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Joe Cocker I Cant Say No

  • Dangerous Mood - With Joe Cocker - B.B. King
    "Look out baby, I'm in a dangerous mood Look out, baby, I'm in a dangerous mood I done called up the boss man Told him where to go and just what to do Call me crazy, I did what I had to do You can call"
  • Joe - Joe
    "When we turn out the lights The two of us alone together Something's just not right But girl you know that I would never ever let another's touch Come between the two of us Cause no one else will ever"
  • If You Cant Say No - Lenny Kravitz
    "People get around This is a part of you If you come undone Then this is what you do If you can't say no just think about If you can't say no just think about If you can't say no just think about"
  • Fat Joe - Fat Joe
    "I was a terror since the public school era bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezin asses smokin blunts was a daily routine since 13 A chubby nigga on the scene I used to have the trey deuce and a deuce"
  • Joe - Tina Charles
    "When my daddy came home With a bundle under his cloth And when he opened it up I felt a lump down in my throat It was a little puppy from shivering in the snow I said daddy, daddy Please call the puppy"
  • Joe - Inspiral Carpets
    "All that I possess is my existence, vagrant more or less Children on the pave, mither bad, but help me through my day This borrowed cigarette, for which my heart will leap and it will laugh A debt to you"
  • Joe - Lita Ford
    "(Ford, Holiday, Carter, Dennison) Twenty-one, so young and tender but blue I remember, I remember laughing for no reason with you, laughing Sharing a bottle on the stairs That led to your wooden room"
  • Joe - Cole Jude
    "I go to church on Sunday morning Come home and beat my wife My name is Joe, and you know me I've lived here all of my (damn) life What a life I've got this pain I cannot speak of I'm not so bad as people"
  • I Can't Say No - Joe Cocker
    "I can't, can't, can't say no I can't, can't, can't say no I would what I want, when I want I can't say no It's a lot to say no Interrupt the flow When a guy wants to kiss Who am I to resist? Why should"
  • Joe Dallesandro - Briskeby
    "Into the night on heels I stumble Like a star about to shoot Catch me down the avenue like A dandylion parachute Release the hounds, chase my tail and Treat me like renegade I'm as patient as a"
  • Robot Joe - Randy
    "How come i always end feeling so fine the shoppings done i'm waitnig for my turn. How come i always end up in the slow line how come i cant reach the cashier. It seems to get somewhere i'm gonna have to"
  • Flow Joe - Fat Joe
    "Ahhhhhhh yeah! Da Fat Gangsta Chorus: repeat 2X You gotta flow Joe, you gotta flow Joe You gotta gotta gotta gotta let em know Joe Bust it, check it, watch how I wreck it Niggaz watch your back, shit"
  • Say it's allright Joe - Genesis
    "Say it's alright JoeI need another drinkTo blow on the glass so I know I'm alivePlay me a song JoeTo fill the hours till morningThen never again will I bother youOoh, build myself a towerNo way in no way"
  • Joe - Scott Walker
    "As old Joe sat a dyin' The baby down the hall was cryin' Somebody had a party goin' on The fat boy you told tales to Moved away the other day To think with no goodbye He could have gone A postcard from"
  • Joe - Alabama Shakes
    "Joe What am I to do? I been all around this world Looking for something like you Oh, Joe You know I always roam... But I still ain't got what I want Here... I here, and I'm there I get around, Joe But"
  • Joe - Inspirial Carpets
    "All that I possess Is my existance and faith more or less Children on the pave Mind if I would help me through the day This bar of cigarettes For which my heart will leap, and live and laugh A debt to"
  • Joe - Jude Cole
    ""Rain down mercy, for the lost and lonely child, For the liars and the losers, reckless in the wild There's no use in pretending, I know I never fooled you, The deepest darkness I've ever known, it comes"
  • I Cant Hear You No More - Russ Ballard
    "First you break it up, but I knew you'd come running You'd wanna make it up, I can't hear you no more Now you know what it's like, and I can watch you begging Like I was begging to you, like I did before I"
  • Intro (Joe Budden) - Joe Budden
    "I'm comin, I'm comin, I'm comin Okay... the time has finally come beautiful people Jeah... I've been singin this tune for entirely too long now For like, eight or nine years, somethin like that But"
  • Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    "(Oo-backing vocals on each line) Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand? Hey Joe, I said where you goin' with that gun in your hand? Alright. I'm goin down to shoot my old lady, you know I"

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