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In darkness i didn't know

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In darkness i didn't know

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In darkness i didn't know
  • Michelle Williams Didn't Know
    "Verse 1: Woke up this mornin' And the sun was shinin' Hey i feel so good now No more worries on my mind I've been just smilin' Feelin' your love around me Havin' you right beside me All my problems pass"
  • Howlin' Wolf I Didn't Know
    "I didn't know, you was out last night baby No I didn't know, baby you was out last night Well I do know, you don't treat me right I didn't know, you was ridin' him in my car last night No I didn't know,"
  • Weeping Willows I Didn't Know
    "I hadn't seen you since you ran away You'd been in the shadows But I saw you today I washed you off me like water to soap But I didn't know that I still had hope Yes I didn't know till I saw you hand Holding"
  • Meja I Didn't Know
    "I was alone thinking I was just fine I wasn't looking for anyone to be mine I thought love was just a fabrication A train that wouldn't stop at my station Home alone, that was my consignment Solitary"
  • Phish I Didn't Know
    "I didn't know, I didn't know Well I didn't like cheeseburger alleycats near me A petrified Phish disease, I wish somebody'd hear me I didn't like maple dew, honey melon watercress I didn't like Phish"
  • Lil' J I Didn't Know
    "L.E.S big thangs T West how was I supposed to know Check it The 1st night I laid eyes on her my 1st reaction was whoa! The baddest chick I'd ever seen backstage at a show. She noticed me got my front"
  • Serhat I Didn't Know
    "i want to stay with you tonight far from every sight and every fear I got to be inside your mind and hide into your arms you have to see this love is real come along and live with my emotions from now"
  • Darren Hayes Darkness
    "Been spending so much time underground I guess my eyes adjusted To the lack of light I got Covered in darkness Covered in darkness I have been waiting Always waiting for something new Happiness has always"
  • Eminem Darkness
    "I don’t wanna be alone I don’t wanna be I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness anymore here I am , alone again can’t get"
  • Sea Of Green Darkness
    "Darkness Closing In Getting Left Behind Helpless All Alone Swimming In My Mind Swallow Down My Guilt Ease Me From My Pain Bite Hard Razor Tongue Taste My Blood Again Get A Grip Stop My World From Spinning Like"
  • Angels & Agony Darkness
    "We knew it would end one day Never thought it would be that soon We could talk for days and nights Always fear it would cross our way We talked about how life could end Would anything lie behind The black"
  • Peter Gabriel Darkness
    "i'm scared of swimming in the sea dark shapes moving under me every fear i swallow makes me small inconsequential things occur alarms are triggered memories stir it's not the way it has to be i'm"
  • Third Eye Blind Darkness
    "Blue come over Born a joneser The cops pull out the radar And shoot devious grins Another day begins I want someone to know me Maybe tell me who I am 'Cause I've faced down my demons And cried"
  • Diana Ross Didn't You Know
    "(nickolas ashford/valerie simpson) Remember when you left? You had your own rules about playing the game And any day, you could walk away feeling no pain Now look at yourself You're all hung up on somebody"
  • Badu Erykah Didn't Cha Know
    "Badu Erykah Mama's Gun Didn't Cha Know Oh hey... Ooh hey I'm trying to decide Which way to go I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere Ooh hey I'm trying to decide Which way to go I think I made"
  • Erykah Badu Didn't Cha Know
    "2x Ohhh hey, i'm trying to decide which way to go i think i made a wrong turn back there somewhere didn't cha know, didn't cha know trying to run but i lost my way didn't cha know didn't cha know Stopped"
  • Alexz Johnson In the darkness
    "Demons come from every side In the darkness is the light Pulling me on a downward slide In the darkness is the light Getting hotter deeper I go In the darkness is the light Into the darkness down below"
  • Whitney Houston We Didn't Know
    "Since I don't know when We've been only friends No more but no less Our friendship we had at best A voice to console An ear to confide That someone you tell Your deepest of feelings inside But we didn't"
  • Buck Owens I Betcha Didn't Know
    "Well, I betcha didn't know I betcha didn't know that I was gonna love you so I betcha didn't know I betcha didn't know I ain't never gonna let you go. Well, I can tell by that look in your eyes That there's"
  • Yoko Ono Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know)
    "Shiranakatta, shiranakatta, Shiranakatta, shiranakatta, Tatta hitokoto ittekuretara Sugunimo tonde itlanoni, Shiranakatta, shiranakatta, shiranakatta, Je ne savais pas, je ne savais pas, Je ne savais"

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