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Give It Away wykonawca Filatov

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Give It Away wykonawca Filatov

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Give It Away wykonawca Filatov
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Give It Away
    "Oh! Oh! What I've got, you've got to give it to your mama What I've got, you've got to give it to your papa What I've got, you've got to give it to your daughter You do a little dance and then you"
  • Cheap Trick Give It Away
    "You know they say you best be careful what you're lookin' for Everything you want in life, to the girl next door Well, it could happen to you now any day When someone you don't know could blow you away Better"
  • George Strait Give It Away
    "She was stormin' through the house that day And I could tell she was leavin And I thought, aw, she'll be back 'Til she turned around and pointed at the wall an said That picture from our honeymoon That"
  • Deepest Blue Give It Away
    "I never return to love somebody Now all that I need is all I see in you And only you And if you get lost I'll always find you You're all that I need your heart will keep you true My only you You make"
  • Vixen Give It Away
    "I can tell your love's the kind that'll burn me alive Cause the way you dance, has set the place on fire Everybody's watching, you've got 'em mesmerised You ain't gonna go home alone tonight All around"
  • James Give It Away
    "No more you choose to sue for peace Where once for war The mind ingrained can't hear the call You have so many friends cheering you along Don't turn a deaf ear to their song As your world is turning you're"
  • Michael W. Smith Give It Away
    "1st Verse: She asked him for forever And a promise that would last He said, "Babe, you know I love you But I can't commit to that" She said, "Love isn't love Till You give it away" A father lived in silence Saw"
  • Steve Hackett Give It Away
    "A broken heart's not easy to mend Why must you break it again When you lose your prized possession Look around you're exception Give it away Your mind is all made up When you lose your first love You'll"
  • Shannon Noll Give It Away
    "In the dust of night I feel you breathing And I ask myself if youre really there Maybe you dont know That sometimes I need you More than I want to Sometimes I dont give in When I should do You"
  • Dick Brave & The Backbeats Give It Away
    "What I've got you've got to give it to your mamma What I've got you've got to give it to your pappa What I've got you've got to give it to your daughter You do a little dance and then you drink a little"
  • The Benjamins Give It Away!
    "the tears are warm, I'm washing off last night I wish I would've slept through it I wish I didn't know what you did one signle though going over and over in my mind I don't own you and you don't owe me"
  • Goon Moon Give It All Away
    "Hello to all that is everything Keep all the old ties behind Goodbye to all that is nothing Leave a trail so I can find My way back home To space we can grow To a place we can go To dine Goodbye to"
  • Across The Sky Give It All Away
    "Let me get it straight, I should focus on the things above So why do I insist on possessing what will only weigh me down You said, "Separate yourself from all the treasures of this world" And now I'm starting"
  • John Elefante Give It All Away
    "Deep in the heart of a man There are battles that we fight within ourselves We question the surest of things We keep secrets in our hearts we never tell And we say that we rely on You that we will seek"
  • Saxon Give It All Away
    "Sooner or later we'll meet the maker It doesn't matter to me 'Cos I'll be laughing while I'm packing They'll have to drag me away I've been around I've been inside out I've seen it all before I've had"
  • Aaron Shust Give It All Away
    "Search my heart, search my mind, search my soul Make me clean, make me new make me whole All of my plans, all of my dreams, I lay them down before Your feet All of my time, all that was mine, I now submit"
  • Ben Jelen Give It All Away
    "Swinging round in circles, looking for the way, Fleeing from the time when she wanted me to stay. My world is swirling round, this time I know it well, Our love is coming down again. Then I realize inside"
  • Ashlee Simpson Give It All Away
    "Hey you, living for tomorrow You sell your dreams for a pocket of change Hey you, smokin' up your sorrow, Just pointing fingers at someone to blame Hey you, you turn your back on your children It's left"
  • Sweet Noise Give It All Away
    "Elelele city hush! I carry sex on my back like my father I carry love like my mother did I want to share it all with another Lost soul waiting there for me So much pain too much pain I can`t take it I"
  • Sweet Noise feat. Zukile Give It All Away
    "1. It's been hard to com to you lately It's been easier to stay away And I can't feel the heat Not the one that we would need There is something wrong there's a wall in between Ref: Wait - We can't fall"

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