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Levi ft. Giusi rain

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Levi ft. Giusi rain

  • Levi Stubbs - Billy Bragg
    "With the money from her accident She bought herself a mobile home So at least she could get some enjoyment Out of being alone No one could say that she was left up on the shelf It's you and me against"
  • Primo Levi - Lack
    "The damage I've wrought, the death that I've brought, the pain I support All makes a sordid mirth of my good intentions For every yes a thousand nos and for every dam That I tried to built there is a"
  • Superstition (Levi) - Australian Idol
    "Very superstitious, writing's on the wall Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past When you believe"
  • Commercial For Levi - Placebo
    "You're the one who's always choking Trojan You're the one who's always bruised and broken Sleep may be the enemy But so's another line It's a remedy You should take more time You're the one who's always"
  • Bad Bad Levi Brown - Portugal The Man
    "If I were a bear, I'd be the greatest of all With a speech like god so dark and foreboding Standing up tall from the top of that hill Id growl up your fears from down below Theyre restless spinning"
  • Bad Bad Levi Brown - Portugal. The Man
    "If I were a bear, I'd be the greatest of all With a speech like god so dark and foreboding Standing up tall from the top of that hill I'd growl up your fears from down below They're restless spinning"
  • Rock You're Body (Levi) - Australian Idol
    "Don't be so quick to walk away Dance with me I wanna rock your body, please stay Dance with me You don't have to admit you, wanna play Dance with me Just let me rock you, 'til the break of day Dance with"
  • Every Little Step (Levi) - Australian Idol
    "Every Little Step Good Lovin'... Ow! Yeah! I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn Listenin' for the telephone But when I get your call I'm all choked up Can't believe you called my home And as a matter"
  • Nice And Slow (Levi) - Australian Idol
    "Its seven o'clock On the dot Im in my drop top Cruisin the streets I got a real pretty pretty lil thang Thats waitin for me I pull up Anticipating Good love Dont keep me waitin I got plans to put"
  • To The Moon & Back (Levi) - Australian Idol
    "She's taking her time making up the reasons To justify all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the smiles And the look in their eyes Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one They're saying Mama"
  • Rain On Me Remix Ft/Infa 1 - Ashanti
    "I1 (Woah)...Ashanti, yeah, Ashanti, bring it, Gangsta (u knoe me!!!) yea yea Da Knowledge:I1 Against all odds baby girl you tought me right from wrong you know it was wrong, so why we do it, we bred"
    "left her heart in a letter said she’d never been better but now I know my original sin she is down once again oh, no! it’s been so long can’t remember the last time you know it’s been so long so I’m"
  • La Levi?o De La Lun' - Persone
    "Estas mi kaptita en amasmalliberej' Mi estas prizonulo de la tago Mi ne kuraas movi min ar en la taga lum' Montrias iu mia ago iu eta movo, iu pao sur la strat' iam min observas la okuloj Kaj kreskas"
  • Rain delay - Rain Delay
    "I bless the rain delay, as I bequeath my yesterday.Rain ends, hope fades. We gather at the runway.I have nothing to declare, so empty-handed.I was declaring myself as a martyr, when she said:"Embrace me,"
  • Candy Rain - Candy Rain
    "1-My love, do you ever dream of Candy coated raindrops? You're the same, my candy rain Have you ever loved someone So much you thought you'd die? Giving so much of yourself It seems the only way Tell"
  • Make it Rain - Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne
    "Fat Joe:] Owwwwwwwww Scotti lets make it rain on these niggas Yeah im in this bitch for terror Got a handful of stacks better grab an umbrella I make it rain,(I make it rain) I'm in this bitch for"
  • Rain - Angela Aki
    "Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, Rain, rain, rain, rain Rain, rain,"
  • Rain, Rain, Rain - Frankie Laine
    "Rain, rain, rain. Rain, rain, rain. Rain, rain, rain, rain. Well, didn't it rain, children. God's gonna send the waters from Zion. He's good raise his Heaven up higher, It's gonna rain. (Well, it's gonna"
  • Rain, Rain, Rain - Rheostatics
    "Martin Tielli I'm feeling really down... today. I'm feeling really... under the weather; And it is no problem, or lack of pleasure. It's just the weather. Rain keeps coming down around, And I can feel"
  • Rain - Savoy
    "Rain..... rain..... falls down Empty streets And I'm falling Thru the trees And they're calling Out for rain..... Rain...... and it's plain to see Rain..... what it does to me Yeaf, rain..... rain....."

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