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In the saden a by life

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In the saden a by life

  • Life Floats By - The Jayhawks
    "Abuse me and confuse me But never, never, never use me You leave me so tired So utterly uninspired Thunder Bay was a drag, baby Thunder Bay was a drag, baby Upon the gravel and the dust If I don't"
  • Blinded By Life - Metal Church
    "In a web of confusion you're strangled by your fear A hopeless situation you've been in for years No hope for tomorrow, no hope for today Always defending mistakes that you've made When you're lost on"
  • Betrayed By Life - Hatebreed
    "In a cold unforgiving world--alone with fear and weakness, oppressed and dying slowly--countless people have been betrayed by life. No one is exempt. No one is safe. So many lives will be taken. So many"
  • Life by mistake - Del Amitri
    "So you were right when you said I was just a fake You just got used and when you're used you're thrown away Look at me now, look at the lines upon my face And look at my crowd, haven't we all lived like"
  • Life By Light - Glass Hammer
    "I look to your heart Seen only in part But then I've Shared both it's gloom And its laughter We search of the same And crawling We lurch for its flame But sprawling We lay in the dark Awaiting answers Answers It's"
  • Life going by - King's X
    "I've seen a wind torn sky.And I've felt the river cry.And I've seen the old ones have their say.I've known the constitution.And I've seen a revolution.And I've seen the birds all fly away.I've climbed"
  • Life By The Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughan
    "Hello there, my old friend Not so long ago it was 'til the end We played outside in the pouring rain On our way up the road we started over again You're livin' a dream....Wo you on top My mind is achin'....Lord"
  • By & By - Brett Dennen
    "listen close, as close as I am to you like the bell of liberty, I'll ring a sound that's true and days go by and seasons too in time our love may digress with the words we can renew oh, i'll tell you"
  • By The Sea - Modern Life Is War
    "We were young, numb, and violent, All at once! We were always smashing glass but It was never enough, To make us feel okay Are we normal boys? Is this the normal way? We've been dragging dead weight across"
  • A Day In The Life - River Road
    "(Gary Nicholson/Craig Wiseman) I'm up and out the door before the sun comes up Spillin' coffee, banging gears in my pickup truck Racing every red light, getting to the jobsite Bossman hollerin', boys"
  • A Day In The Life - 2Pac
    "(Ray Tyson) Postal border was makin' me mad So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad Rolled to the West Side to check out my boys Twenty brothers in the park, all bringin' the noise Stepped out"
  • A Day In The Life - Tupac
    "(Ray Tyson) Postal border was makin' me mad So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad Rolled to the West Side to check out my boys Twenty brothers in the park, all bringin' the noise Stepped out"
  • A Day in the Life - Charlie Daniels
    "It was just another day in the life of Planet Earth Twenty four more hours going by Traffic was heavy and there was a little rain Babies were born and people died Up in Alaska, it was thirty one below Down"
  • A life in the day - Outkast
    "I met you in a club in Atlanta Georgia Said me and my homeboy were coming out with an album You looked at me like yeah nigga right But you gave me you number anyway you were on the talcum Powder, how's"
  • A Day In The Life - Handsome Boy Modeling School
    "(feat. RZA, A.G., The Mars Volta) Aiyo, slipperly slurp slip, nigga, churped off, two sniffs of cocaine This motherfucker broke the glass in my whip Try'nna dip, on this twenty dollar bill I had on"
  • A Day In The Life - Sting
    "Words and music by lennon & mccartney I read the news today oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad I just had to laugh I saw the photograph He blew is mind out"
  • A day in the life - David Usher
    "Did you feel small today when everyone had gone 'Cause I was beaten up and jaded by the news And underneath the skin the truth is breaking through So they just sewed me up and spit me out And I can't change"
  • Life - Golden Life
    "Have you had enough of changeshave you had enough of changinglike a bird you have flownthrough the shadows of yours forsaken hopesyou broke tree come to me tryingthrough the mansionof the watch me nowsyou"
  • Live Life Get By - Monrose
    "People criticize the way I live my life but who are they to put me down I try my best and thank the lord Im blessed everyday and though Ive had my share of highs, it made me realise that nothing ever"
  • A Life In Finer Clothing - Guided By Voices
    "AhhhhAhhhhAhAhAhhhhAhAhAhhhhAh Wanting to choose Fight the scene through unreknowned leaders too And nothing is real She found me someone who wants to stone cheaters too And I think it's cool Finding"

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