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ItaloBrothers - Up 'N Away

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ItaloBrothers - Up 'N Away

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ItaloBrothers - Up 'N Away
  • ItaloBrothers Up 'N Away
    "We're the rebels of the night We hold our hands up high We're dancing with the light And reaching for the sky We're the rebels of the night Uh thunder to your brain Stranded by the tide We're running"
  • Trick Daddy N Word
    "(Chorus) I spit game wit the n word brothers make slang for n word slang I slang cane and others thangs for n word slang and lease be the blame for n word nigga (Trick Daddy) you know me nigga I don't"
  • Clannad N
    "Chuaigh m isteach I dteach arir Is d'iarr m cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. Is dirt s liom "n bhfaighidh t deor. Buail an bóthar is gabh abhaile." Curf: Nl s ina l, nl a ghr, Nl s ina l is n bheidh"
  • Clannad N
    "Chuaigh m isteach i dteach arir is d'iarr m cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. Is dirt s liom "N bhfaighidh t deor. Buail an bóthar is gabh abhaile." Curf: Nl s ina l, nl a ghr, nl s ina l is n bheidh"
  • Nicole (FI) N
    "sydn kuljettaa, kun silmt suljetaan mustavalkoinen kaiken huominen aina se on kahden kadotaan, pinta katoaa katsotaan, kuljen pois tst paikasta nousen viel vapaana nouse vapaana vapaa vajotaan, pinta"
  • System Of A Down N
    "Thought you'd relate every will. Perish it; your chocolate soul. Help us wrong, deny your past. I've got pictures on my mind I've got pictures on my mind I've got pictures on my mind I've got pictures"
  • Good Riddance Up & Away
    "You've sworn allegiance to your dreams but still it seems so hard that tightrope that you walk why can't you put it down drink your way through one more clouded chapter of your life the hands reaching"
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love
    "I ain't gone 'n' give up on love....Love won't give up on me I ain't gone 'n' give up on love....Love ain't gone 'n' give up on me Every tear that I've cried....Only washed away the fear inside Now I,"
  • Partners N Crime Up Early N The Morning
    "Up Early N Tha Morning, I jump sheib, Me kick the funky reggae but me don't know why, Because I'm sloooooowed, And all these hoes know, I go by the name of little Kangol I'm up Early N Tha Morning, Hoes"
  • Audio Push Up N Down
    "I say, baby, we been talkin' for a while & I don't know how to say all of this, so I'm a take my time See it's a touchy subject I'm bout to explain, & speakin' of touch I'm startin' to think it's time"
  • ItaloBrothers My Life Is A Party (R.I.O.)
    "I say hey You say oh Let's turn it on And here we go New York, LA Berlin, Say hey. To Tokyo, Rio Bejamilo Here we go Hello, Hello Can you just feel it? Are you ready to go? Hello, Hello Do you receive"
  • Onyx Stik n muve
    "Oh shit.. yo, y'knahmsayin? That shit just shot duke in the face (That nigga right there!) Nigga gotta be dead.. Fuck that then, let's rob that nigga man Take that nigga watch and get the fuck out of here"
  • Frank Zappa Titties 'N Beer
    "It was the blackest night! There was no moon in sight! (you know the stars ain't shinin' 'cause the sky's too tight) I heard the scary wind! I seen some ugly trees! There was a werewolf honkin', 'long"
  • T-Bone Hurt N' Pain
    "Dialogue: Man, Lord. Just got so much hurt n' pain inside me, you know what I'm sayin'? People think just cause I got records or sumpin' I don't feel hurt n' pain, huh, thinkin' I ain't human or sumpin',"
  • Nelly N Dey Say
    "Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, Let's Go Ha ha ha ha ha ohhhhhhhh N dey say ohhhhhh ohh ohhhhhhhh Ha ha ha ha ha ohhhhhhh N dey say ohhhhh ohhh ohh Hold up stop now let me get a look at ya, Damn"
  • Oingo Boingo Flesh 'N' Blood
    "Over time I've come to feel That everything must come apart it seems From the little child to the man of power From the beggar to the angel of my dreams From the thinnest thread we are sewn together"
  • Grade 8 Smoke N' Mirrors
    "If I had a disguise, If I Trust your kind, Continue to clean smoke n' mirrors. Cause' I've seen it all before. If I live through another day I might as well bow down, Bow down and be your slave. So come"
  • Nelly feat. Tim McGraw N Dey Say
    "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah let's go (ha-haha-ha-ha) ohhhhh N Dey Say ohhhhhh oh ohhhh hold up, stop now, let me get a look 'cha damn girl i aint seen u since prom come to think about it"
  • La Bouche Nice n slow
    "You know, I've never been in love before that's why I'm with you I wanna take it nice 'n' slow. Well baby from the first time I saw you, I knew I had to have you, I just couldn't wait any longer, I want"
  • Jamie T Sticks 'n' Stones
    "When theres no one left to fight boys like him dont shine so bright, Soon as I see the dust settle hes out on the town tryin to find trouble. When theres no one left to fight boys like him dont shine so"

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