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Look at here i m

  • Look At Her - D4L
    "[1st verse] Aye shorty come here give me dem goodies got my periferials on and girl I see ya lookin the way you make it roll, then you stop wit it drop down and then you make them fingers pop wit it baby"
  • Look At Her - One Chance ft. Fabo
    "One Chance Wuz happenin' Oh Fabo Wuz happenin' Oh US US US US US US Wuz happenin' (Oh) Look at her (Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh) Wuz happenin' Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh"
  • Look At Her - One Chance
    "One Chance.. What's happenin' Ay. Fabo! What's happenin' Us Us Us What's happenin' Look At her Look At her What's happenin' Look AT her! Shawty, come here give me them goodies Got my perifial's"
  • Look At Her Remix - One Chance
    "~INTRO~ Aye she bad, Aye she bad, Aye she bad, Aye she bad Look at her - she sexy, Look at her - she sexy, Look at her - she fine, Look at her - she mine!! LOOK AT HER!! ~VERSE 1~ From her legs to her"
  • M - Elefant
    "MISFIT Picked a girl up at the trainstop where I live Took a drive along the beach by the ocean Talk about the dreams we had while we were growing old Wrote a poem on the back of your shoulder Chorus"
  • Look At Me Now - Agnes Carlsson
    "And I finally understand that I dont need your hand I know I can be happy with who I am Look at me now, look at me now I tried my best gave you what you wanted I gave you everything I could give You didnt"
  • Look At Her Now - Selena Gomez
    "they fell in love one summer a little too wild for each other shiny till I wasn’t feels good till it doesn’t it was her first real lover his too till he had another oh God, when she found out trust levels"
  • Look At You - Backyard Babies
    "Backyard Babies Total 13 Look At You (borg, dregen) 1, 2, 3, 4 Look at you, man, look at the band Look at the day, don´t throw it away I need a pill and a coffee re-fill And everything is gonna be alright I"
  • Look At Me - Esham
    "(feat. Twiztid) Is there anybody out there? Esham and Twiztid Twiztid! Who thought it'd happen? That's right bitch Look at me! Look at me! Come on dogg, I see you starrin' Look at me! Look at me! Is"
  • Look At You - Hanson
    "Look at you baby Standing in the shadows wondering what I'm doing here Wishing something would happen, maybe I could disappear She walks in with that look in her eye Somehow she doesn't even have to try Just"
  • Look At Me - Yoko Ono
    "-"okay? Yes, thank you." Look at me, Who am I supposed to be? Who am I supposed to be? Look at me. What am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to be? Look at me. Oh, my love, Oh, my love. Here"
  • Look At Me - John Lennon
    "Look at me what am I supposed to be? what am I supposed to be? Look at me what am I supposed to be? what am I supposed to be? Look at me Oh My Love Oh My Love Here I am what am I supposed to do? what"
  • Look at me - Heaven 17
    "I know a place where we can talk A precious smile poor little girl so pale and proud Hold me Control me So proud You're on the town you're on your own Don't walk away don't pass me by and run for home"
  • Look at me - Vic Chesnutt
    "Yeh Look at me in my thirtiesplowing forth, unsteady and unsturdy butI'm still alive, I'm still alive, I win a prizeI'm still aliveYeh look at me, pushing fortySuiting up for another sortie andI'm still"
  • Look At Us - Katja Glieson
    "Please put your hands Together when you’re ready for me I’ll be the one Thats waving as you’re all on your feet I see the sun Coming up as you’re ready to leave You know we gonna make em stop (Trend Def) And"
  • Look At Me - Voice Of The Beehive
    "He says "I am not romantic come give me a kiss". She says "I'm the silent type. Come over here sit in this, I say that I am lost and you're a road to follow. I say we're all inside ourselves so often"
  • Look At Me - Bread
    "I'm driftin' down the street Asking of all I meet Don't you know me from somewhere Hazel eyes and curly hair Have you seen me anywhere Look at me I'm blending into the wall And I wonder if I'm really"
  • Look At Me - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion French Album Look At Me C'est comme une machine fond de train Une locomotive qui foncerait sans fin It's like a machine at full power A locomotive charging without end Des coups des secousses,"
    "Ay, I'm like bitch, "Who is your mans?", ay Can't keep my dick in my pants, ay My bitch don't love me no more, ay She kick me out I'm like VRO *Damn son, where'd you find this?* Yeah.. Ay.. Yeah, ay,"
  • Look At Mary - Ricky Nelson
    "Look at Mary comin' down the highway Look at her runnin', are you goin' my way Mary are you tryin' to find A place to go, some peace of mind Look at her run Runnin', comin' undone She's trying to get"

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