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Looking back at all the memories

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Looking back at all the memories

  • Memories - Cypress Hill
    "As I sit in my silver stack thinking about way back Even before I started blazing the chronic sack I was a go wild unfocused troublesome kid Looking up to all the gangsters and the shit they did I was"
  • Looking For Memories - Vanilla Sky
    "I found my memories in the end You looked so beautiful You were always smiling And I never was so sad I found your photos in the end You looked so beautiful And I thought to be strong For the love that"
  • Memories - Taylor Dayne
    "(Taylor Dayne, Lotti Golden, Tommy Faragher) I'm looking out As the world goes by All the sadness Lover we tried It used to be You held me near I felt your touch Now I'm holding back the tears"
  • Memories - Akashic
    "Before the dawning breath Wander in my deepest thoughts, I still remember There was a time on earth, People thought they were so strong They were so fearless Winds of sadness brought reminescences to me Long"
  • Memories - Backstreet Boys
    "Memories The love I left behind I still think about it all the time Nothing stays the same Maybe I'm to blame Oh I, I'd do it all again Through these eyes I've seen a thousand lies And it's taken years"
  • Memories - Slick Rick
    "Yeah, know what I mean Rick? Know what I mean Rick? Know what I mean Slick, Whoa! Yeah, whee! Fine grown Pine-Sol Heavenly rhyme throne Remember when you were young in the 70 time zone Stages, ages"
  • Memories - Shaggy 2 Dope
    "What the deal though? Don't tell me that I'm fine, I listen to your memories but none of them are mine. I don't recall it, I don't remember your name, The people waiting in the hall, to me, they're all"
  • Memories - Rappers Against Racism
    "You know girl, Ive been wrong so many times,but I want you to know that whitout you, I am nothing So maby this time, we can come together, now Oh yeah, You say yes and I say no, lets stup the fight and"
  • Looking Back - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Watson) As I was walking down the street A pretty girl did I meet She's looking all so sweet Got a major from her head to her feet I was looking back to see If she was looking back to see If I was looking"
  • Looking Back At You - CeCe Winans
    "What can I do? What wish can I make come true? Because you mean so much to me The love I have for you is so strong, this is where I belong My arms are open wide, so let me hold you I will be the rock for"
  • No Looking Back - Damita
    "Hmmmm, ohhh, ohhh I am leaving this place now letting go of all my fears, saying goodbye to the memories I hold dear I can finally breath again its a new day, farewell past as I close this chapter I set"
  • Looking Back - Link 80
    "Your way of expressing your friendship with me, is a shotgun blast in my head. All this bullsh*t, leaving me out, it makes me wish that you were dead... The rain has left now, but the puddles still remain,"
  • Looking Back - Andre Matos
    "I thought you'd last forever But like a star, you never would A stairway to the rainbow I wish that I knew Your silhouette surrounds me I miss the way things used to be Your voice floats in the wind How"
  • Looking Back - Pulley
    "In the mirror I can see reflections staring back at me I turn away and don't like what I am The reasons why you can run and hide from answers You would soon deny and tell me that I still don't understand Now"
  • All The Memories - The Classic Crime
    "I can't stop killing the songs you like You look at me with eyes That could beat the sunrise in a contest No question Well, talk to all the others And bring me back to earth I'm thankful for your mother"
  • Maybe Memories - The Used
    "As we trudge along through the mud And we tried to call it home But we weren't alright, not at all Not for one for one for one second Never have been one to write it down Now I think I can I know I'm"
  • Looking At My Girl - Double You
    "It happened long ago when I don't know You and I my friend one day will meet again You're the feeling the greatest one of all Hey little girl crying in your sleep You need a man to love a man to stand"
  • Looking At Tomorrow - The Beach Boys
    "I've been laying on my back Like a freight train off a track Trying to find a job to fit my trade With the morning sun come 'round Well I'll be covering plenty of ground And I don't need nobody to pay"
  • Looking At Tomorrow - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Surf's Up Looking At Tomorrow I've been laying on my back Like a freight train off a track Trying to find a job to fit my trade With the morning sun come 'round Well i'll be covering plenty"
  • Firme memories - Lil' Rob
    "Aqui stoy thinking about you carnalito,everytime you cross my mind tu sabes que me aguitoi remember when we used to kick back and have a blast,its hard to belive that was back in the pasti remember those"

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