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Love Trip

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Love Trip

  • Trip - Yung Lean
    "She in the shower getting dressed she smell like peppermint Count them benjamins stars made of cinnamon I feel like 50 Cent I’m hated yes by many men She look me dead up in my eyes Baby do you love him"
  • Trip - Ella Mai
    "i put my feelings on safety so I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be cause yoou take the bullet tryna save me then I’m left to deal with making you bleed and that’s a whole lotta love ain’t tryna waste"
  • Trip - RAMP
    "I, I rom through everywhere I, I've quitted stop taking care Cause I, I've used up all my strenght From life I'm gone into this dawn Trying just to keep on hanging on Tied walking through this night So"
  • Trip - Dannii Minogue
    "Just another day, on another train Always need to see you (aah) Hurry up again, gotta get away But I don't wanna leave you Come blow this place, you'd better chase For hotter kissing Hop on board,"
  • Trip - Big Kenny
    "What if hell is just a place down below Then tell me why should I go When I could just go back to California Just go back to California And if heaven is just a place up in the sky Then tell me why"
  • Trip - Smash Mouth
    "Making faces from across the room Look at me looking at you What's your name, my name too? I'm getting the chills sitting next to you... Shake myself in your soul The blood in your veins The smell of"
  • Trip - Sharko
    "I'm new in town I know no one Polite and pleat So far so neat I know exactly I feel exactly In my galaxy Life is so sweet System is broken down System exploded down In my galaxy Life is so sweet I've"
  • Trip - Hedley
    "Some say love is not for sinners I believe that isn't true Cause when I was finished sinning Love came down and showed me you And you told me how to get there So I tried to find a way Then I ran into your"
  • Love Trip - YNG Mocha
    "1. Bardzo lubię o poranku twój uroczy głos Podaj mi tu Polaroida zrobię ci dziś kilka fot Stań tu przy tym zachodzie, bo rozjaśnisz mi tło Zabawy jest mnóstwo, więc po co właściwie phone Pre-refren: Chcę"
  • Trip On Love - Des'ree
    "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, ain't that good? Beauty's on your side I'll always be there for you like I said I would There's sadness in your eyes Deeper than a river you inspire me In your light"
  • Trip On Love - Galactic Cowboys
    "Christian soldiers stumbling row by row Blindfolds tied and deepest fears in tow In this tangled maze of mortal dreams Sometimes it's too hard to believe I can't stand by and watch a friend fall down I"
  • Trip On Love - Abra Moore
    "I let my guard down In a momentary lapse of emotion It just slipped out And we both know my heart could be broken I said something that I never intended to say You stopped laughing and you asked me, "Do"
  • Trip On Love - Cruel Intentions
    "And I let my guard down In a momentary lapse of emotion It just slipped out And we both know my heart could be broken I said something that I never intended to say You stopped laughing and you asked me, "Do"
  • Trip Away - Jane's Addiction
    "Mama, lick on me now No care Put me on the bad side Oh, so bad I wanna make you love Wanna, wanna watch your eyes Dip them in a honey glaze Mirror mine Roll them high Wanna make them Drip away Trip away Trip"
  • Ego Trip - Tycoon
    "Paroles de Tim RICE - Musique de Michel BERGER l've only got one life So why give it away? Why let someone else Think what I think Say what I say? Tell me like it is Tell me what l've done wrong I don't"
  • Trip Hoppin' - Aerosmith
    "Yeah... I got a wild thing 4 u We're talkin' hoops u got me jumpin' thru U got those lemon drop martini eyes And if my karma suits u Cross the line Into another place and time Tell me how pretty"
  • Bad trip - Chihiro Onitsuka
    "I don't like what I can see It's far from high I don't like what I can expect It's a boring try Your reverberation wavers slowly to and flo It looks like a bad trip to me As I got force gracefully The"
  • Trip hoppin - Aerosmith
    "IGot a wild thing for youWere talking hoops you got me jumping throughYou got those lemon drop martini eyesAnd if my karma suits youd cross the line into another place& timeTell me how pretty she is when"
  • Trip Switch - Nothing But Thieves
    "Sharing secrets with another world Rubbing shoulders with some unknown lovers Making waves through the universe Starting wars with anonymous brothers Trip switch trip switch Make a wish and I'll count"
  • Trip Along - Daisy Tripping
    "Sitting on a curve-backed couch, My mind, it rolls, Reminds me it was so easy Staring at the Christmas lights in a box, they were once hanging on my tree Proving once again that seasons change, so do"

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