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Gromee feat. Wurld - All Night


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Gromee feat. Wurld - All Night

  • All Night (ft. WurlD) - Gromee
    "There?s a mirror in the sky Shining down on me See my reflection rising high Where I On me I?ve been so many places on my way Music takes me high Let the music play all night, all night Keep the rhythm"
  • All Night 2017 (ft. Wurld) - Gromee
    "There’s a mirror in the sky Shining down on me See my reflection rising high Whit every progress I’ve made I’ve been so many amazing places on my way But there’s nothing like the way the Music takes me"
  • Love Me Now (ft. WurlD & Devvon Terrell) - Gromee
    "this …. you get it don’t move till you ready now ones gonna loves me the way that I love you now hold on to your feeling you’ll know you’re ready now ones gonna loves me the way that I love you now I"
  • Wakacje 2017 (ft. Gromee - Runaway) - Fit Lovers
    "The kiss by the Sun As a stare up into the sky Embrace your shadow 'Cuz I feel your hand in mine In I won’t let go No, I don’t let go And here, in this moment You secrets turning to mine Lingering and"
  • Wodospady (feat. Gromee, remix) - Doda
    "Mijam coraz rzadziej starych nas Moje nowe imię, nowy kadr Zaraz się spotkamy, czekaj tam Gdzie jest nam nieznany zapach traw Szedłeś dziś sam nocą bez gwiazd Tak samo jak ja spotkałeś już strach I tak"
  • Live Forever (feat. Wrethov) - Gromee
    "Standing on the edge of time Waiting for something to happen now Why if we could rewind? We said the sun is not over again So take me up now And let us go Is tomorrow let us show We’ve got the fire We’ve"
  • You Make Me Say (feat. Tommy Gun & Ali Tennant) - Gromee
    "From the first time I met ya Girl You know I had to get ya Type of chick I always dream of Park the jetta Ge in the beamer Said she busy And got no room for males Change her mind Shopping sprees at bloomingdales Do"
  • Follow You (ft. Wurld) - Gromee
    "I’ll follow you! I’ll follow you! Like a dream To the end I’ll follow you! Like a dream To the end (It’s like a dream) /2x I’ll follow you!"
  • Blurry Eyes (Gromee Remix) - MICHAEL PATRICK KELLY
    "I can see your thousand doubts Written on your face right now Your reflection fading in and out Lately it's been getting you down You tell me you're okay But your voice don't match the words you said I"
  • All Night (Feat. Juice WRLD) - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "I knick out the door yeah I kick out the door go grap the mick and I let out the sore this my fammail wanna I’ve out my heart this an archive I just record the flow com to my studio magic happens two step"
  • All Night (feat. Ally Brooke) - Afrojack
    "out of my mind out every night just so I could feel this way out of control irrational now thats you're stuck on my brain some thing bout be way you’re following my lead says you want to leave the party"
  • All Night - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "(feat. Stephen Marley) It's all right Said she wants my loving all night And when she get it, she'll be all right (all right) Said she wants my loving all night And when she get it, she'll be all right "
  • Za szczęście, za zdrowie, za miłość (feat. Gromee) - Sara Chmiel
    "Patrzą na mnie ze starych zdjęć Czarnobiało szare plamy Setki nienazwanych miejsc Twarze bez imion co przepadły gdzieś Lat minęło 20 i 5 Były jakieś wielkie plany Teraz tylko spać i jeść Co się stało,"
  • All Night Long - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "Brian McKnight feat. Nelly All Night Long (Nelly) Look Shit just aint the same When you slide through (Whoa) I get distracted every time you in my view (Yeah) Plus I hear you kinda single right now"
  • Gravity (feat. Andreas Moe) - Gromee
    "Let’s freeze time, Stay in the moment So we can breathe it Live this life Moving slow motion Defying emotions Leaping over every wall we go Running to the shore Trying to swim into the river of Everything"
  • Powiedz mi (kto w tych oczach mieszka) feat. Ania Dabrowska & Abradab - Gromee
    "zanim ci uwierzę jeszcze raz poukładam z twoich słów mój cały świat zgubię się pytając gdzie jest strach za mało wiem, prawie nic kto w twych oczach mieszka? - powiedz mi patrzysz na mnie niemiło jak"
  • One Last Time (feat. Jesper Jenset) - Gromee
    "if we could do this just one more time nobody does it like you do take me back /2x I need to forget ya would you do it just one more time just for one night no one has to know I can’t get it off my mind I"
  • Open up your heart (feat. Jayden Felder) - Gromee
    "Open up your heart oh... /x4 Girl i'm not a liar oh... You're my only desire oh... You give me all this fire oh... Being burned for what i didn't do Open up your heart... /x4 and i promise you the world Open"
  • All Night Long (feat. Erykah Badu) - Common
    "(feat. Erykah Badu) Yeah.. wanna feel the vi-ah-hi-hibe Wanna feel the vibe, wanna feel the vi-ibe! Uhhh.. wanna, what? Yeah Wanna, what? Uhh, yeah (come on) Every-bod', c'mon, uhh Yo, yo.. (all night"
  • Last All Night (Koala) feat. KStewart - Oliver Heldens
    "When lights are low High anticipation waiting for the show Feel my heart is racing, losing all control Got me so impatient for you Cause in my mind I see you touching me in ways undefined Don't want to"

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