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I just just before

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I just just before

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I just just before
  • Tommy Page Just Before
    "And I recall the night When my heart was shattered in two It took me so long To find my thoughts, express it to you I waited all my life Thinking love would never come my way Then right before my eyes You"
  • Projet Orange Just Before
    "I believe this time will never die I stole you again and now The flames are a hard way down I will write a song the day you die Just so that you wonder if it's dry Well now it's dry & now it's me, You"
  • Hugh X. Lewis Just Before Dawn
    "Just before the sun breaks the darkness just before the shadows move on I know a fool like me should be sleeping just before dawn I keep telling my heart it's not worth it for the time our love's been"
  • Porter Wagoner Just Before Dawn
    "JUST BEFORE DAWN Writer Ned Mille and Roy Aldridge) Uh uh uh uh just before dawn Just before the sun breaks the darkness just before the shadows move on I know a fool like me should be sleeping just"
  • Adolescents Just Like Before
    "You yell and scream for no reason at all You pick up shit and throw it at me then you start to bawl You should see yourself! Hear yourself! A fucking child! I'm tryin' to find a reason for you going so"
  • The Flaming Lips Just Like Before
    "My long hair it blows, in the industrial breeze. My fingernails grow, down to my knees. The light that's beside me, is just laves of beans. All that I know, is not what it seems. Cause I've tried moving"
  • Nina Nesbitt Just Before Goodbye
    "You got new jeans, the blue one is not gone I'm in a new dress that I've never worn And I could've sworn You didn't bat and I went a walk Into the room of our first talk You could be the one Have we been"
  • Just Surrender I Said It Before
    "You walked away since there was nothing to say And now you're gone I like it better this way And every promise that you never could make Is history like you and me today You turned your back on all the"
  • Oscar Brand Just Before Election, Andy
    "Just before election, Andy We are thinking most of you; While we get our ballots handy Just be sure they're not for you; No, dear Andy, you'll not get them, But you will get what you deserve; Yes, you'll"
  • Balance Of Power Just Before You Leave
    "Images of the world now make no sense Noises fused without a warning Open eyes it makes no difference There's nothing there for me to see Hear me forgive me No answers can release your sorrow Slowly drifting"
  • A Life Once Lost Just Before His Crucifixion
    "screaming out loud. I loved everyone. I never meant to hurt anyone. just as the nails of so many man before Me, drove through My skin. it seemed to silence His lips. for no one really cared. He then let"
  • Just 5 Just 5
    "Hej! Jesteście gotowi!Już za chwilę JUST 5Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Wszyscy razem! Odjazd!Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Cała Piątka! Power!Lalarilalila! Musicie zostać z namiLalarilalila! Jesteśmy! Dla was"
  • Marty Robbins Just Before The Battle, Mother
    "Just before the battle, Mother, I am thinking most of you While upon the fields we're watching, With the enemy in view Comrades, brave, are round me lying Filled with thoughts of home and God For well"
  • Just Off Turner Just Go
    "Wave goodbye I don't need to wave goodbye I don't need to tell you why I don't want you no more Oh, you see this face It's the last time you'll see this face All you'll see is the empty space Next to"
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash Just A Song Before I Go
    "Just a song before I go To whom it may concern Travelling twice the speed of sound It's easy to get burned When the shows were over We had to get back home And when we opened up the door I had to be alone She"
  • Mike & The Mechanics Before
    "(The Next Heartache Falls)A freezing cold December brings a chill into my heart And fills me with an emptiness now we're so far apart Lost in my confusion now through everything I see Oh won't you come"
  • Tantric Before
    "One thing that I must agree with You got to step outside the picture just to see it Everybody loses it sometimes My eyes can't fake what you feel inside Should of known the way I saw you standing"
  • Riverside Before
    "I've become resistant to myself To my weaknesses and pain I've become the one who wants to live and just feel alive again I've changed myself I've become addicted to being strong Started out my second"
  • Jamie Scott Just
    "Sometimes I feel life's done me wrong Embraced a man without a heart Why do I feel like im running round Scared cos my feet just wont touch the ground What do I pray for at night A chance to feel what"
  • Mudvayne Just
    "Just a few seconds away from everyone From everything Just a few seconds away A second of your time and an inch of my own space Silence Quiet Need a little peace of mind After all this After all"

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