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I've got appointmennt oo ee

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I've got appointmennt oo ee

  • Oo Ri Ee Jae - Fly To The Sky
    "Geu neu kkim eul dwae dohl lil soon up ssuh mi ryun mahn ee~ (mi ryun mahn ee~) Geu nyuh mahn ae hyang gi ae juh juh deul goh shi puh (ee soon gahn ae~) Oh ji ah neul nuh wah ae shi gahn eul ahl goh ee"
  • Oo Ee Oo - Tear Garden
    "Somewhere in the desert there's a hole, where the water's running hot and cold and no-one ever goes there at all. We can find it if we try, we can hide out 'til the time is right to ride out. We will pour"
  • Oo-Wee - Ringo Starr
  • Toodle-Oo - Brooke Allison
    "I've been waiting for so long When I thought I had thought you were gone But now you're callin' me You been checkin' loud but you said nothing When you knew that I felt something should've never fell for"
  • Ee Reon Keo - Fly To The Sky
    "I've cried so many nights, with no where to go My heart is weak, I need to know Just why our love has gone and I've waited for so long Hold on tonight and I know we can't go wrong ee reon keo get chyo"
  • Work that ee do - Sublime
    "Well, we relized so long..long ago and I bet you that we've seen it all the lies won't let you I've got fourteen miles to go I've got rythme..common sence I got the soul but I won't wanna come around our"
  • Ee Dae Roh Shi Gahn - Fly To The Sky
    "Suh roh ae chae ohn eul neu kkyuh ( I want you to know ) Ee soon gahn mahn eun moh deun guhl neu kkyuh bwah ( Ooh~ tell me ) Just wanna be with you ** Nuh mahn ee nae gaen juhn boo yah (Ji geum ee soon"
  • Oo La La La - Nobody's Angel
    "i'm sick of playing my hearts a mischeve i've got what you want you got what i need i want my intentions to be perfectly clean so just get your back off the wall and come on over here everybody say ooh"
  • You Got Gun ? - H.O.T.You Got Gun
    "ah ee geh deh ee goh! kan dehn ee boo eun nom ee doh shee jak een gah boo dah! bee geuk eh shee jak eel boon god nah suh yoo chee hah duhn moh deun geh eem doh keu nah ssuh moh deun geh duh nah ssuh neh"
  • O.O. Baby - Stacie Orrico
    "O.O. Baby Ohm Baby O.O. Baby Ohm Baby O.O. Baby there's a well-concieved plan O.O. Baby maybe we should just ask Can I first say I've been thinking About the way my life should go Should I pray now You"
  • Oo-De-Lally - Roger Miller
    "24/7 you keep stressing me to do the things I don't want to do or be something I don't want to be well let me tell you something I'm not a bird in your cage you can run that game on someone else 'cause"
  • Pa Ram Doong Ee Gil Deul Ee Gi - S.E.S.
    "nan nan o jik geu dae man man ba la bo ji man man geu dae da leun mo deun yu ja deul ae geh yeah noon gil eul jwuh whe whe do dae chae whe geu lae yeah whe geu luh geh ma eum eul jap ji mot hae baby geu"
  • Wan Cheon Han Ee Yoo - S.E.S.
    "Dah shi hahn buhn nuhl ahn kkoh ship jji mahn Uh chah pi ee juh yah hahl sarang ee gi ae Geu nyang doh rah suh yah haet ddun nah reul Nuhn ee hae hahl soo up ssuh sseul kkuh yah whoo! Gi uk joh chah nah"
  • Sa Rang Ee Ra Neun Ee Reum Eui Yong Gi - S.E.S.
    "mal ro juhn hae jwo yo, ji geum gga ji soom gyuh ohn keu ma eum eul bang hwang ha ji mal go deul ryuh jwo yo keu dae eui mok so ril sa rang eul mo doo ga da na jeun ko seh muh mool ruh sang chuh bat go heh"
  • Mama Oo Pow Pow - The Cramps
    "Mama oo pow pow, who's gunna twist and shout, mama oo pow pow, who shot that la la out, your gamagoochi's got the gagas and your hoochie coochie's hangin' out girl you could use a good spankin, and baby"
  • Oo - Up Dharma Down
    "hindi mo lang alam naiisip kita baka sakali nga maisip mo ako hindi mo lang alam hanggang sa gabi inaasam makita kang muli nagtapos ang lahat sa di inaahasahang panahon at ngayon akoy iyong iniwan luhaan,"
  • Oo - UpDharmaDown
    "Di mo lang alam naiisip kita baka sakali lang maisip mo ako di mo lang alam hanggang sa gabi inaasam makita kang muli nagtapos ang lahat sa di inaasahang panahon, at ngayon ako'y iyong iniwang luhaan,"
  • I've Got You - Damnwells
    "I've got doubts I can't even count. I've got mirrors that take me apart. I've got blues, a nothing revolt. I've got songs that stall when they start. I've got you babe. Diamonds and pearls, babe. I've"
  • I've Got You - Boyzone
    "I don't need any money and I guess you think that's funny I got all I need right here with you I don't need no fancy car No turbo charge no super charge None of that means anything to me I've got you"
  • I've Got Spies - Dramarama
    "I'll tell you why Everything looks different in my eyes No need to lie I know everything cause I've got spies You've lost you mind It's all in the papers that you signed Damn dotted lines Everything looks"

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