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Gania mafia lemon haze

  • LEMON HAZE - Malik Montana
    "W plecaku LEMON HAZE chce konto jak Bill Gates suka mokra jak deszcz kali zwijam do blet ciapaci bracia z długimi brodami interes w kółku lecz szisza się pali"
  • Legalna mafia - Wychowani Na B
    "Pogotowie policji proszę czekać na zgłoszenie się operatora Niebieskiego klauna słyszę krok na chodniku Stuka o beton chodź skrada się po cichu Wiem że za moment przyspieszy kroku Dźwięk ciężkich butów"
  • Mafia - Three 6 Mafia
    "(DJ Paul-Talking) Yeah muthafuckaz! The Platinum plaque bringers of the mothafuckin' "M" back in this bitch, nigga. H-C muthafuckin' P. Hypnotyze camp muthafuckin posse. And it's goin' down, like we always"
  • Mafia - Azrael
    "Es verde el color. Todos sabemos bien; musica venden haciendo del arte su papel. Controlando las mentes, contando billetes en el sillon de tu despacho estas muy bien. Alli te cogeria, rajaria tu cara te"
  • Mafia - Kelis
    "(feat. Markita) Somebody made me an offer and I accepted Forever in debted to weapon Love, honor, and respected But his image was different than what his character reflected Word is he's seven-thirty"
  • MAFIA - Travis Scott
    "Custom the things, custom the wings I had to custom the vibe, custom the link up Cover the back of the lab, front cover magazine Cover your eyes, cuddle up back of the V (Yeah) Our chemistry, just like"
  • Mafia - Jeden (w
    "Trzeba to zrobić tylko jeden raz zapomnieć szczyt i zejść na samo dno to nie jest łatwiej, jesteś całkiem sam nie powie nikt, że popełniłeś błąd Jeden skok i spadam stąd jeden strzał i lecę w dal jeden"
  • Haze - Dishwalla
    "Untie the hands that bind your mind And be nice, she put a gun against her ear Inside, against a gin and tonic sky She's a star, she finds a place to lose her pain Chorus Caged as she waits inside Hate"
  • Haze - B.A.D.
    "zapraszam, wejdź wiem, nie omieszkasz mam nowy sprzęt weźmiesz udział w testach czujesz opary bezdechu szukasz towaru, nie leku w aptekach serwują ci prochy które działają jak harry z tybetu moje plany"
  • Haze - Steve Kilbey
    "Please let me in, I wasn't introduced I really want to be your friend I'd like to know, I wasn't introduced I really want to make amends There's a place that I know, it's so hard to find I'd like to take"
  • Haze - Korn
    "Walking alone inside my world Thinking I'm doing the right thing Destroying all that appears before me It was all done in vain Wanna get through fire Wanna get through pain Wanna get with violence Wanna"
  • Haze - Electronic
    "I'm here alone all by myself with no one else I need someone to share these thoughts about myself I don't know who I can trust This picture's starting to rust And as I press upon myself a form of torture I"
  • Haze - Skinny Puppy
    "Death feels like the butterfly can't escape the scarred lie Real relationships must die Underneath a scarred lie We globalize the others lies We sanctify the great disguise What if change gate Don't"
  • Haze - Afterlife
    "No life to follow Especially not mine Hate feeds on sorrow My memory of a crime I know you don't remember 'Cause you were just a child A whole explosion of anger Humanity went wild No risk was involved But"
  • Lemon - U2
    "Lemon See through in the sunlight She wore lemon But never in the daylight She's gonna make you cry She's gonna make you whisper and moan And when you're dry She draws her water from the stone And"
  • Lemon - Holly Blue
    "If he is real how come we can't see him? If he loves us why so much pain? If he wants us to be with (?) in heaven Why heaven can't be here? One day you're loosing Your best friend, your best friend Another"
  • Lemon - N.E.R.D & Rihanna
    "The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off! Hate! Bad bitches wanna be me bae hate! hold me down like CIA Hate! Side of my car, tryna see my face Hate! Wanna me to beat it like the T.I."
  • Lemon - Gavin Castleton
    "I'm saying this with one voice - I'm not trying to express these views with a bunch of extra tracks of me agreeing with myself. I'm not going to employ the mob mentality to try and sway your opinion I'm"
  • Lemon - Sofie
    "they've clipped my wings again tore them apart and left me no use to fly away to my yesterday of freedom my eyes died back that day seeing the hurt may have done beat me instead of them pain's my only"
  • Lemon - Stafford
    "This could be a change of pace for each of us, or this could merely be lightning striking twice. If the latter holds true, I'll scrape your charred remains off the pavement and smother them with kisses."

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