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  • Joystick - 213
    "She said she wants to ride my joystick She act like she wanna ride my joystick I got it lock when it comes to females Y'all niggaz still buyin' cock at retail It's a gift that keeps giving to all hos"
  • Broken Joystick - Adam Green
    "Skeleton of a smoking plane, Catch a train to an open vein. The smoke just cleared, Something went wrong. The catfish choked, The sky is gone. Beneath their boats, The forecast floats. The joystick choked,"
  • Joystick (ft. Miuosh) - Nosowska
    "podajecie mi na grill ścierwo chcecie wyrwać z głowy na zewnątrz z tego miejsca gdzie cicho i ciemno gdzie poza mną nikt nie ma dostępu na wędce już dynda gram chleba na bezdechu w końcówkę spławika znów"
  • My Red Joystick - Lou Reed
    "The first bite of the apple made Eve smart The second bite taught her how to break men's hearts The third bite taught her how to strut her stuff But she never got to the fourth bite, that says : Enough"
  • Cheekah Bow Bow - Vengaboys
    "I saw you in the disco Last night in San Francisco The way you used your joystick It really makes my mouse click Come sit down on my laptop Lets do a little hiphop Let's go into a chatroom And do a little"
  • Aye - ReTo
    "Ty nie podskakuj do mnie mordo Lepiej skocz po browar Nie biedzie ciebie magika Chociaż zrobisz ot na pokaz Ja jestem kotem w butach Ciułam se na nike Ty tak mnie nie skumasz No bo to nie twoja bajka Miejska"
  • PC komputer - Czerwony Tulipan
    "Stał na wystawie biały, nowy, lśniący, czystyGdy go ujrzałam, już wiedziałam - tylko ONPC komputer, mój komputer osobistySerce zagrało w piersi jak Zygmunta DzwonCzule pieściłam jego joystick i klawiszeIskry"
  • Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song) - Vengaboys
    "Vengaboys are rockin' the house I saw you in the disco Last night in San Francisco The way you used your joystick It really makes my mouse click Come sit down on my laptop (cheekah bow bow) Lets do a"
  • Bike Ride - Limp
    "Riding my bike to the store with my friends and comin' out with a blue slurpee lighting a match to a fuse and running really fast to get away from 80 hop on your Huffy let's go ride down suicide moon"
  • 5 Test Pattern - Born Against
    "This is the tits and the ass so relax kick back get comfortable and suck comes in three flavors you might want to try new grape the fight's not on 'til ten but it's gonna be good two niggers gonna beat"
  • Lord Of The Sky - Nightmare
    "A nasty day of winter 1929 he's got to take the joystick got to send the mailIt's bad weather and his hands are cold as iceHe knew the danger but he knew he had to tryTo fly to America crossing the starsBraving"
  • But She Beat My High Score - Say Hi To Your Mom
    "Sounds that cut off short, they make up rhythms And pixilated many pixel food Well I thought I found a way to lay the joystick down A girl with eyes the color of pea soup Theres a flame, theres a spark But"
  • The Primer - Between The Buried And Me
    "Prescribe me: Corrupt me Put your guns in my hands In the hands of the young Let's kill Let's die We're all equal tonight Prescribe me: I don't want to feel what is happening I don't want to know"
  • Revolutionen In Stereo - Wohlstandskinder
    "ich sage: hey, wir mssen los, denn unsrere zeit wird langsam knapp wir mssen schleunigst etwas tun, sonst nippeln wir hier alle ab ich she schwarz und werde ausgelacht, denn keiner will verstehn wenn das"
  • Bullet-proof - Oxymoron
    "(Another bloodbaths in the spot and draws the daily press...) Tribal war, panic on their faces Guns ring out, bullets leave their traces the crowds in shock, whats happened here a bloodshed caused by a"
  • Magic Journey - Element Of Crime
    "Sky is gonna ramble, earth is gonna creak I see rat and rabbit dancing cheek to cheek The postman won't ring, the milkman's pedding dope The moon is gonna move as if swinging on a rope Trains are running"
  • In Any Tongue - David Gilmour
    "Home and done it's just begun His heart weighs more, more than it ever did before What has he done? God help my son Hey, stay a while, I'll stay up No sugar is enough to bring sweetness to his cup I know"
  • Space Age Whiz Kids - Joe Walsh
    "I used to play that pinball, I used to go outside I had to spend my money, get on your bus and ride I used to go out dancing, put on my high-heeled shoes Get in my short black chevy, go on a downtown"
  • Liebe Im Internet - Wise Guys
    "Hallo, kleine Maus! Ich bin die Computer-Ratte. Ich wrd' dich gern zu Haus' installiern auf der Festplatte. Ich liebe deine Software, mach' mir den Doppel-Mausclick! Ich zeig' dir meine Hardware und vielleicht"
  • Too Late - Melanie Thornton
    "music by Ral De Chile & Jay Tee Rogers lyrics by Jay Tee Rogers Verse 1 This is the end - you did it again Stop to pretend that you are in love with me Stop telling me lies - I ain't gonna cry No more"

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