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Jamerzysta VENOM

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Jamerzysta VENOM

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Jamerzysta VENOM
  • Venom Venom
    "The scent of zenith clogs the midnight air You look around to see yourself and stare Hot knives you know you're not alone The thunde bursts your mind and cracks your bones Venom This is our hell and"
  • Axxis Venom
    "Shades of blackness - deep inside You've brought the chaos in my mind All my senses - fall asleep I'm falling deeper than deep Eyes open wide - but I can't see Chorus: I feel your venom Running through"
  • Bullet For My Valentine Venom
    "You're nowhere even near me But everywhere I go I feel you Can you feel me? Why can't I just forget you I want to shed my skin to remove you Can you hear me? Now I'm giving up, I'm never looking back Here"
  • Sandy Venom
    "You think you're heaven sent I'm left wondering - autsch You bad mouth everything Heads still aching So take your promises You're a faul faker I've always had my doubts You're a hearts tratar ah ah ah"
  • Kamerzysta Venom
    "(Kubańczyk i Kamerzysta -dialog) -Dobra mordo to co? Nagrywamy to. Dawaj, załączę Ci tego autotune'a. -Jakiego autotune'a? Walimy Old School. -Jak Old School? Przecież Old School już nie jest modne. -No"
  • Arsonists Venom
  • Wolf Venom
    "Dark as a shadow Sharp as a knife An arctic breeze as cold as ice Deep as an abyss Sweet as a kiss A burning hellfire on the rise You say you don't know my kind Although I dwell in your mind Venomous"
  • Eminem Venom
    "i got a sing filled with shit for the strong willed when the world gives you a raw deal set you off till you scream, piss off, screw you when it talks to you like you don’t belong or tells you you’re"
  • Vin Vinci Venom
    "znam swoją wartość i tym kur* zrobię na złość nie muszę rzucać kłód wystarczą te tracki w miasto wjeżdżam jak noż w masło czy jak tam wolisz - dopisz ważne że jestem prawdziwy a wokalem bujam bloki jak"
  • Runemagick The Venom
    "Like a snake from the underworld Filled with venom you rise Awaken by rituals unknown for man Your secret past is hidden for all time Your tongue licks me in temptation Your teeth are shining black like"
  • Hatebreed Spitting Venom
    "Here lies another grudge another score never settled For many who lead a life of resentment Filled with foolish pride, that blinds them Fighting the world but their own progress gets fought Feeble minds,"
  • Modest Mouse Spitting Venom
    "We were spitting venom at most everyone we know If the damned gave us a road map then we'd know just where to go Now let it drop Let it all drop Let it all drop Oh let it all fall off Well you were talking"
  • S.J.K. Venom Grace
    "Once a woman's touch Made him hold the grudge The games of a whore The portents of war Blind he'll fight his friend While a friendship ends On madness verge Sing sanity's dirge Evil ways - over path"
  • Beck Venom Confection
    "See me comin' to town with my soul Straight down out of the world with my fingers Holdin' on to the devil I know All my troubles just hang on your trigger Take your eyes and your mind from the road Shoot"
  • AC/DC Inject The Venom
    "No mercy for the bad if they want it No mercy for the bad if they plead No mercy for the bad if they need it No mercy from me Tell no truth an' tell no lies Cross your heart and hope to die Never give"
  • Einherjer Ware Her Venom
    "" Fear rule my world still Has ruled it, shall rule it Meek is weak " Ill-boding wolfs blood Crowned in woe, death-stained Dread-gard Queen Sear the runes of wrath The rependant writhes in remorse Niflhel"
  • Abscess Swallow The Venom
    "Swallow the venom On the arctic plains of my frozen soul It's hard to survive, to remain alive So dead inside, deathtrippin' scenes Sometimes it cuts each time I breath Encased in ice my spirit filled"
    "AC-DC For Those About To Rock INJECT THE VENOM For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (1981) (Young, Young, Johnson) No mercy for the bad if they want it No mercy for the bad if they plead No mercy for"
  • Monstrosity The Angels Venom
    "Stagnant in this existence, I quest to free my mind. No longer captive This freedom my desire. My quest never ending With flames I light my path. Yet death impending, Shadows me on my way... So the quest"
  • Murmurs Venom Of Violence
    "Hey my name is not you're business to know when I call you I'm not silenced people have a way of messing with minds it's a venom of violence hit me with the power like a rocket ship push my buttons watch"

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