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Give Me Water - John Forte

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Give Me Water - John Forte

  • John Henry - Van Morrison
    "When John Henry was a little baby Sittin' on his mama's knee Well he picked up a feather and a piece of steel And said that's gonna be the death of me Lord, lord, lord that's gonna be the death of me Well"
  • Give Me Some Water - Eddie Money
    "Mama never understood what it's like for a losing man When her number one son goes bad playing cards with the Devil's Hand Daddy got real sick so quick - four walls never understand I was the one who got"
  • John Prine Christmas - John Prine
    "Pretty paper Pretty ribbons of blue. (spoken) man oh man, I just love christmas It's just so darn neat. I kinda wish every day was christmas, Except christmas eve and the fourth of july. We wouldn't want"
  • Abbracciami Forte - Ornella Vanoni
    "Abbracciami forte forte E dimenticami Abbracciami forte forte E perdonami Io, non posso Innamorarmi di te Anche se ho capito Che tu sei tutto per me Perch lo sai C' qualcuno C' qualcuno Che soffrirebbe E"
  • Vivere forte - Elisa
    "Fare lamore proprio con te unoccasione rara che non capita poi mai Tra tante cose e il resto poi Poi lentamente ti spoglierai Guardando fuori il tempo che Ci agita cos come le foglie vieni qui Vivere"
  • Santo Forte - Ultramen
    "Pra que ficar a parado estilo mal-amado Corpo sem futuro jogado envergonhado Parece que a vida no foi boa pra voc Parece que a tristeza tomou conta de voc Esquece tudo mano quem procura acha Apaga o passado"
  • Nero Forte - Slipknot
    "I’m never enough you bleed me dry unsing me up dissatisfied and used another key to the empty spot in you I’m sick as fuck I am in my prime whet do you want? I guess it’s time… to see of you’re lost in"
  • Water - Eric Burdon
    "This world is not for me I'll make a new one, wait and see Hopelessness has seized the land I will not beg, I will demand I will not give up And one day soon The truth will spill Into your sitting room Water,"
  • Water - Moe.
    "(Water, water) Give me the deed, drill the well, and run the line (Water, water) that celluloid shine (Water, water) Would you kill for a glass when the sand fills up your throat? (Water,"
  • Water - Tara MacLean
    "What is this all about? Crossing this river now, Rushing through my blood (my blood) What do you need me for? Funny you'll never say, And still I give you more, than ever *Meet me in the water I will"
  • Water - Kristy Starling
    "Something about Your love That fills me up like an ocean, Lord You consume me Something about Your grace I can't explain why You give it to me It's a mystery You're my necessity You quench the thirst"
  • Water - Mos Def
    "There's nothing more refreshing (that cool refreshing drink) Than a cool, crisp, clean glass of water On a warm summer's day (That cool refreshing drink) Try it with your friends New World Water make"
  • Water - Oingo Boingo
    "Now everybody tells me you're the dog's best friend I'm the cat's meow since I don't know when I'm an instigator from a dead man's town So when did the whole world turn upside down When did you change"
  • Water - The Roots
    "South Philly, North Side Oakland, Texas Georgia, Black People Yo, Worldwide, Sup my nigga You know what I'm saying Dumb and blind... They say a record ain't nothing if it's not touching Gripping, draw"
  • Water - Blonde Redhead
    "this crime for him desire no-one sees it nothing cleans it you will find a week re- ligion some to see you call you kill you how can I contribute tell me make me I don't want to wan't to"
  • Water Water - James Reyne
    "Watch the world turn It's a slow burn Smoking in the distant light See the big sky See it roll by Day is turning into night All your troubles Dust and rubble All the cares you had today There's no big"
  • John Sinclair - John Lennon
    "It ain't fair, John Sinclair In the stir of breathing air Won't you care for John Sinclair? In the stair of breathing air. Let him be, set him free Let him be like you and me. They give him ten for two What"
  • A John Prine Christmas - John Prine
    "Pretty paper Pretty ribbons of blue. Man oh man, I just love Christmas it's just so darn neat. I kinda wish every day was Christmas, Except Christmas eve and the Fourth of July. We wouldn't want to"
  • Give My Love To You - Forte
    "when i think of all all of the times we shared (just you and i) it just makes my heart feel so warm inside (just thinking of you) we've been through the thick and thin you were always by my side and no"
  • Forte di te - Paola & Chiara
    "Chiss se servono le parole Per far capire agli altri chi sei Con tutti quanti gli sforzi che faccio Non so ancora adesso perch Chiss se serve quello che dico Cambiare il tono che hai Non sembra neanche"

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