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  • Lest I Forget - Rebecca St. James
    "I, I sit in silence here I'm filled with wonder once again I'm overwhelmed by Your beautiful love Now I, I'm falling to my knees, so grateful for the grace You give The love I need I've found in you Lest"
  • Lest We Forget - Bolt Thrower
    "War to end all wars Hatred lost control Casualties now mounting Tales yet still untold Life's eradication Of man now beyond all reason Totally insane The human race becomes Lest we forget - thoughts"
  • Lest We Forget - Autumn
    "bodies fall into graves in numbers but they are not numbers but humans . . . lest we forget those, who felt, who loved who dreamed, who dared who died who live on . . lest we forget it is my brother your"
  • Lest We Forget - Real Mckenzies
    "Ever Since The Days We Were Living In The Caves Some Assumed Leadership Others Became Slaves Brother Against Brother Cain & Abel Were Both Wrong At Eachother Since The Dawn Of Civilisation We Ran"
  • Lest You Be Judged - Vengeance Rising
    "I've heard enough of what you claim is sane The lie you live is not a game Reality it stays the same They're your own words you've not been framed Like Moses striking the second blow The heart of God"
  • 12 X U (Lest Die Prawda) - Die Arzte
    "Stalin hat einmal gesagt: Lest die Prawda! Wladiwostok, Nowosibirsk Wladiwostok, Nowosibirsk Wladiwostok, Nowosibirsk Wladiwostok, Nowosibirsk, yeah Wolgograd und Werchojansk Wolgograd und Werchojansk Jerewan"
  • Ring of stone - Velvet Viper
    "In front of StonehengeMysterious rocksThe air aboveSmells secretly hotZed Yago walks through fogBeware, beware, bewareLest you fallGo ask the sagesThere was no windGain access to all agesTo move the leavesA"
  • Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar - Nile
    "Impure am I,impure I spill my seed upon barren earth And spit in the faces of the Goddess,unclean am I Unclean I copulate with the hands of the God And defile the Gates of Ishtar Unblessed am I,unrepentant Defiant Buh"
  • Monument Of Pain - Noumena
    "Since the beginning we have stumbled in scattered ashes Since the beginning we have buried justice in mass graves Lest we forget the past Build once more a sinister monument of pain Lest we forget Build"
  • First Movement/Message Fade - Grandaddy
    "Sarah, can you hear me now? My resonator's breaking down I met your choir by the rocks And we've agreed to bring you up whatever the Cost... Sarah, released today There were songs in the dreams and I heard"

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