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Half Light - Maski

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Half Light - Maski

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Half Light - Maski
  • Doom:VS Half Light
    "Callous and empty Lifeless image Echoes, them echoes Strangles my will To become something else Hope will perish within me And lower me with a smile Rid me from my burden Let me see sleep for a while Days"
  • Maggie Reilly Half light
    "I am voiceless, I am numbI am broken up insideCan't see what I have begunBut the gulf is much too wideYou call to me from somewhere in the half-lightAnd I hear you speak my nameI don't know what to believeI"
  • Athlete Half Light
    "Sun got stuck, as it's making its way back down We find ourselves, in a familiar part of town And all that I've seen means nothing to me, without you So when I see you next we'll make the most of it Tell"
  • Paradigma Half
    "I died mentally but my body lives on Half a life I lead as I linger on Sorrow I breed and sorrow I feed Half a death I suffer as I try to withdraw My sickness is no disease A mind in hell Can such a thing"
  • Miętha Maski
    "sklepy proponuję mi obrączki tinder proponuje mi kochanki kumpel proponuje znowu jointy mama, żeby sobie kupił maski zostań w domu uważaj na obcych nie rób głupot, kiedy z nimi tańczysz nieznajome wpadają"
  • Deobe / Dena Maski
    "Stałem przy barze, wiesz jak zwykle, z drinkiem w ręku, wódka, Red Bull, a ty gdzieś wśród tych sępów, na przeciwko, potrafisz napsuć krwi dziwko, jesteś jak ta dzielnica Amsterdamu, w skali mikro, doszły"
  • Wilkinson Half Light (ft. Tom Cane)
    "This is our time They go fearless shine As the dawn brings The world wakes Catch you in my eye Nothing can touch Where we've been tonight As the sun moves to cross you Standing in our half light In the"
  • Tarkio Better Half
    "Tender the light, I left you for your better half. Tender the light, I left you for your better half. It's not better by half. But, I'm not the only one who let you down. I'm not the only one who I'm"
  • Sneaker Pimps Half Life
    "Half life wastes before it goes It's funny how your bee sting touch never leaves me whole It's not enough to stay here almost trying You keep your last laugh watch this dying It's just your half time vertigo And"
  • Ben Folds Five Half Asleep
    "Half asleep, half a billboard, half a street, that's my window, All in all, If you wanna know, I'm half asleep Old friends and strangers, they treat me like a little girl, But not you dear, you were"
  • Hem Half Asleep
    "I want to tell you I've watched the waves That wake the sea The lightning that wakes up the ground And my heart has been half asleep inside of me It wakes up when you come around I want to tell you I've"
  • Oliver James Half Life
    "I'm awake in the afternoon, I fell asleep in the living room It's one of those moments when everything is so clear before the truth goes back into hidding I wanna decide cause it's worth deciding to work"
  • National Bank Half Blind
    "What was it that ever drew me to you, In the first place? Because the girl I was introduced to, had a kind face I'd always imagined, she was a beacon of light, only I could see The past is gone and we"
  • Hem Half Acre
    "I am holding half an acre Torn from the map of Michigan And folded in this scrap of paper Is the land I grew in Think of every town you've lived in Every room you lay your head And what is it that you"
  • Ginuwine Betta Half
    "You know what baby I'm so glad you're mine and I'm yours I thank God for you and you just make me better You're my better half Who loves me like you do? Oh baby baby Who loves me like you do? There just"
  • Witch Hunter Robin Half-Pain
    "Tatoeba dokomade modorebaii? Oshiete Subete wa Itami wo tomonauhodo azayaka Hontou wa Wakeaerumono nantenaikara Furikaeranakatta fall into a light sleep Watashi ni michiru I don't carry out yakusoku"
  • The Offspring Half - truism
    "One is for envy and one just for spite The cuts in my heart, they show me your eyes Don't make it better by twisting knife, Turns all by itself, on to someone else Your self-liberation, we'll leave this"
  • The Offspring Half Truism
    "One is for envy And one just for spite The cuts in my heart They show in your eyes Dont make it better The twisting knife Turns all by itself Move on to someone else Your self-liberation Will leave this"
  • Ewa Farna Maska
    "Możesz się śmiać I możesz grać Wszyscy myślą - to prawdziwa twarz Przyznaj się - maskę masz Nikt nie widzi jej - tylko ja Fałszywy śmiech i w oczach lęk W każdej chwili mogą Przejrzeć twoją grę Słuchaj"
  • Catamenia Half moon, half centuries
    "From the stairway he threw with the languages unknown,the words of truth and the cohort of fools.Named the man of black for the back of his hands,where marked in numbers fourteen and two fours.From below"

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