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Jose Le Gall - It's a melody

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Jose Le Gall - It's a melody

  • Jose - Aventura
    "Something specialK.O.B Las maletas en la puerta, Jose ya se va a marchar A la Guerra por su patria sin fecha de regresar, ahh ahh Dice a los nios recen mucho por su padre, los voy a extraar, Y una esposa"
  • Unmitigated Gall - Pam Tillis
    "UNMITIGATED GALL WRITER MEL TILLIS Well how can you have the unmitigated gall To come back now expecting me to fall Right down on my knees and kiss your feet yeah feet Feet that one day went a walking"
  • Melody - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Les ailes de la Rolls effleuraient des pylnes Quand m'tant malgr moi gar Nous arrivmes ma Rolls et moi dans une zone Dangereuse, un endroit isol L-bas, sur le capot de cette Silver Ghost De dix-neuf cent"
  • Melody - Cher
    "Melody you're my oldest friend I can talk to you What a day it's been out there In the madden crush Another day's gone dying in the dust Melody, listen for the phone While I change my clothes He knows"
  • San Jose - Audio Karate
    "And so darling for once please get clean for me. Nothing else left I can say. When I refuse to say words that won't break through you, deny when you see me, lie when you tell me I'm wrong. It seems good"
  • San Jose - Sakis Rouvas
    "And So Darling For Once Please Get Clean For Me. Nothing Else Left I Can Say. When I Refuse to Say Words That Won't Break Through You, Deny When You See Me, Lie When You Tell Me I'm Wrong. It Seems Good"
  • San Jose - Joe Purdy
    "Mona, you know you wander on the street corner I should have warned you all of the boys with all of their poison they'll rob you blind and i knew your mother god rest her soul where was your father? Yeah"
  • Melody - Elk City
    "When I'm driving all alone. When I'm talking on the phone. You creep up and won't let go. Whisper something I don't know. Oh, I know I'm crazy to brush you aside. Oh, I know I'm crazy cause you get me"
  • Melody - Ray J
    "Yeah, Melody get me II just wish that I could hold youWhile you're slipping through my fingers, as Im playing the piano,What is that sound it sounds so beautifulAnd I just wanna be close to youClose enough"
  • Melody - No One
    ""Don't go far away" You say, but when I say "How about we go together?" ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Well, I know that it's early And"
  • Jose - Stealers Wheel
    "Egan) Time to turn the hay, listen, my Jos, Pick up your (?) and get your day's work done, Don't want to hear you talk to anyone. You better get on your way, listen, my Jos, Take off your shirt, you"
  • A melody - Eternal
    "Maybe I'm a fool To feel the way I do But it's clear to me,that I'm the one for you Maybe it's a dream A fairytale unseen But it feels so real When I imagine you.... I imagine lying by your side Whispering"
  • No Way Jose - Baby Bash
    "(feat. Akon) Say I ain't got time Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Said ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Man ain't got time) Got no time to stop"
  • Jack Vs. Jose - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Heavy breath Well I stepped off the bus in Memphis And stumbled into the first saloon I could find I bellied-up to the rail and summoned my barkeep I ordered up tequila, some salt and a lime And she"
  • Jose Campos Torres - Gil Scott-Heron
    "I had said I wasn't going to write no more poems like this I had confessed to myself all along, tracer of life, poetry trends That awareness, consciousness, poems that screamed of pain and the origins"
  • Tributo A Jose Jose - La Ley
    "Espera una nave del olvido, no ha partido. Lo condenemos hal naufragio lo vivido. Espera aun me queda en mis manos pirimaveras. Moririan en mis manos, si tu te fueras. Espara aun me quedan alegrias para"
  • Mr. Melody - Natalie Cole
    "Written by Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy Hey, Mr. Melody, you're on my mind constantly And I think of you the whole day long Hey, Mr. Melody, you mean the whole world to me Without you I would have no"
  • Simple Melody - Jon B
    "Simple melody baby, Come and swing your love to me, baby Simple melody lady, Come and swing your love to me, honey You know there's somethin' that's come over me You know you got somethin' that set me"
  • This Melody - Julien Clerc
    "This melody Is a melody for you Cette mlodie C'est l'ocan entre nous Cette mlodie D'eau sale et de mlancolie Dans ton pays Elle te revient parfois Comme a, voil, comme a Le vent d'ici Fait voler tous"
  • Timeless Melody - La's
    "The melody always finds me Whenever the thought reminds me Breaking a chain inside my head The melody chord unwinds me The rhythm of life unties me Brushing the hands of time away If you look in your"

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