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Johnny Cash SHE USED TO LOVE ME A LOT teledysk

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Johnny Cash SHE USED TO LOVE ME A LOT teledysk

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Johnny Cash SHE USED TO LOVE ME A LOT teledysk
  • Johnny Cash She Used To Love Me A Lot
    "I saw her through the window today She was sittin' in the Silver Spoon cafe I started to keep going But something made me stop She used to love me a lot She looked lonely and I knew the cure Old memories"
  • Yelawolf Johnny Cash
    "The windows cracked on the Chevrolet My cigarettes in the ash tray The engines off and the radio's down So nervous my whole body shakes The parking lot's full of people and They ready to see the preacher"
  • Sons And Daughters Johnny Cash
    "You began a search I know many have tried Not a blind man among you For years let fate decide So swallowed and followed and played through start to end With the good weight all carried by your faithful"
  • The Blow Monkeys Cash
    "Why? Why? I met a girl Well I'm not in love With her Oh! Woo-hoo Come on Hit me! Oh no Doo-doo-doo Oh yeah Slamming with my baby I'm not sure if it's just hazy Or sublime Sublime Slamming with my sunshine I'm"
  • Puddle Of Mudd Used
    "Hey, hey, hey I seen ya kissin ya sista There's no way you could ah missed her With those legs and lips She flashes a smile and look And it's over Down, downtown is where I see my mistress She's lookin"
  • Johnny Cash Thanks A Lot
    "You're tellin' everyone in town that I don't treat you right You even say I stay away and don't come home at night I'm losing you and you are all I've got thanks a lot thanks a lot It seems you like to"
  • Big Pokey Cash
    "(*talking*) Yeah (yeah), H-A-dub-K (H-A-dub-K) The Hardest Pit in the Litter, they been waiting on this here Broke niggaz, get somewhere, cash rules Everything around us, understand me, what Cash rules"
  • Big Moe Cash
    "(Chorus: Noke D) I'm talking cash, nigga Gripping grain, swanging lanes We talking cash, nigga Candy paint on all them Range We talking cash, nigga Don't try to stop my shine We talking cash, nigga Cause"
  • Red Car Wire Cash
    "She said, she likes Waking up closer rather than apart But her heart's in California, Her heart's in California And she can't wait to wake up In the city, in the summer By the ocean near the coastline So"
  • Jason Aldean Johnny Cash
    "(Watch ya got) Quit my job flipped off the boss took my name off the payroll. (screw you man) Picked up my cell rang my baby's bell said I'm three miles from home. I said sugar why don't you put on that"
  • Cash Cash Cash Cash
    "Theres a girl inside tonight Cause shes got nowhere to go And her loves are running wild Oh her loves are running wild yeah yeah yeah yeah Theres a girl inside tonight Cause shes got nowhere to go"
  • Michelle Shocked Used Car Lot
    "I made up my mind I was gonna find Me some kind of deal On a brand new set of wheels You ought to see the short I bought Down at the used car lot The salesman had style And a crocodile smile And a polyester"
  • Johnny Cash Devil Went Down To Georgia - Johnny Cash & Travis Tritt
    "Devil Went Down to Georgia It's been ten long years since The devil laid his fiddle at Johnny's feet And it burned inside his mind The way he suffered that defeat In the darkest pits of hell The devil"
  • Ashley Monroe Used
    "Used Like an old panio played for generations slowly fading out of tune, (Used like the soul's on the bottom of my favorite pair of dancing shoes I know I'm not some bright and shinny polished up car that's"
  • Alabama 3 Hello I'm Johnny Cash
    "what's your name? what's your name? my daddy he was a gambler abandoned mamma when I was four all he left us was his old gramophone player his 45 records he kept under the floorboards now my boss says"
  • Michael Crawford She Used To Be Mine
    "I understand there's nothing i can do I can't be what she needs As long as she needs you If you're the one she'll turn to from now on There are things that you should know About her when i'm gone She's"
  • Joe She Used 2 Luv Me
    "I remember when we were so inseparable Our love was so unusual So young and innocent I don't know where it went But it's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone Cause I believe There's another man in line It's"
  • Unlv Got A Lot Of Love
    "Verse one: {lil' slim} Growin' up in the hood thinkin' everything Gonna be all right but it's the nine to the four and Brothers takin' yo life I'm pourin' brew on the curve For my hommies my nerve They"
  • Cocoa Brovaz The Cash
    "(Hook: (Steele) (Tek)) We control the nut (who's comin in?) What they comin wit? (what they movin in?) Who's movin in? (when can I expect my payment) Refuse and choose to brave men (yo grave will be under"
  • Ice Cube Cash over
    "Whassup Cube dog? I got this bitch-ass nigga right here Y'know, fuckin with this tramp-ass bitch Puttin her before the scrill' all the time, yaknowhatI'msayin? Man I got this nigga transcripts, and every-mother-fuckin"

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