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Jack Savoretti feat. Sienna Miller

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Jack Savoretti feat. Sienna Miller

  • Miller - Stan Tutaj
    "Co to się stało, Że ciało nie wybrało Znów Józefa Oleksego, Chociaż chłop jest czysty. Idą młode lwy Na szczyt partyjnej listy, Ze świecą tu, kolego, Szukać komunisty. Już tylko Miller Popłynie każdym"
  • Miller - Darkbuster
    "Millers made the American wayBorn and brewed in the USAThere just as proud as the people that are drinkin it todayMillers Made..The American WayMillers made the American wayBorn and brewed in the USAThere"
  • Ona woli disco (feat. Marcin Miller) - Red Bridge
    "Wpadła mi w oko piękność blond No słowo daje - bóstwo-anioł! Nie powiem nawet nieźle szło W końcu zadałem jej pytanie Czy nie wybrała by się dziś na koncert Będzie grać mój zespół? "Nie chce" - odpowiedziałaś"
  • Baby It's Cold Outside feat. Mac Miller - Ariana Grande
    "I really can't stay (But baby, it's cold outside) I've got to go away (But baby, it's cold outside) This evening has been (Been hoping that you'd drop in) So very nice (I'll hold your hands, they're just"
  • The Way (Spanglish Version) (feat. Mac Miller) - Ariana Grande
    "I love the way you make me feel I love it, I love it Tú eres todo para mí Te amo, I love it Say, I'm thinkin' 'bout her, every second, every hour Do my singin' in the shower, picking petals off of flowers"
  • Jack Move - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Big Syke, Kurupt, Outlawz) Nigga You betta get cha money Fuck dat I'm tired of bein broke Daz Let's go get our chips That nigga Daz on the street at a early age Barely made it out da twelfth"
  • Sax Man (Feat. Jack Black) - The Lonely Island
    "Well, he was the Sax Man from the state of Tennessee First set in with the band at the ripe old age of three, we told And when he blew into that horn all the people gathered 'round Club manager jumped"
  • Dusty Miller - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Verse 1: Hey, the dusty Miller, And his dusty coat, He will win a shilling, Or he win a groat Dusty was the coat, Dusty was the colour, Dusty was the kiss That I gat frae the Miller. Verse 2: Hey the"
  • New Jack City - DJ Kayslay
    "(feat. Poster Boy, Shells, Grafh, Cassidy, and Jae Hood) Poster Boy, Fosterville, Kay Slay the Drama King Fuck with the kid, gotta throw ya moms over the bridge RP put the hawk to ya over ya ribs Keep"
  • The Dusty Miller - Robert Burns
    "The Dusty Miller (Robert Burns) Hey, the dusty miller, And his dusty coat! He will win a shilling, Or he win a groat. Dusty was the coat, Dusty was the colour, Dusty was the kiss That I gat frae the miller! Hey"
  • Jak Mac Miller - ZBUKU
    "kur* czuję się jak Mac Miller w żyłach mam już tylko kokainę trochę smutne kocie, ale chyba tak odpłynę mam dopiero 26 lat, jak Mac Miller to co przeżyłem to już moje kocie ostatni raz bez spadochronu"
  • Susan Miller Rag - Bright Eyes
    "When all the knots attention keep you from getting loose Relax your love Relax your living And cruise... past the People's Choice and their backwards attitudes. When you're done all sleeping and all your"
    "I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack. Let's jack. I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack. Come on, let's jack. /3x Jack, jack, jack... I want your body, everybody"
    "Jack when we were younger we hung out We were inseparable But now Jack you stole my thunder Like my girl became my nemesis He might be Mr. Popularity but I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about me Uh oh"
  • Jack - And Also The Trees
    "Jack went out one stormy day To see where his feet would go They took him from his sleeping town Across land both high and low They took him through the velvet streets Where men walked on their toes And"
  • Jack - Xavier Rudd
    "Jack would stand one Foot in front of the Other foot and then Lick his lips again The train came past about Three o'clock or so His mother told him so All the kids should know His hand was sore from All"
  • Jack - Toploader
    "Don't you cry for you and I Don't know why the reasons why Why you had to spread your wings Cos changes are the hardest things Out of sight and out of mind Out of my hand and out of my life The leaves"
  • Jack - Avant
    "Mi Mi Mi girl close your eyes Mi Mi Mi got a surprise Mi Mi Mi don't run and hide let me take you on ride First We'll go to Cleveland We'll kissin and huggin is what we'll do Next We'll go to Miami And"
  • Jack - Aurora
    "Hey little girl I would like to show you my photo collection Here I stand with Jack in my hand You were perfect little girl So perfect Hey yellow girl Here I stand in No-mans-land With a stupid sun in"
  • Jack - Iced Earth
    "I...I am a bastard son Conceived of a hundred men Now I'm the Chosen One Back, looking back Father William called me Johnny But my mother called me Jack I...I scream out to you As I see them take you Hell,"

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