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I just job my jobs, you conected war


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I just job my jobs, you conected war

  • Dogs With Jobs - Dogs With Jobs
    "When you wake up you don't wanna go Your head's like lead on your pillow but you get up and do it anyway On the ride to work you sit and skulk Your tail between your legs you sulk Dogs like sheep in cattlecars,"
  • Dope, Jobs Homeless - Obie Trice
    "Shitted in it...ran from it nigga...fuck, i done did it all i sold dope, watched fiends crave for rock watch 'em watchin me put the stash in my sock (yo yo) walkie talk to niggas from the corner when"
  • The Dirty Jobs - The Who
    "I am a man who looks after the pigs Usually I get along okay. I am man who reveals all he digs, Should be more careful what I say. I'm getting put down, I'm getting pushed round, I'm being beaten every"
  • Job - Foxy Brown
    "(feat. Mya) Ughh, gimme some Ughh, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh Ughh, get sticky wit it Ughh, get your name back Not that, ughh Nigga wanna lay up on my couch, watchin' cable Hands all in his pants, feet"
  • Not My Job - Mac Dre
    "Dre rock the jewelry with the clear stones And get on a nigga head like some earphones I finna spit it, with a clear tone Get yo attention, the biggest thang since the T.V. invention Dope as yola, I'm"
  • Doin' My Job - Blackfoot
    "Boogie like a baby, dance like a dog, I'm a Rock 'n' roll bandit when I'm Doin' My Job Well I've been workin' from 9 to 5 Just like all of you, I gotta stay alive Hard times comin' down on me, Fightin'"
  • Doin' My Job - T.I.
    "Ay I'm working here, know what I'm saying Try to put yourself in my shoes for a second Its not personal I'm just sayin though Ay look From when the moon came out 'till the sun came up I was supplyin"
  • Summer Job - Art Brut
    "(Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!) Double shifts and early starts I spent the morning hiding in the carpark Oh yeah, I'm so laissez-faire Sometimes I'm not even there If you want me sober and straight I'm afraid"
  • Good Job - Alicia Keys
    "you’re the engine that makes all things go and you’’re always in disguise, my hero I see your light in the dark smile in my face when we all know it’s hard there’s no way to ever pay yu back bless your"
  • Inside Job - John Hiatt
    "'''Inside Job''' You Took It To Heart That Is My Love And I Thank Heaven That I Found You I Thank The Stars Above The Way That It Happened Well It Might Sound Strange But After The Hurting Is All Done There"
  • Odd Job Man - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Miscellaneous Odd Job Man Chorus: I give part time help I'm the odd job man I can't do what I want So I do what I can And I'll tell you now So that you will understand You get just"
  • Odd Job Man - Harry Chapin
    "Chorus: I give part time help I'm the odd job man I can't do what I want So I do what I can And I'll tell you now So that you will understand You get just what you pay for from the odd job man One day"
  • Inside Job - Pearl Jam
    "Underneath this smile Lies everything All my hopes, anger, pride and shame Make myself a pact, not to shut doors on the past Just for today,... I am free I will not lose my faith It's an inside job today I"
  • Job Song - Consequence
    "(Excuse me, uh beg your pard? Nah wait hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up. Bitch, you don't I don't get paid enough for you to talkin to me like that. Straight up and down. I don't feel like standin' about"
  • Job Description - Alan Jackson
    "Well i know sometimes you find it hard To understand just what we do out here Well that bus rolls up at home And i just disappear And i sure don't like to leave you Couldn't stand for you to think that"
  • Bank Job - Barenaked Ladies
    "It was an upset in two minutes flat We were back on the freeway, foot to the mat I can't understand it; we had it down pat It's very upsetting, could we leave it at that? We all had positions; we each"
  • Inside Job - Xzibit
    "Mr. X to the Z (who am I?) M-m-m-mr. X (who am I?) X to the to-the-to-the Z M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z (yeah, yo) M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z So it's one fifteen in the mornin I'm comin up, a hard day,"
  • My Job - Spoons
    "I can do all sorts of things With my fingers and my hands I can fix a TV set If I want to I can fix your poodle too If you hold him very still I can turn him all around If I want to, 'cause That is how"
  • Just A Job To Do - Genesis
    "It's no use saying that it's alright, it's alright. But where were you after midnight, midnight. Heard a Bang, Bang, Bang; Down they go It's just a job you do Cos the harder they run, and the harder they"
  • I Lost My Job Again - Pigeon John
    "1st Verse: Woke up in the morning with my manager yelling about Late rent and debt with the threat of her throwing me out I promise with a sweat bead hanging that I would pay As soon as I get a job"

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