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  • Trip - The Echoing Green
    "You may find when things start to come apart and you've not time to hold on to what you've got that sometimes life can be so unkind It's not time to step down from where you are 'Cause you've got"
  • TRIP - Menago
    "ja chce lecieć z tobą w trip z tobą zawsze wszystko git nieważne jaki będzie kwit - ogarniemy ja chce lecie z tobą w świat korzystajmy z młodych lat na końcu świat razem tak zostaniemy ja chce lecieć z"
  • Trip - Union Underground
    "Hey I'm a selfish servant low They lied a fear and loathing A chosen one it's so undone Load your gun the damage done Never me they will fail to see I will get so high that I trip with jesus Apathy and"
  • Trip - West Indian Girl
    "Alone on a hill in the summer time You could dial your mind & Listen to thoughts made young & pure Moments never lived til we forgive A part of ourselves we could never be Alone for hours, centuries waiting"
  • Trip - Parokya Ni Edgar
    "I dito sa shaolin house nauubos ang pera ko saking kakaorder ng, bola bola't asado kahit anong flavor pusa man o aso basta't siopao na special it's so very special Chorus: Ito ang trip, ito ang gusto"
  • Trip - Ella Mai
    "i put my feelings on safety so I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be cause yoou take the bullet tryna save me then I’m left to deal with making you bleed and that’s a whole lotta love ain’t tryna waste"
  • Trip - RAMP
    "I, I rom through everywhere I, I've quitted stop taking care Cause I, I've used up all my strenght From life I'm gone into this dawn Trying just to keep on hanging on Tied walking through this night So"
  • Trip - Dannii Minogue
    "Just another day, on another train Always need to see you (aah) Hurry up again, gotta get away But I don't wanna leave you Come blow this place, you'd better chase For hotter kissing Hop on board,"
  • Trip - Harem Scarem
    "Hey there shut the door on your way out Cause this is getting shameful And I feel I don't know my name and number I was standing there with my two cents And now I'll never get to spend it Cause it seems"
  • Trip - Bliss 66
    "I see you start to trip to the 13th floor it's runnin through your veins but you still want more lookin' for the wings that can make you fly you wanna hold the world and kiss the sky well hey hey hey.. well"
  • Trip - Big Kenny
    "What if hell is just a place down below Then tell me why should I go When I could just go back to California Just go back to California And if heaven is just a place up in the sky Then tell me why"
  • Trip - Smash Mouth
    "Making faces from across the room Look at me looking at you What's your name, my name too? I'm getting the chills sitting next to you... Shake myself in your soul The blood in your veins The smell of"
  • Trip - Hedley
    "Some say love is not for sinners I believe that isn't true Cause when I was finished sinning Love came down and showed me you And you told me how to get there So I tried to find a way Then I ran into your"
  • Trip - Sharko
    "I'm new in town I know no one Polite and pleat So far so neat I know exactly I feel exactly In my galaxy Life is so sweet System is broken down System exploded down In my galaxy Life is so sweet I've"
  • Trip - Quebonafide
    "Ocean spokoju Nabiera kolorów mi życie Co chciało go zgubić jak w bloku Wszystkie z tych dni mamy w trybie fit Goście, szma i ciuchy do skoków Udało nam się bez udawania R… roku że tak tylko gadam Tylko"
  • Trip - Małach & Rufuz
    "Ostatni rok był ciężki Melanże ,praca, koncerty, trasa Płyta, studio Bębny dudnią Za duży balet jak nie balet to palę Jest tak w kółko Sypiam krótki Chce już tylko wykupić wizzaira Najpóźniej na jutro A"
  • Trip - DrySkull
    "gdy wybudzi nas ze snu ten nowy ład opatrzymy szybko rany nim się skończy wiara tu w przeszły świat podamy sobie dłonie by razem dalej iść"
  • Trip Trip Trap - Willem Vermandere
    "Loop maar kindje stap voor stap Voetje voor voetje trip trip trap Van het kastje naar de muur t zal wel lukken op den duur sokskes wolleke bolleke teer minischoentjes van herteleer peddelt en vendelt de"
  • Trip Away - Jane's Addiction
    "Mama, lick on me now No care Put me on the bad side Oh, so bad I wanna make you love Wanna, wanna watch your eyes Dip them in a honey glaze Mirror mine Roll them high Wanna make them Drip away Trip away Trip"
  • Road Trip - Nazareth
    "Two thirty in the morning and it happened again My alarm is ringing and I'm late for the plane Got me walkin' into walls, I can't handle the pace I've be home for seven hours, now I'm packing my case. For"

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