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Jungle busy earnin'

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Jungle busy earnin'

  • Jungle Fever - Pitbull
    "(feat. Wyclef) (intro) Ehhh Wyclef with Pitbull, the clubs ain't safe tonight (Chorus - Wyclef) Mamacita so nice to meet ya, You drunk off that rum, You shouldn't drive tonight, Give me the key to that"
  • Busy, Busy - VeggieTales
    "Archibald (Mayor): I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy You've no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy Much, much too busy for you. Larry: Oh, I see. Archibald and Doctor: We're busy, busy, dreadfully"
  • Busy - Grinspoon
    "Have you had enough You've been around the block too many times to try and find a park Did you spend a buck Wishing on the millions that the mystery gave away Are you very small Even though you're tall"
  • Busy - K's Choice
    "You think you haven't changed You think I'm being sentimental You've finally reached that age Security is fundamental You think you haven't changed You think that you're just growing older You wanted"
  • Busy - Butterfly Boucher
    "This could be so fun I might just like it I might just love it I might get busy I might get lonely I just don't know yet Can't wait to find out This is so This is familiar This is so This is so foreign That's"
  • Busy, busy - Veggie Tales
    "Archibald (Mayor): I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busyYou've no idea what I have to do.Busy, busy, shockingly busyMuch, much too busy for you.Larry: Oh, I see.Archibald and Doctor: We're busy, busy, dreadfully"
  • Busy - Kiley Dean
    "Busy My cell phone rings, it's my girl Lorraine, And that bitch rings, like she's in pain, My mood change when she told me why, I swear I dang near lost my mind, Her boyfriend apparently forgot their"
  • Busy - Jawbreaker
    "When all the consoling places Lose their charm and change their faces The world becomes too cruel to bear And something in you starts to tear When nothing seems to be quite worth it And sleep becomes the"
  • Like A Jungle - E-40
    "Hand me one of them thangs killed John Wayne D.E.A. back in this bitch, hmm-hmm, va-rooom Hah hah hah hah, fuck around with this nigga Bosko He stay mobbin.. Shall we spit some saliva? Spit some saliva In"
  • Jungle - Twelfth Night
    "(Andy Sears) These days,-- These days I can hardly breathe-- Caught in hypocrisy You have to be blind to see! Killjoys,--You poison us all With no conscience Well how much to sell your soul The prices"
  • Jungle - Frank Boeijen Groep
    "Vanochtend toen je wegreed Keek ik je na En je verdween in een wolk Van een regenboog zo blauw Zo groen Zo geel Zo rood Ik wens je veel sterkte In de jungle Pas op voor het donker In de jungle Pas toen"
  • JUNGLE - Wac Toja
    "Utwór „JUNGLE” pochodzi z albumu „TURBOBOOST” rapera o ksywie Wac Toja. Premiera krążka przewidziana jest na 26 maja 2019 roku."
  • Jungle - Beg Lepes
    "ludzie ranią się za bardzo za banknot paradoks potem płacą kartą Jungle, yeah a życie mamy za darmo ludzie ranią się za bardzo za banknot paradoks potem płacą kartą Jungle, yeah a życie mamy za darmo"
  • Jungle - Kiss
    "Here I go Down below The sun is goin' down A jungle comes alive The beast is waking up To take another life I can't sleep In too deep The man with nothing left Without a place to hide Will"
  • Jungle - Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets
    "I may go and move to the jungle Way out in the woods I think I'll move to the jungle Way out in the woods 'Cause the way things are happenin' here now I ain't doin' myself no good I work hard everyday From"
  • Jungle - Carla Fernandes
    "say my name like you really want it cos you know you know I like that play it cool I am not begging for it cos you know I am not the type to we got some business still unfinished so much left here to"
  • Jungle - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Parcels for the kids, the parcel bombs were left in bins... They were singing hymns and rattling tins. A hand stretched out and caught him, knocked him through a window. And they were fingering his coat,"
  • Jungle - Electric Light Orchestra
    "I was standing in the jungle, I was feeling alright Mmmhmmm, Mmmhmmm I was wondering in the darkness, in the middle of the night Mmmhmmm, Mmmhmmm The moon began to shine, I saw a clearing ahead Mmmhmmm,"
  • Jungle - Dead Mushroom
    "I walk the street And find there's a place that's right I made myself a stick And I'm getting by In the town that I hopefully Sleep, a comfort night But I'm wrong it only Makes me blur and cry I try to"
  • Jungle - B.G. F/ Juvenile
    "B.G. F/ Juvenile Miscellaneous Jungle Uh-huh Ah, Ah, Woah, Woah I'm a guerilla, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a snake the type that will walk up and put 10 hollows to your face I'm a tiger, I'm a lion,"

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