to the firm boo, you got ta understand (understand) I'll die for em, gimme a chair and then I'll fry for em (fry for em) And if I got ta take"
  • The man who - Travis
    "People ask me "who are you?" I am me or me am I Even after I reply "The man who." "The man who what?" "Who What? Just who." "I'd rather leave that up to you." "Oh," they say and walk away. People ask "Then"
  • The Man Who... - Josh Rouse
    "He used to work in Central Park where at least a dozen women broke his heart and there he'd sit and think about his past she lived in Brooklyn and she rode the trains first she'd take the G then the L and"
  • The Firm - Lights Of Euphoria
    "So low Way down They can see it in your eyes Your lies Shining Cold hands You're gripped by fear Right here The boys of the firm Takes control of your brain Fusion of mind and machine Slave to the pain The"
  • Who - David Byrne & St. Vincent
    "Who be my valentine? Who lift this heavy load? Who share this taxicab? Who wants to climb aboard? Who is an honest man? Who is an honest man? Who held a dying soldier? Far from his own hometown Carry"
  • Who? - Outlawz
    "Yo yo What up One luv One thug Know what y'all mutha fuckas need? What we need nigga? Know what America need? What do America need? A Outlaw as a president Outlaw Yeah, you might be right What"
  • Who? - Crashdog
    "American justice Is a contrary phrase When a criminal is sentenced But the innocent pays The guilty are pampered Their rights protected While the victim gets life And is left neglected Who makes the laws? Who"
  • Who Da Man - Richard Blackwood
    "Say my name, baby (Ooh, we love you, RB, check you every day on MTV) Who da man, baby, who da man (you da man) Who da man (you da man) (Stargate) When I was young I was a class clown with glasses You"
  • The Man Who Loved Life - The Jayhawks
    "Won't you take my hand Won't you be my friend Take my advice, go away When the days get short and the chips are down Will you be there, will you stick around And if thou shalt give Thou shalt be"

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