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Lindsay Lohan I Decide

  • I Decide - Lindsay Lohan
    "Don't think that you can tell me what to think I'm the one who knows what's good for me And I'm stating my independence Gonna take the road I'm gonna take And I'm gonna make my own mistakes It's my life I"
  • Lohan Holiday - Ali Lohan
    "Let me take you on a Lohan holiday winter wonderland thats so so far away dont have to go no where just let your mind escape come ona journey to this Lohan holiday Magic within magic christmas land Fictional"
  • Lindsay - Billy Klippert
    "Another sunset is gone, another place I don't belong If you could hear this song oh, Lindsay what went wrong One thousand long and lonely nights Can someone out there save this life You've always been"
  • Lindsay - Park
    "Stood by the moonlight next to water Wishing for something hoping for me Last night I tugged at your shirt But you walked away crying for over And me for under while nothing was said Telling me lies on"
  • Decide - Heavens To Betsy
    "''"Do you wanna get married baby?"'' Is that that the way he said it? Is that the way you asked him? I know you have to live your life and I live mine But when I think about it, it still makes me want"
  • Decide - Flaw
    "Doesn't it make you nervous, at least you could have tried And if it doesn't disturb us, couldn't we just sit by And make a pact to ignore it, all of our secret needs Becoming connected further, giving"
  • Decide - Sebadoh
    "You give faith to deadly snakes, retain the need for names Now burn your books for me Confusion must end, jarred-up sympathy I've been here, but you won't hear, what have you to say to me? Blood-crazed Vampires"
  • Leezie Lindsay - Eddi Reader
    "Oh the lights in the city are like diamonds The street lamps, the signs and the cars Though it's bright in the city what are diamonds? When they're turning out all of our stars Wid ye gang tae the Hielands"
  • I Decide - Hilary Duff
    "Don't think that you can tell me what to think I'm the one who knows what's good for me And I'm stating my independence Gonna take the road I'm gonna take And I'm gonna make my own mistakes It's my life I"
  • Please, Lindsay, Please - McFly
    "Please, please, Lindsay, please Set the scene, I think I'm in love now Your eyes are green, you come from above now Easy, girl, I think we're alone now Let's get the motion in the oceans So turn off your"
  • Lindsay Quit Lollygagging - Chiodos
    "Bite my tongue, right now the perfect time Do anything to make her happy Even if it means my being miserable As long as she's loving life I will be able to sleep at night With a smile upon her face I"
  • I Thought By Lindsay - Christina Aguilera
    "I thought we were OK Like two of a kind Until that light of love Soon began to blind Blind me into thinking It was real Our love for you and me With our lips sealed I know you loved me That is true But"
  • You Decide - Willie Nelson
    "YOU DECIDE WRITER BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN You decide What you need Then you let me know I'll be waiting here until you call Take your time Till you find Which way your heart must go And when you decide Let"
  • You Decide - Carlos Lyra
    "You decide: Is my love for you real? Is this need that I feel For the moment, or for forever? You decide From the look in my eyes, From the tremble in my voice, Is it true That I'll leave you never? If"
  • Boy Decide - Murder By Death
    "There's a son he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth go on boy admit it there's got to be something you love enough to protect you tire of things I know but you've got to push on Some men crave"
  • Can't Decide - Orange 9mm
    "Stand real close to me and do just like I do Open your mind and cock the trigger back far Pull it at the point where you feel most pain Pull it at the point where you feel most alive I can't live Lifes"
  • I Can't Decide - Black Flag
    "Sun's coming up and I can't decide To spill my emotions or keep them inside Go for a drive, go to the store I'm looking for something that can't be bought there I always wear a smile Because anything"
  • I Can't Decide - Hank Williams Jr.
    "I can't decide my heart is in abide I can't decide but I know now's the time I love you dear I won't leave you behind But there's someone else I can get off my mind Now I don't know what to do in this"
  • I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters
    "It's not easy having yourself a good time Greasing up those bets and betters Watching out they don't four-letter Fuck and kiss you both at the same time Smells-like something I've forgotten Curled up died"
  • Lindsay Pia Aia Mode - Hellogoodbye
    "I don't know if anyone knows our songs or not? But this one, that even if you knew our songs You probably wouldn't know it because we never play it. And it never became one of our songs. But it's an"

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