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I just coll to sey

  • Sey Something Sayable - Limp Bizkit
    "Hey motherfucker Hey bitch motherfucker Bitch got a twitch for the ditch motherfucker I see you dug yourself a ditch for your dancin Pop goes the weasel now it's all avalanchin I see your lips movin I"
  • Coll-Edge - Good Clean Fun
    "Someday you will look back with fear On all the time that you weren't here And at that moment You'll wish you hadn't spent All your book money on beer Your friends are high, your grades are low Couldn't"
  • Wha Ya Sey - Spragga Benz
    "Intro: Yeah Is all about the reasonin an di seasonin Hey... hey Verse 1: So whappen... A weh ya seh star Long time mi nuh see yu... A weh yu did deh star Certain things cris star... A you jus pass"
  • Rouler Coll - Richard Desjardins
    "On va se louer un bel autoUn beau StudebakerShiny comme un beau couteauShiny comme ton curPour toi Honey y a rien d'trop beauC'est toi mon invit d'honneur tous les jours a s'ra dimancheUne nouvelle vie"
  • Gal Sey Woooee - Tanto Metro
    "Chorus: Gal sey woooee From you sure sey you man naah stall When him mek yuh skin crawl Sey woooee 'Cause you know sey you hot and have it all Fi you body man a bawl (Repeat) Verse 1: How much"
  • Younger - Seinabo Sey
    "There's a conclusion to my illusion I assure you this There's no end to this confusion if you let it wish you well Soul to sell Highest bidders, can't you tell what you're getting? There is a light to"
  • Just 5 - Just 5
    "Hej! Jesteście gotowi!Już za chwilę JUST 5Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Wszyscy razem! Odjazd!Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Cała Piątka! Power!Lalarilalila! Musicie zostać z namiLalarilalila! Jesteśmy! Dla was"
  • Just Go - Just Off Turner
    "Wave goodbye I don't need to wave goodbye I don't need to tell you why I don't want you no more Oh, you see this face It's the last time you'll see this face All you'll see is the empty space Next to"
  • Just - Jamie Scott
    "Sometimes I feel life's done me wrong Embraced a man without a heart Why do I feel like im running round Scared cos my feet just wont touch the ground What do I pray for at night A chance to feel what"
  • Just - Mudvayne
    "Just a few seconds away from everyone From everything Just a few seconds away A second of your time and an inch of my own space Silence Quiet Need a little peace of mind After all this After all"
  • Just - Coma
    "i won't tell you mother I won't tell you sister i won't tell you all because i won't tell you father I won't tell you brother i won't tell you only friend cause I'm falling again again and again I'm falling"
  • Just - Henry Ate
    "Lately I've been thinking what if I was wrong And the world never meant you and I to belong We'd have wasted so much time building castles in the sky Only to watch them all fall down Would it be all of"
  • Just Rhymin Wit Kane - Just Ice
    "(Just Ice) Just Ice The immortal Come on As we move (DJ Premier scratches) "The flow pro poetical with skills only a vet'll know" (Just Ice) Just Ice international (DJ Premier Scratches) "Me and my"
  • Just dance - Akon
    "Feat - Lady GaGaRed Wine (Konvict) Ga Ga (oh, yeah) Ive had a little bit too much, much (oh oh ohhhh) All of the people start to rush. Start to rush by. How does he twist the dance? Cant find my drink"
  • I Just Had To Laugh - Webb Wilder
    "'''I Just Had To Laugh''' I just had to laugh To keep from cryin' My heart stopped I almost dropped When you laid the news on me I just had to run, To keep from crawlin' At your feet Darlin' beggin'"
  • I Just Want To Sleep - Nirvana
    "So many hours gone You know, you won I could say that I'm afraid But tonight I will try to forget I cannot sleep I can't even try I know that I will lose this daily fight What is wrong with me? What"
  • I Just Want To Live - King's X
    "I'm stepping outside again i'm afraid but it's wonderful i'm feeling the air again it feels cold but it's lovely i feel in touch with myself again i'm afraid but i'm wonderful 'cause i can stand on my"
  • I Just Want To Fly - Sugar Ray
    "All around the world statues crumble for me who knows how long I've loved you everywhere I go people stop and they see twenty-five years old my mother God rest her soul I just wanna fly put your arms around"
  • I Just Want To Be - Cameo
    "Pleasure is my thing, I want to tell you. I'll do what you want me to, or I'll do nothing at all! (chorus 1) I just want to be what you want me to be. Wind it up and see what you want me to be. I just"
  • I just want to celebrate - Glenn Hughes
    "I just want to celebrateAnother day of livin'I just want to celebrateAnother day of lifeI put my faith in the peopleBut the people let me downSo I turned the other wayAnd I carry on anyhowI had my hand"

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