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Linkin park -in the end

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Linkin park -in the end

  • Abusement Park - Municipal Waste
    "Step right up For games and prizes For real cool rides And a fun safe time So I did Not knowing that the park Hidden behind the tall fences and red curtains Was a fate worse than death itself! So I stepped"
  • Echo Park - Joseph Arthur
    "Walkin' with you down through Echo Park The ghosts fillin' the trees The fire never understands the spark The way it is with you and me Freedom Freedom Our love won't fade away Freedom Freedom"
  • Midway Park - Whiskeytown
    "ride with you tonight, i'll ride forever there's no way to predict this kind of weather ashes fall to earth, words are severed feathers turn to weighted iron pillars midway park streetlights shine"
  • Midway Park - Ryan Adams
    "Ride with you tonight, I'll ride forever There's no way to predict this kind of weather Ashes fall to earth, words are severed Feathers turn to weighted iron pillars Midway park Streetlights shine"
  • Trailer Park - Bracket
    "I can't expect to leave a life I've always lived A father who likes drinking And a mother who doesn't care When everyone makes fun of how poor my family is They laugh at my misfortune, and at the clothes"
  • Amusement park - Faye Wong
    "The cigarette is no longer fragrant, how can it be smoked? The lights are no longer bright, how can I see the photos? That double bed cannot resolve too many desires I might as well find a place where"
  • City Park - a dream too late
    "My eyes have seen stranger things So I don't wanna be the one you lost Sometimes falling apart Is the only way to seek the cost I'm drifting off to space I'm singing out These times are taking over my"
  • Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
    "Tearing me apart with / the words you wouldn't say And suddenly tomorrow's / a moment washed away 'Cause I don't have a reason, and you don't have the time But we both keep on waiting for something we"
  • Powerless - Linkin Park
    "You hid your skeletons, when I had shown you mine you woke the devil that I thought you'd left behind I saw the evidence the crimson soaking through ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose... And"
  • End - Nancy Sinatra
    "At the end of the rainbow You'll find a pot of gold At the end of a story You'll find it's all been told But our love has a treasure Our hearts can always spend And it has a story without any end At the"
  • End - Dimension Zero
    "I'm not going to need your god when the hours have run out can't demand heavenly salvation crying out my pain on holy time These nails are really shining, heaven will you save me now? I can feel you're"
  • Car park battle - Eminem
    "(B-Rabbit) Your style is generic mines authentic made I roll like a renegade, you need clinic aid Ma techniques bizarre 'n' ill I scar 'n' kill You were a star till I served you like a bar 'n' grill But"
  • The Messenger - Linkin Park
    "When you feel you're alone Cut off from this cruel world Your instincts telling you to run Listen to your heart Those angel voices They'll sing to you They'll be your guide back home When life leaves"
  • The down syndrome - Linkin Park
    "People turn around, people let you down Anywhere you go, anywhen you see It's real It's up to you to make it happens It's up to you to make it real And you know...how I feel To be some - To me so And you"
  • The end - The Bates
    "You're feelin' lonely You're feelin' cold You're looking awful You're lookin' old Once you were handsome Once you had friends But this is over This is the end (Babababa) (4x) I'm feelin' lonely too I'm"
  • B12 - Linkin Park
    "Atom bombs, something's wrongD.E.A sent to GuamAcid trips, big fat chicksPurple Flintstone vitaminsAll the needy, rich are greedyI find out you don't need meBerlin Wall starts to fallI trip out to the"
  • Go Tell It On The Mountain - Linkin Park
    "When I was a seeker I sought both night and day, I asked the Lord to help me, And he showed me the way. Chorus Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere, Go tell it on the mountain,"
  • The Little Things Give You Away - Linkin Park
    "Water grey Through the windows Up the stairs, Chilling rain Like an ocean Everywhere, Don't wanna reach for me, do you? I mean nothing to you, The little things give you away, And now there will be no"
  • The End - The GazettE
    "Theory. Free. Treasure. Fuck. Stand up. Liberty. Raise. Past. Money. Alien. Theory. Free. Treasure. Fuck. Stand up. Liberty. Raise. Past. Money. Alien. Theory. Free. Treasure. Fuck. Stand up. Liberty."
  • The End - The Classic Crime
    "Call me a liar, call me your friend. I will let you down again 'Cause I'm a disaster of epic proportions. I know this is the end I am not worthy to be called your savior I am not going to catch all your"

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