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Gene Clark - Dixie Flyer

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Gene Clark - Dixie Flyer

  • Dixie Flyer - Gene Clark
    "She's the daughter of the South Honey in her mouth She got magnolias in her hair If you take her for granted She'll take all you love She's a Southern girl She just don't care She is looking for someone Someone"
  • Gene Clark - Teenage Fanclub
    "When the circle finally formed you called me up the only one making a sound I can't work out what I want to see I bury my thoughts in the ground All the seeds you sow are just looking for a space to grow So"
  • Dixie Flyer - Randy Newman
    "I was born right here, November '43 My dad was a captain in the army Fighting the Germans in Sicily. My poor little momma Didn't know a soul in L.A. So we went down to the Union Station and made our getaway. Got"
  • Dixie Flyer - Travis Tritt
    "Well the first thing I remember was the smell of burnin' cinders And the sound of that old whistle on the wind I always wondered where the train was goin' But I never cared at all where it had been Yeah"
  • Gene - Funny Van Dannen
    "Mit meinem Fernglas kann ich in die Zukunft sehn das ist atemberaubend, das ist wunderschn das ist unbeschreiblich, phnomenal wer mir nicht glaubt kann ja selber mal es kommt natrlich immer auf den Blickwinkel"
  • Clark - Oblivion
    "So I heard you got in to a fight. Maybe things you said are not the right way to go about it. Take a look at your mind, what do you see? Take a look into your mind, do you believe they put they put this"
  • Flyer - Cyndi Lauper
    "When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Flyer fly me away Higher til I can't see Glider keeper of my dreams Of whatever once was me I was thinking of you I was thinking all I was just"
  • Gene By Gene - Blur
    "I got a brain in left hand drive I don't asleep other side I ride a bullet like I'm Steve McQueen Each town I intervene A gram of keef and the barn is jumping It's alright we got time Got a radio hit in"
  • Dixie - Bonfire
    "I wish I was in the land of cotton old times there are not forgotton look away - look away look away - dixie land In dixie land where I was born early on one frosty morning look away - look away look"
  • Dixie - Cher
    "Wish I was in the land of cotton There's a man waiting there Who'll never be forgotten Why did I have to go Why did I go away It was early on one frosty morning I left the sleepy town I was born in I"
  • Dixie - Wet Wet Wet
    "Oh, Dixie Blue What are you coming to And every time I see her shes got someone new, It makes me wonder How shes getting younger Maybe shes not seeing things the way she oughta Yeah When morning comes, Oh,"
  • Dixie - Dildo
    "Y vuelas libre a donde tu mente lo pide no ms dolor de rodillas, no tienes que disimular esta vez Y ahora, las notas que nunca has tocado son las que inundan el cuarto, lo puedes sentir nunca fue tan"
  • Dixie - Fray
    "It's hard to let you know that I need your help, I am domino, I'm falling one by one and I don't know why, And I'm sorry tell me that it's easy when its cold you get close to me Please take away all"
  • Dixie - Harmonium
    "Dis-moi c'est quoi ta toune Qui m'r'vient dans les oreilles, tout le temps Tu sais mo, j'ai plus ben ben l'temps comme avant Plus le temps comme avant Pour remplir mes oreilles Dis-moi c'est quoi ta toune Qui"
  • Mr. Gene - Guided By Voices
    "8 stone Sunday lobster Subway cars roll in Building of coffins Build me a coffin Pour me some coffee White house radar readings "The last text on village firearms" My dad eats shit and barks at the moon And"
  • Gene Genius - Avalon
    "I don't know What I'm feeling Can't you see What's going on I am Gene I'm a genius But something happened The human touch Tries to corrupt My way too much I am a bit confused United units start A rivalry"
  • Selfish Gene - Walter Becker
    "Sweet little baby from the hills somewhere Here's a pretty lovebud for your hair Itty bitty girl sippin' Grenadine Look who's talking to Selfish Gene There's a place way down in Brentwood Out to Georgio's"
  • Clark Gable - The Postal Service
    "I was waiting for a cross-town train in the London Underground When it struck me That I'd been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound Like a movie So I changed my plans, I rented"
  • Clark Gable - The Postal Service
    "I was waiting for a cross-town train in thelondon underground when it struck methat I've been waiting since birth to find alove that would look and sound like a movieso I changed my plans I rented a camera"
  • Bootleg Flyer - Mudcrutch
    "I'm a bootleg flyer, and I work alone. I'm a radar hider, turn your head and I'm gone. Gonna set her down easy on a dirt road. I'm gonna land her on sand. Moonshine on the Redwood Forest with money"

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