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  • Mała Little Flower - Katy Carr
    "Kocham cię Janku, mój Janku Going into the woods And you think you can keep me from him I'm going into the woods And you think you can keep me from him But I'm doing it for myself But I'm doing it all"
  • Carr - Stijn
    "Temps en temps, cest moi Et temps en temps cest toi Mais il y a des choses Que moi, je comprend pas Cest carrment gratuit Cest carrment gratuit Temps en temps, cest moi Et temps en temps cest toi Mais"
  • Katy Daley - The Stanley Brothers
    "With her old man she came from Tipperary In the pioneering days of '42 Her old man was shot in Tombstone City For the making of his good old mountain dew Oh Come on down the mountain Katy Daley Come on"
  • Flower - Ednaswap
    "Go deep into yourself Can't stand to be helped Some big direction and your confidence melts It's your fatal flaw the c rack in your sidewalk A leak has sprung and left you finally at a loss And with every"
  • Flower - Crushead
    "For a long time Ive been walking my way of live alone always thinking my heart is min I can do everything its my own I had my friends I had my home I had my music and I never felt alone I wanna thank"
  • Maa - Shankar Mahadevan
    "Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa Tujhe Sab Hain Pata,,Meri Maa Bheed Mein Yun Na"
  • Pretty little flower - Ashanti
    "I'm a pretty little flower baby baby ya gotta gotta be fragile with me with me I'm a pretty little flower baby don't crush me baby don't hurt me baby baby. Can you be my dream come true it's been a long"
  • Dreamin' Together feat. Little Mix - Flower
    "Little Mix and Flower: Dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together ashita wa Dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together soko ni aru Flower (and Little Mix): (Girl) kono goro sukoshi (Girl)"
  • My Little Flower Princess - Yoko Ono
    "Two, one, two, three, four. Forgive me, my little flower princess For crushing your delicateness. Forgive me, Uh, uh, uh, forgive me. Forgive me, my little flower princess ...selfishness. Forgive me, Forgive"
  • Katy - Agent 5/9
    "You're brilliant what more can I say Only known you for one day Now it seems like I've found the one To share my secrets with Hope I'm not getting ahead of myself Will you hold my hand And you stare deep"
  • Katy - Zayazd
    "Skreślam dziś do Ciebie kilka słów, Chociaż wiem, nie dojdą chyba znów... Piszę stąd do Ciebie ten ostatni raz: Żegnaj już, kochanie... Na mnie czas... Nocą wciąż te same miewam sny: Piękną panną młodą"
  • Katy - Forteca
    "Związano do tyłu ręce, By w obecności kata Nie mogły się wznieść błagalnie Do Boga i do świata. Zakneblowano usta! By w tej katyńskiej nocy Nie mogły wołać o litość Ni wezwać znikąd pomocy. W podartym"
  • Katy - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
    "We were watching V.C.R on your couch before D.V.D when I was still quite young You backed me into a corner, when I was trying to escape my friends said you had no shoes on, when you chased me down the"
  • Berliner Ring - Katy Carr
    "She's a Berlin girl and I knew her before I knew she had the roots to power She's a Berlin girl and the lights went down and I knew her well, knew her well. She was singing: "Where am I going to night?" She"
  • Flower Child - Lenny Kravitz
    "Dressed in purple velvets With a flower in her hair Feel her gentle spirit As the champa fills the air She wears rubys on her fingers Tiny bells upon her toes She's the finest thing I've ever seen Love"
  • Crimson Flower - Amberian Dawn
    "Once upon a time in a distant land, A merchant had three daughters. They asked different gifts from their old father: A golden crown, a crystal mirror and the last one, A little scarlet flower. The crimson"
  • Blood Flower - Tilly And The Wall
    "I buried my blood years ago to encourage the vine I waited for something to grow and flourish with time I counted each hopeful raindrop as it fell to its death I dusted the mournful frost and warmed it"
  • Flower Girl - Meja
    "My , Oh my. Days are passing by Little flowergirl today it's long ago Memories, starts to dance inside my head A chapter of my past,just won't let me go The mirror reminds me of how it used to be Pictures"
  • Wilted Flower - Maximilian Hecker
    "A Magic bullet against your drought Were sumptuous rainfalls Dreary whispering of how you love Sun-baked objects It's a little strange how you walk And I still hear your withered talk I am blooming I"
  • Flower Girl - Unida
    "Some are talking, Some will say Some are lying, Well it will make you pray. So sad yea oh mad. Babe is coming our. Some are talking, Some will say Well I've got catch time, Do you like to lead cause Do"

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