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Luis francis Despasito

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Luis francis Despasito

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Luis francis Despasito
  • Coeur De Pirate Francis
    "Francis, tu as tant de chose dire Mais le tout reste enfermer Et quand tu ne sais plus quoi dire Tu te mets pleurer Mais a ton publique le voit pas Tu lincites rver, pendant que toi tu le regarde Francis,"
  • Luis Rios AKA El Rey Luis Rios
    "F**ken Mexican Haters If you hate Mexicans then f**k yall niggaz This that boy Luis Rios AKA Lil' Ruiz Putos dont f**k with us Representin that Dirty SouthWest Houston This dat boy Luis Rios Porque"
  • El Reno Renardo Doctor Luis
    "Doctor doctor Luis, hoy me duele aqu Doctor Doctor Luis, he cagao de color gris Es la malaria o el dengue Lo que me hace estornudar Tengo el cimbrel blandengue Y no deja de supurar Asma, lepra e hipertensión Piorrea"
  • Elvis Crespo Pequeno Luis
    "Ha nacido una bella criatura/con sus llantos llena de musica y partidura/Padre y Madre estan contentos,Estan feliz/Se acabo la espera/Ha nacido el Pequeno Luis/Abrio los ojos/Ya se sonrie/Y ya dice Mama"
  • Public Image Limited Francis Massacre
    "Don't wanna go near there Plead not guilty Plead not guilty Life Sentenced for life Go down for life Francis Moran Mountjoy is fun Go down for life Go down for life Mountjoy is fun Francis Moran Go"
  • Domestic Problems James Francis
    "1739 Freeman Street James Francis, fifth in the family December 2nd 1936 You and your cousins acting like children, not a care in the world, playing ball in street Taking your bike, riding from Jay Zoo you"
  • Cryptic Carnage Francis T.
    "shadow like london's vice is creeping through the night protected ? by night and fog covered ? in defiance of law and order from new england came a quack to find his victims devilish ? sly in his mind no"
  • Ceschi Francis Display
    "Look I died on you again - cause you killed, cause you killed Break a leg Francisco False - break a leg, or any limb It's impossible to win, anyway you look at it Someone's gonna lose their head Here's"
  • Artefact When Francis Speaks
    "Run, my child And leave your toys, behind. They will come, for you So leave the things, which are on your mind. Tears are running down my cheeks, When Francis speaks, to me. Anger burns inside of me, But"
  • Connie Francis Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis
    "Who's sorry now Who's sorry now Who's heart is aching for breaking each vow Who's sad and blue Who's crying too Just like I cried over you Right to the end Just like a friend I tried to warn you somehow You"
  • Sage Francis Sage Francis - Make Shift Patroit
    "Makeshift Patriot The Flag Shop Is Out Of Stock Hang Myself...Half Mast Makeshift Patriot The Flag Shop is Out of Stock I hang myself...via live telecast Coming live from my own funeral...the beautiful"
  • Janove Ottesen Francis' Lonely Nights
    "Francis left for the countryside He'd been living in the city for years And to him it didn't matter where As long as there was no one there And the woman that he left in tears is no longer his Then, he"
  • Nieznani Sir Francis Drake
    "Słowa: Wojciech Dutkiewicz Muzyka: Ireneusz Herisz Ref.: O-e-o! Sir Francis Drake O-e-o! Pożegnał Anglii brzeg O-e-o! By wrogów dopaść swych O-e-o! Hiszpańskiej żądny krwi. On Królowej swojej całym sercem"
  • Victor Jara A Luis Emilio Recabarren
    "Pongo en tus manos abiertasmi guitarra de cantor,martillo de los mineros,arado del labrador.Recabarren, Luis Emilio Recabarren,simplementedoy las gracias por tu luz.Con el viento,con el viento de la pampatu"
  • Sesame Street Maria And Luis' Wedding
    "Big Bird: (whispers to Maria) You look beautiful! Priest: We are here today to celebrate the marriage of Maria and Luis. When two people get married what they do is make a promise to each other. Luis"
  • Inti-Illimani A Luis Emilio Recabarren
    "Pongo en tus manos abiertas mi guitarra de cantor, martillo de los mineros, arado del labrador. Recabarren, Luis Emilio Recabarren, simplemente, doy las gracias por tu luz. Con el viento, con el viento de"
  • Sunshine Blind Francis/Pepperland Laid Waste
    "To all the lost and troubled souls All the ones past control Ooo, you are sanity You hold the hate and the energy Heal me, save me Please tell me I'm not crazy If I should show, don't hesitate You know"
  • Mike Francis Let Me In By Mike Francis
    "Let me in with the flowers don't bring me down I'm on the ground Let me in you got the power to kill the pain I'm feelin' deep within Last night I hurt you so but 'till the mornin' sun grow cold"
  • Frank Black And The Catholics St. Francis Dam Disaster
    "There was a well known water master man he was the king he could do anything the St. Francis dam disaster man thought she was all right until around midnight because that water seeks her own she had a"
  • Noisettes Horses (Charlie Francis Version)
    "I see horses now, take me with you As the night crawls near, move closer dear Is this dream or fake got me trough it Your my ocean of wishes Ocean of wishes no, no, no I see horses take me with you As"

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