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Learn to let go

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Learn to let go

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Learn to let go
  • Norbert Legieć Learn to let go
    "That shitty weather  Mornings at the door Favorite sweater I Dont have it anymore 
 Couting sheep under candy skies Losing sleep over bloodshot eyes 
 Remember 16? Hidin from the cops Sick off whiskey,"
  • Welshly Arms Learn To Let Go
    "you are already in my head yeah, in my head .. in my vein shake and my world is hangin I am down on my knees I am bagging taking another day is it ok is it oh you can I let you stay to forget can free"
  • Mark Schultz Learn To Let Go
    "I'm holdin' this picture You drew when you were four It was one we proudly hung On our refrigerator door I found it in the attic In your old dresser drawer By a pillow that we made you A blanket that you"
  • Ke$ha (Kesha) Learn To Let Go
    "Been a prisoner of the past Had a bitterness when I looked back Was telling everyone it’s not that bad Till all my shit hit the fan I know I’m always like Telling everybody you don’t gotta be a victim Life"
  • Entwine Learn To Let Go
    "In this life, I'm searching for the reasons. How to learn to realize, things we feel inside. Oh, why I have these strange emotions. And the answeres that I found. They're not enough for me. It's time"
  • Don Williams Learn To Let It Go
    "(Writers: Mike Reid, Rory Bourke) There's a young man, sits by the river Got his head held down in his hands There's a lost love in every teardrop And reasons that he just don't understand. There's a"
  • Dizzee Rascal Learn
    "Like who the fuck are you, Yer, who the fuck are you, Is it recording yer, I come direct and i inject, And im expecting your respect, I'm a baller, you've been checked, Im the kinda kid you can't detect"
  • Charlie Landsborough Time To Learn
    "The hand is cold that once held mine I can't believe you've really left this world behind I can't wait I can't hope I'll get over you in time It takes time to learn when someone's gone for good They're"
  • Rufio Never Learn
    "Wait till you open that thought Tear up that page in your mind Restraint is a purchase of lust Draining how you run your mouth dry Let go, let go, let go You can save yourself the doubt Some people never"
  • Jin Learn Chinese
    "Yeah I'm chinese, and what? (Another preview of Jin album) Yeah you know who this is, Jin, and let me just tell you this The days of the pork fried rice and the chicken wings comin to ur house by me is"
  • Slick Shoes Learn to unlearn
    "I'm worn out again.Feel the weight of the world crashing down on me.Teach me how to let it go.My walk has turn to a crawl.I'm on my hands and knees.How do I get up?When did it get so hard to make it through"
  • Edison Glass Let Go
    "Singing sweetly, she passed by me She knew, it seemed That sound, that song was troubling me "Do tell" (I don't know) "Please, sir" (Here we go...) Sleepwalking, sleep, sleepwalking... Last night I"
  • Adema Let Go
    "I'm sitting on the edge of the water Contemplating my strange life The sun starts to fall into the ground A breeze picks up off the waves And everything is fine Let go of all of your pain I know that"
  • Home Grown Let Go
    "Why be concerned With things that you don't have control of her What good is it to worry When you never really know what's going to happen woah woah woahwoa woah.... CHORUS: Tomorrow's just another day You'll"
  • Level 42 Learn To Say No
    "No sweat, no pain No lost, no gain More of the same You've got to stop that straight away Beg the question There in the answer lies Search your soul for a self control (Redefine your roll But keep your"
  • Little Texas Love And Learn
    "You were never really mine, it's plain to see But when you're in love You believe almost anything I never knew just how far I'd let myself go Til I feel for a heart that was too hard to hold Chorus: I"
  • Brand Nubian Just Don't Learn
    "We dealin with death, in abundance Dirty guns and, the pungent smell, of those who fell Bodies, like commodoties, ready to sell Take you around the world for a hundred dollars Meanwhile, a little baby"
  • Down for the Count Live And Let Learn
    "i'm choking myself to sleep just trying to figure out the words of the puzzle you left up stairs along with all your underwear lost in a game of despair knowing that you don't care, so what's the"
  • Amy Grant Got to let it go
    "All My Life-time Plans,I Got 'em in My Hands.Balancing My Fate Upon a Wire.Got to Let It Go.Everywhere I Turn I SeeThere's Nowhere Left to Go.All My Dreams Are Far,Too Much For Me to Hold.Still I Hate"
  • Gloriana Time To Let Me Go
    "Every time I had a problem Didnt know what I should do Singing oh I would run to you You were there to guide me Always there to pull me through Singing oh I would run to you Run to you But Im Tired of"

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