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Jerry Vale - Again

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Jerry Vale - Again

  • Jerry Hall - Buck
    "You must be amazing All that hazing you take from day to day I know I can't be true So, I tell you "i love you", yes, I do But then I say to you.... Ba da ba ba ba ba da ba ba ba Oh yeah! would you be"
  • Vale of tears - Varius Manx
    "The century's falling Times fall from the grace The decadent whispers Get louder again The end on horizon We lose or we win Who cares who's the winner We're just soldiers of team We're spoiling"
  • Jerry - Alexia
    "Ma dove andiamato stasera a casa di Jerry. Sai che da Jerry si stà cosi bene puoi rimanere a parlare per ore a casa di Jerry, e se non hai proprio niente a dire é cosi bello se stai ad ascoltare a casa"
  • Jerry - Sonya Kitchell
    "Oh sweet Jerry, the man that she would marry, He'd say Oh, darlin' don't you cry For I will always be by your side And she took Jerry for granted. In her life he was firmly planted. She'd say, Oh, I"
  • Jerry - John Mellencamp
    "Jerry's yelling at the man in the Moon He's right outside of my window He acts like a madman from time to time I hope he brings it to a crescendo soon Jerry's yelling at the man in the moon Jerry's yelling"
  • Jerry - Mustard Plug
    "What were you thinking when you took all these lives in your hand What were you doing, was your death considered in your plans You took so many, You took so many with you on your way You even took our"
  • Vale - Timbalada
    "Desatei sua gravata Eu no morro de pirraa Eu no quero te enforcar Tem caf em sua mesa Mas no bar vende cerveja E por l tudo vai ficar Sem papel e sem caneta Com as meninas porretas No escritório do prazer Vai"
  • Ev'ry Day Of My Life - Jerry Vale
    "Ev'ry day of my life, I'll be in love with you, Ev'ry day of my life, I promise I'll be true, I'll never make you cry, And as the years go by, I'll always try to do, What pleases you... Ev'ry day of my"
  • Somewhere My Love - Jerry Vale
    "Somewhere my love, There will be songs to sing, Although the snow, Covers the hope of spring, Somewhere a hill, Blossoms in green and gold, And there are dreams, All that your heart can hold.. Someday,"
  • Granada - Jerry Vale
    "Granada, I'm falling under your spell, And if you could speak, What a fascinating tale you would tell, A vantage, the world has long forgotten, A vantage that weaves a silent majic in Granada, today...... The"
  • Jerry Lewis - Quincy Punx
    "I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon And raise big bucks for MDA Cuz Jerry raises millions every year And we'll equally divide the pay I wanna play the Jerry Lewis telethon With great big famous"
  • Mary & Jerry - Sidney Polak
    "Spotkałem znów kolegów swych, co lubią dawać w gaz,po piwku tylko miało być, bo rano trzeba wstać.Wypiłem jedno, drugie lecz złapałem na nie smak,do domu jeszcze zdążę, więc poszedłem z nimi chlać.O Mary,"
  • Jerry Springer - Guzior
    "pierd show* Jerry Springer to perypetie … rozbawiony przez tą napinkę śpiewam tańcując sobie tararara pierd show* Jerry Springer to perypetie … rozbawiony przez tą napinkę śpiewam tańcując sobie tararara obracam"
  • Jerry Springer - Weird Al Yankovich
    "It's been one week since we got to see Cheatin' lovers and cousins that marry Five days since they had the show With the hermaphrodite, the slut, and the crack ho Three days since we heard the tale About"
  • tom & jerry - schafter
    "egzaltowana panna jadę do niej w 304 Jestem Sheldon z Misery nadzieja jak konfetti to ta znana zabawa w tom i jery w kotka i myszkę mówi do mnie daddy ja robię biznes nadal gonię fety żaden z was nie piśnie"
  • Me vale - RBD
    "No me importa lo que piense la gente de miQue si traigo el pelo de alguna manera,Porque me gusta traerlo asQue porque escucho este tipo de msicaSi es la que me gusta oirCritican todo lo que ven en miInventan"
  • Me Vale - Hora Pico, La
    "Cuando sientas que la vida te hace dano cuando pienses que no puedes continuar y tu alma pide a gritos que le ayuden y tu familia esta apunto de tronar Si te cuentan que tu hijo es trabesista que tu"
  • Vale Todo - Alberto Cortez
    "Vale todo, todo vale, dice la mosca a la araa, el que previene no engaa, de esta tela no se sale. Todo vale, vale todo, vale la paz, la pelea, el mal y la panacea, la mano franca y el codo. Es igual"
  • Me Vale - Man
    "No me importa lo que piensa la gente de m que si traigo el pelo de alguna manera porque me gusta traerlo asi Que por qu escucho ese tipo de msica si es la que me gusta oir Critican todo lo que ven en"
  • Vale Ouwe - Heidevolk
    "Raven snellen door het bos De wolven zijn los Daverend gaat zijn krachtig ros Door het duistere bos In Vale Ouwe's oude woud Heersen woeste stormen Waar Wodan's Wilde Jacht zal zijn In het woud der nornen Op"

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