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chet atkins dad goodbye

  • I Still Can't Say Goodbye - Chet Atkins
    "You know, every time I look in the mirror I see my Dad I think that's why this song means so much to me When I was young My dad would say "C'mon son, let's go out and play" Sometimes it seems like yesterday And"
  • I'm My Own Grandpa - Chet Atkins
    "Tell us a story grandpa Come on, please Many, many years ago When I was twenty-three I was married to a widow Who was pretty as can be Now this widow had a grown up daughter Who had hair of red My father"
  • Honesty - Rodney Atkins - Rodney Atkins
    "He said "Just think it over and write me a list so we can figure out what we both deserve" she hardly could believe it that their love had come to this dividing and deciding his and hers but she grabbed"
  • Chet Baker - Vanessa Paradis
    "La vie s'embouteille Et moi j'prends d'la bouteille En attendant ton appel Je freine, je cale et t'envoie des "call me" Et puis j'te colle ces prnoms insenss Qu'allaient si bien aux interdits senss Qui"
  • Chet baker - Mando Diao
    "Stop your crying oh little boy 'cause I know a place that you will enjoy It's a place that's full of diamonds and toys And Chet Baker's playin' trumpet there So go there now Enjoy Go there Don't feel low"
  • Dad - NoMeansNo
    "I want home, I was feeling so alone I was late, it was my mistake I want to my room and sat there in the gloom I know I've been bad, I know he'll be mad I hear him coming down the hell And there's"
  • Dad - Goldfinger
    "Dad I hate to tell ya Sometimes i wanna slap you in the face But dad i gotta tell you If you were gone I'd miss you from this place chorus dont go away again i just wanna be your friend and if i dont say"
  • Dad - K's Choice
    "I was kid, you were my dad I didn't always understand I wanted freedom, you got mad You were concerned, I got upset I didn't recognize you yet And did you cry, I know I did When I lied to you I didn't"
  • Dad - Camouflage
    "You're feeling older, then ever before and apple-pie order, exists no more. But he's sending you to school, following a common rule, frightened by the implications, follow by indication. Voices whisper"
  • Dad - Thumb
    "And if I never spoke a word again, but this I need to say. I criticized and analyzed you - that's worthless from today on, 'cause I changed my attitude, forgive me father - I was rude ! Man I think I made"
  • Dad - Michele Morrone
    "I wasn’t a miracle one more … form I didn’t know what to do and I live on my own I know it’s matter to know what it’s the love you know what I mean it’s something precious those are my days used my"
  • Ode To Chet - Clint Black
    "(Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas) When I bought this guitar it had brand new strings Brand new strap all those things Brand new picks both thumb and flat All the elementary things like that I went ahead"
  • There'll Be Some Changes Made - Atkins Chet
    "There'll be a change in the weather And a change in the scene How is that? I'm gonna start wearin' leather And change my routine I'll wear dark glasses maybe a toupee I'll get down and boogie and become"
  • The Devil May Care (Mom & Dad Don't) - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "say goodbye to mom and dad the two best friends i never had to be knowing where i'm going, how about you? give them all my love so much i promise that i'll stay in touch if i know where i am going so will"
  • My Dad - A-Camp
    "A-Camp Miscellaneous My Dad (talking) quack goes the goose and also goes the duck moo goes the cow (singing) my dad is a business man he likes to drink a few he likes to watch the footy and"
  • My dad - A Camp
    "Quack goes the gooseand also goes the duckmoo goes the cow(singing)my dad is a business manhe likes to drink a fewhe likes to watch the footyand doesn't flush his poowhen hes not at works hes dirtydigging"
  • Dear Dad - Chuck Berry
    "Dear Dad, don't get mad, What I'm asking for Is by the next semester Can I get another car ? This one here is sick'ning On a wide dual road. I might as well be walking As to drive this old Ford. Almost"
  • Dear Dad - Dave Edmunds
    "Written by: Chuck Berry Dear Dad, don't get mad, What I'm asking for Is by the next semester Can I get another car ? This one here is sick'ning On a wide dual road. I might as well be walking As to drive"
  • Mom & Dad - Proof
    "(Proof) Drug nation, we know no denial We are f**kin drug addicts, ha ha! Don'tcha? Yes! Don'tcha? Yes! Don'tcha? Gotta do it - Kurt Cobain! (Proof) Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll Gave a little X, and"
  • Hey Dad - Good Charlotte
    "Hey Dad, where you been for so long? Why won't you look at me? Is there something wrong? Do you remember me, the son that you conceived? Why won't you look at me? A son that you deceived Oh God, what"

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