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Land of Hope and Dream

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Land of Hope and Dream

  • Land Of Hope And Glory - Madness
    "Urrrrh What's the time? I was trying to get some sleep Attention, urrraaah, bridges Sharkey, Nutley, Jackson, Thompson,Master Well, as you can see we've got a new recruit to this land of hope and glory Hands"
  • Land Of The Hope And Glory - Madness
    "(L. Thompson / C. Foreman) Attention! Bridges! Sharkey! Nuttley! Jackson! Thompson!-Master! Well as you can see We've gotta a new recruit To this land of hope and glory Hand behind backs and legs apart And"
  • Hope - Emeli Sandé
    "I hope that the world stops raining Stops turning its back on the young See nobody here is blameless I hope that we can fix all that we’ve done I really hope martin can’t see this I hope that we still"
  • Land Of Hope And Glory - James Reyne
    "From the clatter of a honky tonk To the quiet of the range Been thinking 'bout silence golden Golden silence change Burning nights get damper And only moon was cool And the steam of danger rose From a"
  • Land Of Hope And Glory - Sex Pistols
    "God who made thee mighty Teach me to forget Here we go Land of hope and glory Mother of the free How shall we extol thee Who are born of thee Wider still and wider Shall thy bounds be set God who made"
  • Land Of Hope And Dreams - Bruce Springsteen
    "Grab your ticket and your suitcase Thunder's rolling down the tracks You don't know where you're goin' But you know you won't be back Darlin' if you're weary Lay your head upon my chest We'll take what"
  • Land Of Hope And Glory - Australian Crawl
    "From the clatter of Honky tonk To the quiet of the range Been thinkin bout silence golden Golden silence change Burning nights gets damper And only one moon was cool As the steam of danger rose From a"
  • The Land of New Hope - Timo Tolkki's Avalon
    "Time goes on forever We're caught in the game of never You have come a long way To find your destiny The dawn of new way has started Close your eye and leave all behind Pure of heart are the ones that"
  • The Land Of Hope And Glory - Turisas
    "Far away, where the sunshine never fades There lies this land, the greatest of tales A strong golden gate now slowly moves aside In walks a man, exhausted by the tide Finally, I've reached my destiny I've"
  • My Generation/Land Of Hope And Glory - The Who
    "People try to put us d-d-down (Talkin' 'bout my generation) Just because we get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation) Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin' 'bout my generation) I hope I die before"
  • Hope - Mortal Love
    "Just lay me down in shadows deep But I don't fall asleep the voices say I'll sleep a while before we meet This is my last time anyway Don't let me dream of things I fear I know now, hope was never true To"
  • Hope - John Frusciante
    "i feel the hope running low we never found our way home There is no more world The land is gone water is all that survived that one there are no escapes gone are the days of mistakes our mistakes and did"
  • Hope - We Shot The Moon
    "Hope it's all the I have The calm in the storm Is right where I am Inside of hope It's all that I know It's what I'm moved for It's what I live for Wave goodbye to a time That you once believed was everything I'm"
  • Hope - Faithless
    "When I arrive eyes wide fired up Tried not to slide and let the side down Now the planes on the ground I'll find a good profession it's 1957 I've come to the mother land to make a home to put my bed in This"
  • Hope - Sarah Masen
    "We'll be taking off our clothes to sing We'll be wearing our own skin We'll be taking off a whole lot more Just so we can sing Just so we can sing Hope is coming out tonight Knocking at the door You've"
  • Hope - Accidental Superhero
    "with the princess i would leave the city gate she and i would go into the fields and wait for the sky to dusk turn dark and feed the moon a knight could only hope light would not come soon the land looked"
  • Hope - Alan Stivell
    "Troad douzh troad omp holl ac'hanomp Toud an dud da nec'h ha d'an traon Gante lorc'h pe gante aon, lorc'h gante pe gante aon Douzh Eirinn 'teu an had 'ro kalon 'hed an de" Kan dihan, tonio kad, diouzh"
  • Land - Duncan Sheik
    "I leave town, take a ride Maybe see the countrysdie All green and gold I'll breathe a better air I'm told The city life is fine but is seems like all the time It's and uphill climb And I never draw the"
  • Land - Duran Duran
    "Baby, I'm really sorry To break your dream When it's so early Headlights On the windowpane They're getting lost In the light of day Tomorrow is today And soon my ship will sail Away from here To walk"
  • Hope Alone - Indigo Girls
    "Let's not drag this out, everything's in motion Though I've only ever loved you kind and with devotion I remember when I met you and even from the start I thought one day you'd probably just come home"

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