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Lostprophets We Bring An Arsenal

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Lostprophets We Bring An Arsenal

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Lostprophets We Bring An Arsenal
  • Lostprophets Lostprophets
    "Hello again Why so old Wasn't time your friend, I must be told Hello again It seems so long, since we last met How has it gone? Don't accept the blame I would, I would not complain Cos I'm sure it wasn't"
  • Lostprophets We Bring An Arsenal
    "Bite that lip, Cause your tongue is a gun and your brain is the trigger, Fire at will, Oh I doubt that mouth could get any bigger, Live in hypocrisy, those skies are always sunny, You're never gonna be"
  • Kidney Thieves Arsenal
    "Naive little pieces ofwhat they tried to teach herquiet and protectedslightly anorexic(She Waits)she's a time bomb, with her vibe onshe's gonna use it and surprise themshe's a time bomb, with her vibe"
  • Kidneythieves Arsenal
    "naive little pieces of what they tried to teach her quiet and protected slightly anorexic (She Waits) she's a time bomb, with her vibe on she's gonna use it and surprise them she's a time bomb, with her"
  • Edan One Man Arsenal
    "Yo, cut it up one time, man This one's goin out.. to the.. pretty people Yo, check it out [ VERSE 1 ] My Main Source throws a Wild Pitch to Organize nuff Konfusion For your Hollywood Basics, folly ("
  • Good Riddance Lame Duck Arsenal
    "it's been a long eight years and still no end in sight to the paranoia and stagnation our worst fears taking flight over the atlantic in the frozen darkness before dawn and they never saw it coming so"
  • Anti-Flag Bring It To An End
    "We've got just 30 seconds to sing to you about... Nationalism, facism, corporate greed, hate Nazis and the president. The downfall of the state. We've got just 30 seconds to sing to you about... Sexism,"
  • The Legendary Pink Dots We Bring The Day
    "We bring the day, so cease your lonely mourning. The shadows shrink away and leave without a warning, gone in the blink of an eye, gone with the wind that subsides. We bring life. We fill the deathly silence."
  • Nas Life's A Bitch (Arsenal Mix)
    "(feat. Az) Visualizin the realism of life and actuality Fuck who's the baddest a person's status depends on salary And my mentality is, money orientated I'm destined to live the dream for all my peeps"
  • Arsenal The Coming
    "Big bang, once upon a goddamn Making it up like a preacher when the preacher had a plan Believe in the stories, never ask me how I know Fucking the facts with a seemen full of flow Long time ago in an"
  • Lostprophets Push Out The Jive, Bring In The Love
    "This time, we cry, and taste the bad times Can't you look through broken windows We dont usually get to see you Can't you look through broken windows It's no good Just go (It's no good) Another"
  • Lostprophets Push Out The Jive, Bring In The Love (Demo)
    "Inside, we try, take that fast time Can't you look through broken windows, We know you show can't complete you, Can't you look through broken windows, It's no good, just go on (it's no good) Another chance"
  • Fairport Convention Bring Em Down
    "Time stood dark and silent and the stars they gave no light I wandered in an endless dream, haunted by the night I saw four ghostly riders, the horses in a line Each in turn did point at me and say I'm"
  • Ace Enders Bring Back Love
    "By the year 2,020 I want to look at what we did So we can stand up all together 'Cause we put an end to it And there'll be no more pointless fighting No more money running it We'll bring back love We'll"
  • Majandra Delfino Bring me back
    "You're like an angel with the sweetest smile But when you use you're an evil child Oh, oh that's what brings me back again We get along but only half the time The other half you ain't no friend of mine"
  • Poison Bring It Home
    "Stand and rise and before your eyes the lions will appear And when they do they'll be filling you with all the lies you will need to hear Mr. Politician, just keep on dishin' your shit for the TV screen Turn"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Bring It On
    "(Gary Rossington - Johnny Van Zant - Rickey Medlocke - Hughie Thomasson) Uhh Huh That's right Missy was a real fine looker Always had an eye for the boys Man I always wanted to book that girl Play around"
  • BrainStorm Bring You Down
    "I hate the way you lie to me you just ignore me I hate the way you breed the rules you dominate me you say we have to give a social sacrifice I know I'm victimized you rape the nation Down, bring you down,"
  • Pillar Bring Me Down
    "You can't bring me down, you can't bring me down Back in the day when nothing really mattered to me I only saw with my eyes what they wanted to see And everything around me seemed to never change Looking"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Bring It On
    "Bring It, Bring It, Bring It, Bring It On (DADDY X) Oh no, here we go Kottonmouth Kings about to blow All because the way we roll That underground way Now 10 years later There's a lot more player"

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