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  • Loreen - Sandra
    "take a walk on a sunday mornin' have a talk be silent inside did you only want the shelter what is turnin' your mind Loreen, Loreen they are down on you could you ever find again just what you've been"
  • Requiem Solution (ft. Loreen) - Kleerup
    "The message is out, I watched you begin again Had it all figured out I see what you’ve got From knocking on Heaven’s door! You put yourself to rest down a river When you woke up, you were touched by an"
  • Sötvattentårar (Fresh-water Tears) - Loreen
    "I start on new things Never get ready And complain Heard to catch up I pretend to be strong and brave But i just want to be Weak when no one sees -- Utwór 'Sötvattentårar', czyli po angielsku 'Fresh-water"
  • Euphoria - Loreen
    "Why, why can’t this moment last forevermore? Tonight, tonight eternity’s an open door… No, don’t ever stop doing the things you do. Don’t go, in every breath I take I’m breathing you… Euphoria Forever,"
  • We Got The Power - Loreen
    "Let your soul catch the feeling Let me know when you feel it Beautiful and revealing When love gets control Let your heart take a beating Let it pound with the rhythm Hear the sound and be willing To just"
  • Heal (feat. Blanks) - Loreen
    "I'm gonna stay 'cause you're really tired more than usual Deep in your eyes there's no desire burning anymore 'Cause the will to fight gets you slowly dying In the heart of night How can you survive when"
  • My Heart is Refusing Me - Loreen
    "I've been crushed, beaten down And I'm frozen to the ground Like a fool, I've trusted you Still I'm hopelessly in love I never thought that I would be this helpless I can't believe I'm giving in for you,"
  • Paper Light - Loreen
    "I'm coming back to start I'm counting back to the start The sound of guns when we part I'm in a race with this heart Come under my skin Rush through my face I need your light I’ve been chased To a st"
  • I’m in It With You - Loreen
    "You took a shot, it took you down But not a single drop of blood fell They hit your heart, they took it out And left you bleeding in a dry spell What were you thinking? Why did you let go? I was still"
  • Fiction Feels Good - Loreen
    "gravitate, overused i might run me to the grown like a fool , trust the tools but stil viciously alone I want the real, but I am caught somewhat in a constant chase the fiction feels good, it’s in my"
  • Neon Lights - Loreen
    "Some call me when they need me, some people make me up Some hear me but can't see me, some have me in their blood I'm the black in all the matter, the wind that strokes your hair The crack within the pattern,"

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