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Lemon juice

  • Lemon Juice And Paper Cuts - Camera Obscura
    "Lemon Juice And Paper Cuts (Let's Get Out Of This Country EP - 2006) You're young with the time to afford yourself a few fashion mistakes You were way out of line when you told that boy of your mission"
  • Lemon Demon - Lemon Demon
    "NEIL: He's got fresh juice for one dollar. He's got the pink kind if you're into that. You take one sip and one more sip, Pretty soon you're chugging down the whole vat. It's Lemon Demon, oh, lemon out"
  • Lemon song - Black Crowes
    "I should have quit you, long time ago. (X2) I wouldn't be here, my children, down on this killin' floor. I should have listened, baby, to my second mind (X2) Everytime I go away and leave you, darling,"
  • The Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin
    "I should have quit you, long time ago. I wouldn't be here, my children, down on this killin' floor. I should have listened, baby, to my second mind Everytime I go away and leave you, darling, you"
  • Lemon - U2
    "Lemon See through in the sunlight She wore lemon But never in the daylight She's gonna make you cry She's gonna make you whisper and moan And when you're dry She draws her water from the stone And"
  • Lemon - Holly Blue
    "If he is real how come we can't see him? If he loves us why so much pain? If he wants us to be with (?) in heaven Why heaven can't be here? One day you're loosing Your best friend, your best friend Another"
  • Lemon - N.E.R.D & Rihanna
    "The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off! Hate! Bad bitches wanna be me bae hate! hold me down like CIA Hate! Side of my car, tryna see my face Hate! Wanna me to beat it like the T.I."
  • Lemon - Gavin Castleton
    "I'm saying this with one voice - I'm not trying to express these views with a bunch of extra tracks of me agreeing with myself. I'm not going to employ the mob mentality to try and sway your opinion I'm"
  • Lemon - Sofie
    "they've clipped my wings again tore them apart and left me no use to fly away to my yesterday of freedom my eyes died back that day seeing the hurt may have done beat me instead of them pain's my only"
  • Lemon - Stafford
    "This could be a change of pace for each of us, or this could merely be lightning striking twice. If the latter holds true, I'll scrape your charred remains off the pavement and smother them with kisses."
  • Lemon - Scars Of Life
    "My thoughts I hold back the truth that's unspoken It keeps, pulling me down As the seasons change within me, I'm coming around Its all these things I say to you But feel nothing Its all these things I"
  • Lemon - Alice Nine
    "anytime mitsumeteta toshioita ki no ha ga kareochiru hibi wo itsuka wa ano kigi mo kono boku no youni kuchihatete yuku no ka... Before long yattekita kyou to iu no hi ga omukae no hi sa kokoro nokori wa"
  • Lemon - Katy Rose
    "They've clipped my wings again Tore them apart and then Left me No use to fly away to My yesterday Of freedom My eyes died back that day Seeing the hurt I may have done Beat my instead of them Pain is"
  • Juice - Sara Boruc Mannei
    "can be no one else I am running form myself .. I am comfortable inside my skin dear my time in hell .. I am sorry and nothing gonna wear me thing so throw my your bullets and make me a foulest through"
  • Juice - Kurtis Blow
    "I was walkin' down the avenue the other day When I heard this crazy sound It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums But he was really gettin' down He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack When"
  • JUICE - Beteo
    "Umarł Juice WRLD A ja właśnie czytam o tym newsa Wciągnęła go noc Niespokojna jego dusza Ja myślę o tym ilu moich ludzi Wczoraj ćpało Oby nic się nie stało, mordy Nic się nie stało 200 na godzinę A kierowca"
  • Juice - Chingy
    "What's up y'all? It's Chingy slot a lot in the house We got Jackpot The Pimp in the back We came herre today to address a certain issue That all you young playas need to know about, for real Juice these"
  • Juice - Stefflon Don
    "He said he love it when I ride the stick Get on top of it Love the chase Like that vodka with that after mix Block a bitch Who you be Who you rocking with Toppin shit Make em freeze In my artic whip Listening"
  • Juice - Coldplay
    "She cant hide no matter how hard she triesher secret disguise behind the liesand at night she cries away her pridewith eyes shut tight and starin at her inside all her firends know why she cant sleep at"
  • Juice - Dogwood
    "Come back again I need this more than you could know Stress importance To tell the truth, don't let 'em down And make sure that she's a winner Your expectations only let you down Seems like everyone"

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