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Lilly Hates Roses Predictable

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Lilly Hates Roses Predictable

  • PREDICATBLE - Lilly Hates Roses
    "Do you remember the name of our first cat? Taste of candy floss, the day when I broke my leg on a swing? Do you remember smell of gasoline and spring? Which you've hated the most? Or how did sound of your"
  • Predictable - The Kinks
    "Don't know why I'm even bothering. (Predictable) Yeah, that's the mood I'm in. Go out for a walk then I come back in. (Predictable) Yeah, the mood that I'm in. (Predictable) Every day of my life"
  • Predictable - Pete Townshend
    "Your love is so predictable I can rely on you to blow my brain You always know which trick to pull I can predict you'll drive me wild-insane Your love is so predictable (Oh, yes it is) Your love is so"
  • Predictable - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "today the clouds they kind of spoke to me happy faces that no one else can see its been year and i'm still lost in you it makes the things that i don't really want to do so predictable i am so predictable i"
  • Predictable - Good Charlotte
    "Something isn't right I can feel it again, feel it again This isn't the first time That you left me waiting Sad excuses and false hope highs I saw this coming still I don't know why I let you in I"
  • Predictable - Delta Goodrem
    "I smile You say I take your breathe away You say you love me and you make All the right promises to break And when I turn around you're always there Like that's the proof you really care But I see"
  • Predictable - Mr. T Experience
    "I know what you're gonna say You say it every day And I won't try to understand this time 'Cause you're so predictable Oh baby you're so predictable I've heard that speech before And I've been keeping"
  • Lilly - Pink Martini
    "Lilly comes when you stop to call her Lilly runs when you look away Lilly leaves kisses on your collar Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay! Lilly comes when you stop to call her Lilly runs when you"
  • Predictable - Vision
    "I already know what you're gonna say I already know the things you're gonna do Somehow I know how the story ends I've been here before and it's happened again Can't seem to break out of this trend Just"
  • Predictable - Bran Van 3000
    "Everything's up in the air again Here we go again I can't pretend that Time will bend for me In the need to feel So worthy And like you say I can change They can fix me Remix me Seduce and abandon me Build"
  • Predictable - Korn
    "I can in every way, mistake the pain I feel inside. It comes at me, evil thoughts is creeping through my mind. For you to see that I can't speak what's on my mind. It runs away - it's so predictable. I"
  • Lilly - Claude Barzotti
    "Lilly, elle dort dans un lit trop grand, o elle n'invite personne O personne ne l'attend. Lilly, avec ton excs de chats, qui s'tirent et qui ronronnent Quand ils entendent tes pas. REFRAIN 1: Lilly, vend"
  • Predictable - Avail
    "Ho Bo's at the front door Spitting hate in her face Saying, "I don't give a fuck" Father's stumbling up the stairs Saying, "Fuck you if I"m late" He don't give a fuck Someone's broken down the stairs"
  • Lilly - Karramba
    "1. Lilly, Lilly nasza mała Lilly. Lilly, Lilly gotowa w każdej chwili. Lilly oh Lilly do wyrywania była zawsze w każdej chwili. Osiedlowi kowboje ją lubili, bo z Lilly się zawsze dobrze bawili. Imprezy"
  • Lilly - Venditti Antonello
    "LILLY di A. Venditti ==================== Lilly ... Quattro buchi nella pelle carta di giornale nuda e senza scarpe bianca, e non in ospedale senza catene senza denti per mangiare una montagna di rifiuti nessun"
  • Lilly - Hall & Oates
    "Lilly, laughing lady,does your smile disguise the tears inside?Lilly, lonely lady,only silhouette your happy side.You give yourself to men who take your love.Then smile and watch them walk away...Are you"
  • Lilly Anne - Chalk Farm
    "Lilly Anne talks herself asleep again Saying something of the time spent There's a man who taught her love and poetry Never knowing just what he meant And he said it's all depending on which way you fall It's"
  • Little Lilly - Widespread Panic
    "Oh, Lilly likes Beatles songs The words are off, but they don't feel that wrong She came in through the bedroom window like a blue girl Like a blue girl, like a blue girl No, never has she tried too hard Lord,"
  • Lilly Town - Aliz
    "Welcome Bienvenue Lilly Town valley La ville color et en forme Granny pomme London Ou Rome ct sont dmodes Ici pas de miss Hilton Paris s'tonne Lilly Town Les enfants dansent Sur des vieux Motown Dans"
  • Predictable (Japanese Version) - Good Charlotte
    "Nani kagachigau Matakanjiteru kanjiteru Ore konna ni mata ano hajimete janai Kanashii iiwaketo misekakenokitai Konna rutte wakatteta nandeanataoireta wakaranai I knew it all along It's so predictable I"

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