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John Hiatt The Wreck Of The Barbie Ferrari

  • The Wreck Of The Barbie Ferrari - John Hiatt
    "Saturday night he comes home stinking sunday morning she wakes up thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking does she need to get the kids dressed to go to church he's pulled a shotgun out of the"
  • Ferrari - Bebe Rexha
    "Every day is a blur Sometimes I can't tell what day it is Don't know what day it is Can you tell me what day it is? Life's passing by 'Cause I'm out chasing empty highs Every hello just means goodbye But"
  • Barbie - KT Tunstall
    "If I could do the splits I would do them all the time To remind me that I could be just like Barbie Cinderella, settle down Washing up in glamour gowns A man who has it all and more A motor car that I"
  • Wreck Of The Sloop John B. - Catch 22
    "We come on the sloop John B My grandfather and me Around Nassau town we did roam Drinking all night Got into a fight Well I feel so broke up, I want to go home So hoist up the John B's sail See how the"
  • Wreck - Racoon
    "Cut your fingers on the wreck it ain't dead yet but it's dying First it fed your intellect then it crushed you like an insect It's unable to forget so why bother even trying Fake a smiley smile instead you"
  • Wreck - Bobby Valentino
    "Wassup? It's me Bobby V You remember me Right? Damn baby just hit the parking brake You know what you are in for We on the interstate You got me bout' to errrr Got me bout to errrr Got me bout"
  • Wreck - Gentle Giant
    "The ship's rising up from the sea to the sky heyeheh Hold on Just one sorry scream and a desperate cry heyeheh Hold on Their lives pass before them before they die heyeheh -- The sea yawns around like"
  • Wreck - Paradise Lost
    "See The Hands That Wave Their Last Goodbye Talk With Friends Of God Sometimes You'll See Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Don't Say Its Not That Simple Any More Somehow Save Your Weak Demands For"
  • Barbie - Viki Gabor
    "I wanna party friday night I'm looking like a Barbie oh na na yeah feeling excited all my girls all my girls all my girls looking right behind me oh yeah I know that you see me like the way you look"
  • Bitterness Barbie - Lunachicks
    "Why must I stand on my toes? Perfect smile and skin tight clothes Cinched waist, no cunt to piss with A stamp on my ass Little girls worship me, And that'll never come to pass But at last.... I'm"
  • Barbie Dol - Jack Ingram
    "(1, 2, 1 2) I see you lookin and I know what you think You're gettin braver with every drink But I'm tellin you somethin you oughta know She may look like a sweet young thang Talkin to him she ain't hearin"
  • Barbie Dreams - Nicki Minaj
    "i’m looking for a nigga to give me some babies a handful of weez, sprinkle of Dave East Man, I ain’t got no type like jxmmi and Swae lees But if he can’t fuck three times a mingt-peace! I tried to fuck"
  • Sorry Barbie - Todrick Hall
    "S-s-s-sorry Barbie toys will be toys Kens at the party kissing on them boys G-g-g-girls are cute but guys are funner Calling all dudes it's a hot boy summer I was minding my biz Cruising in my pink jeep When"
  • Black Barbie - Little Jackie
    "I'm just Like black Barbie The life of the party I light up the TV Arrested for D-WI's (?) the slammer Did time Without glamour Time stood still Without my pain Kill pills Don't need a lawyer I got Diana"
  • Urban Barbie - I Hate Myself
    "you've got your roots in the streets - stretch almost four weeks deep. straight out of mayberry to claim these city streets. you've got your nike's, your new-found families. do what the fuck you please. rock"
  • The Key To Her Ferrari - Thomas Dolby
    "''There was one room in her house that was always kept locked. It was the garage.'' I don't want your love Don't want your money I just want the key to your Ferrari Don't want your bed I don't want your"
  • Barbie "The Cat's Meow polish" - Barbie
    "\Eryka: Widzę że masz kiepski nastrój, Nie oszukasz przecież mnie, Nie wiesz kim masz być, Co tu kryć? Nie zamęczaj się... Jesteś inny wiem, Jesteś koto-psem, Kto uważnie spojrzy ten już wie... Nie... Jeśli"
  • Lizard-Skin Barbie - Burnt By The Sun
    "Okay. We can stop now. Time to this stop and go. We can stop pretending to be sane on this cold worn sidewalk. We look like fools today. Much like yesterday. Much like the times they proved us wrong. We"
  • Limo Wreck - Soundgarden
    "Tears of the feeble Hands of the slaves Skin of the mothers Mouths of the babes Building the towers Belongs to the sky When the whole thing Comes crashing down Don't ask me why Under the shelf The shelf"
  • Wreck Shop - RUN-DMC
    "We wreck shop, you know we wreck shop (3X) You know we know we know we wreck shop We wreck shop, you know we wreck shop (3X) You know we know we know we wreck shop I kick a wicked rhyme, what"

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