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I hate being bipolar

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I hate being bipolar

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I hate being bipolar
  • VNM Bipolar
    "Pozwól nawinę tu to dla, tych, co widzą we mnie idola, Typ popierdolony w łeb to ja, raz mania raz depresja bipolar, Sheen nigdy o względy twoje nie zabiegam, także jeżeli Nie chcesz pić ze mną wiedz"
  • Blonde Redhead Bipolar
    "Say wrong I won't say anything...anyway Fake can... fake can be just as good Place you've never been Patience on the way Place you've never been No way...anyway Why then You renew in so many ways How"
  • Bowling For Soup Bipolar
    "Oh no here we go, here we go again You were so afraid you let me back in Back in thru a door you had long forgot Its resistance is shot, mine was not But I waited.. my complicated,overrated girl You know"
  • Day 26 Bipolar
    "Crazy!VERSE ONEGirl what do you want me to doDo you want me to stay or do you want me to waitIm not a pendulum to you to swaySometimes youre dark as nightBut Sometimes youre bright as daySo which extreme"
  • Kotoko Being
    "{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} ==Romanized Japanese== takanaru kodou fureau ima erande susume toki"
  • Zebrahead Hate
    "Why's this motha fucker looking at me is it something more than he wants to see i got a gun and it's mother fuckin loaded one more look and your daddy blows it because all the shit you disgust me,"
  • Zazie Hate
    "Why's this motha fucker looking at me is it something more than he wants to see i got a gun and it's mother fuckin loaded one more look and your daddy blows it because all the shit you disgust me, and"
  • Sunshine Anderson Being Away
    "Baby im going out of town to handle some business For a few days But don't you worry 'Cause I'll call you Like it's not Long distance 'Cause I hate being away I hate being away from you I gotta go Even"
  • Peter Heppner Being Me
    "I can't say if it's real That you're laying here with me It feels so good this can't be you No this is something new A hoax, a silly joke or just a lie I don't know if this is true Or just another dream"
  • After Forever Being Everyone
    "Who am I at night when my eyes are closed tight? Who am I and where when I see far beyond? Every border, every dream, every hidden memory Every nightmare, truth or dare Who do I see Now! Look at me, Tell"
  • Kimya Dawson Being Cool
    "is new york city really like a graveyard they all ask me and i say well it was last week but man that was in the past see i stopped going to the places where the people act so nasty and pretentious 'cause"
  • Sceptic Pathetic Being
    "Break , through the walls of hate Hard to give , but easy to take Look at me , what can you see The form of evolution which have no right to be Who am I , without ability to feel My sick dreams are the"
  • Overkill I Hate
    "So much trouble Hate this job Tried to get out Trapped like a dog No I don't like Pumpin' gas Do ya hate to wait Life's a game Play your rules Bottle half empty Or the bottle half full It does no good No"
  • Abaddon Incarnate I Hate
    "The blackness tearing at my guts I've tried so hard to master - to tame myself Untamed being no control or purpose yet I need a Djinn to guide my rage... He comes!!! In my dreams I hear him, a dweller"
  • DJ SNAKE Middle (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)
    "Staring at two different views on your window ledge Coffee has gone cold, it's like time froze There you go wishing, floating down our wishing well It's like I'm always causing problems, causing hell I"
  • Porter Bipolar
    "Entre el vapor te voy buscando Y hay una luz que va brillando Entre el cielo y el hielo Ah ests flotando Hay ruido bajo la cama otra vez Ay no los llames por favor No te puedo decir quin soy Ay no los"
  • Opshop Being
    "Being Locked in a strange town They'll make room for us somehow Maybe a cheap caravan on the highest hill With a view Where I can float away with you Away from the insides of this steeple When and"
  • Samael Being
    "first day in an unknown place nothing to say just a seeing face checking names and codes longing to give an ode to fame I kept friends in my mind and a part of the land I left behind so here I start to"
  • The Project Hate MCMXCIX Hate
    "Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in legions to clear the way A hellish crusade to... ...burn,"
  • Necro Stop Being Greedy
    "(Uncle Howie) Hey, this is Uncle Howie, I'm the master clone, the king of beasts The alpha male, I do not fail When I'm on the prowl, Yeah, I burn my bridges My balls got ridges (Necro) Brand new Necro"

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