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I want to love Hans Kraenzlin')

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I want to love Hans Kraenzlin')

  • Little Hans - Alan Parson Project, The
    "Alan Parson Project, The Freudiana Little Hans Freud's youngest patient Lead vocal: graham dye Little hans, little hans, what do you see? The worlds is full of big surprises Little hans, little hans,"
  • Little Hans - Alan Parsons Project
    "Little Hans, little Hans, what do you see?The worlds is full of big surprisesLittle Hans, little Hans, what can they be?They come in many shapes and sizesLittle boys always love to playBut something is"
  • Hane - Kotoko
    "{{Translation|Japanese}} == Romanized Japanese == Yuuyake wo utsushidasu kagami no mizuumi ni Sotto ha wo ukabe nagare no yukue wo mite ita Kanashimi mo ikari mo munashisa mo wasurete Kono oozora ni kazashite"
  • I Want to Die - Mortal Love
    "I'm too tired of this life All I need is my big sleep You are so far away You love someone else Another day passed me by Another day filled with pain You are not here You're with someone else I love you"
  • I Want To Love - Whigfield
    "Oh baby you see the light Please show me the way to go Night time is so far away Oh baby believe in me I want to love - oh baby see the light I want to love - please show me the way to go I really want"
  • I Want - Fly To The Sky
    "Chorus Baby~ I don't wanna see you no more Baby~ I don't wanna see love no more (modu jiugesso) amu uimi obdon shigansoge jichyo idon noui nunbichdur soge Get away from me yeah~ Ijen noui gyotheso"
  • I Want To Love You - Shelly Fairchild
    "How'd I get here baby How'd I get here in your arms Why do you make me crazy Why do I love a perfect storm I could look at you all night Stare into love and know that I I wanna feel your face in"
  • I Want To Love Again - Dwight Yoakam
    "I wanna love again Feel young again The way we did when it was true Go back before I cried Or ever tried To understand life without you I wanna hold your hand and us pretend We're starting out brand"
  • I Want To Love You - Jerry Yan
    "ni de tou fa / chui zai er bian / feng qing qing chui / zhe zhu le yan wen rou de yan shen / you xie pi juan dan hen mei wo de zhu xian / zai ni de lian / ni tai ren zhen / mei you fa xian shan shuo"
  • Hana Aluna Lullabye - Kenny Loggins
    "Before you were born I saw you in the sunrise In the arms of my lover In the music of the islands And you were made of paradise Of ginger and pikake Wild mango and moonlight And dreams of our sweet ohana"
  • Garasu No Hana - Irulanne
    "kami wo naderu yokaze michi wo terasu seiza nemuru mado ni yane ni sosogu minori no ame kimi wo tsutsumu keshiki no ichibu ninaritai itsudemo soba ni itaikara I WILL NEVER SAY I LOVE YOU negai goto ga"
  • Soft Hearted Hana - George Harrison
    "I ate it and at once my eyes could see you No sooner had I ooped it down I felt so far off from the ground I stood on. My legs they seemed to me like high-rise buildings My head was high up in the sky"
  • I Want You To Want Me - Letters To Cleo
    "I want you to want me I need you to need me I'd love you to love me I'm begging you to beg me I want you to want me I need you to need me I'd love you to love me I'll shine up my old brown shoes I'll"
  • I Want Love - Jehro
    "I woke up this morning Hunger was gnawing my soul But the preacher man's sermon Won't put no food in my bowl Abidjan to Monrovia Looking for food and a home Instead I found factions and armies In the middle"
  • I want love - Akira Yamaoka
    "(Spoken)All right, let's do thisOne, two, three(start singing)I want a cup that overflows with loveAlthough it's not enough to fill my heartI want a barrel full of loveAlthough i know it's not enough to"
  • I Want Love - Gryffin, Two Feet
    "I feel okay Talk to her face About it I act insane Everyday, everyday don't go that way my mind will break and shatter you call my name Everyday, everyday* * Lyric Video"
  • I Want To - Yellow 5
    "When youre down and need a friend Baby, i'm with you until the end Cause deep down, you're always been the one I cant pretend things are ok It just feels so right When youre in my arms When i kiss your"
  • I Want To Know What Love Is - Bracia, Krzysztof Cugowski i Sound'n'Grace
    "I gotta take a little time A little time to think things over I better read between the lines In case I need it when Im older Now this mountain I must climb Feels like a world upon my shoulders I through"
  • TO 52 (52 DEEP, HANS) - Pięć Dwa Dębiec
    "o 5-2, miasto nam pięć da, unieście pięści Kto pięć da, ten zawsze z 5-2, uniescie pierwsi To 5-2, miasto nam pięć da, unieście pięści Kto pięć da, ten zawsze z 5-2, unieście pierwsi Dwóch nas tu,"
  • I Want A Love I Can See - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "I want a love I can see That's the only kind that means a thing to me Don't want a love you have to tell me about (oh no) That kind of lovin' I can sho' do without (yea yea) I want a love I can feel That's"

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