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I can do this anymore


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I can do this anymore

  • Anymore - Linkin Park
    "I don't know why I am here listening to you anymore I can't explain how I feel anymore Do you even love me anymore There is something crawling in the back of my head saying why do I take this anymore there"
  • Anymore - Kelly Clarkson
    "Hear me,Don't tempt me anymore,It was all a dream,Resist your feelings stranger,Don't call me, don't write,Don't lose any sleep over me,Cause I'm sleeping just fine,Yeah,I don't cry, And I don't want you"
  • Anymore - Apartment 26
    "I'm drowned out like I'm supposed to be Nobody doubts your sanctity I'm not alone, but I'm supposed to be And so I doubt your faith in me This isn't real. I can not feel. I do not want. Anymore I am alive,"
  • Anymore - Zoe
    "You're just like an open book Can read you by the way you look And I know that you'll always be Close to me and I know that you care You're changin' for nobody You're just like you used to be And"
  • Anymore - Savatage
    "Don't want to walk upon the water Don't want to look across the waves Instead of seeing hills of water I just see markers on their graves But in the fading of a season To look across an empty sky For"
  • Anymore - Babyface
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface (1990) Performed by whitney houston I believe in roses But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, True monogamy What"
  • Anymore - Chris Tomlin
    "I should have known this They say that I'm from Mars and you're from Venus But I tried it anyway Who am I to think that I could understand your brain...That's insane I guess I love you, that's the only"
  • Anymore - Whitney Houston
    "I believe in roses, But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby, Then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, true monogamy What I don't know can't hurt me, that's not the way I see If"
  • Do This Anymore - Nickelback
    "Left on an eastbound train, gone first thing this morning Why's what's best for you, always the worst thing for me When am I gonna learn? Why? Cause I'm tired of hating When will it be your turn? Why?"
  • Anymore - Justifide
    "I'm not your little toy anymore So you can't play with my mind So go on and head on your way I don't need this right now, or anymore (Chorus) Yeah I'm out the door I've wasted all my time on you Well"
  • Anymore - Blink 182
    "All the love in the world Couldn't save you All the innocence inside You know I tried so hard to make you Oh, to make you change your mind And it hurts too much to see you And how you left yourself behind You"
  • Anymore - End Of Fashion
    "What are you trying to do? What are you trying to say? You're beating up yourself What is it today? You're killing me slow (la da de da da) When the tide goes out, I'm getting over it, It's alright Where"
  • I Can Never Go Home Anymore - The Shangri-Las
    "I'm gonna hide if she don't leave me alone I'm gonna run away Don't!! 'cause you can never go home anymore SPOKEN: Listen. Does this sound familiar? You wake up every morning, go to school every day,"
  • Can You Do This - Aloe Blacc
    "Grab your shotgun Cock it back Shoot the sun until the sky is black Now I don't know if the sun got rhythm But he gone dance when that music hit'm Bang, bang, bang darkness falls In the nighttime I'm camouflage "
  • We can do this - Beastie Boys
    "Listen here lady, got somethin' to tell ya I'm out on the road and I'm goin' nowhere Lookin' to find (lookin' to find) Some ah, peace of mind (peace of mind) Been a-cheatin' and boozin', playin' my music"
  • We Can Do This - Group Home
    "Yeah we can do this We could walk thru this 25 is the work Chorus 2X: Group Home Check it out y'all, ain't no limit to life Ya live your life to the fullest, make all your moves right If marrows and"
  • Can I - Do Or Die
    "(feat. Beyond Content) Roll, roll, roll, there, there, there You don't have to go that far, You just slide in to my car I got my eyes on 52 inch, wit my fingers on chocolate thick and richer Smoke"
  • I Can't Get Up Anymore - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. I can't get up anymore, my heart ticks"
  • I can - Tim Rushlow
    "This might come as quite a shock But Ive given it a lot of thought This thing thats come between us Cant be ignored. Ive taken all I can This is where its gotta end Cuz I cant be your friend anymore,"
  • I Don't Need Anymore Friends - Collective Soul
    "I'm out of my head And it's not the way that I wanted to feel This loneliness and dread gets your attention, makes us real I'm going nowhere and it's slowly sinking in I don't stand a chance Until you"

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